8 Best App to Hide Photos and Videos iPhone (Latest Update 2021)

All of us love to store our sweetest memory, and we do take a lot of pictures every day. Whenever we take a picture on our phone, it is directly stored in the phone library or gallery.  So anyone who has access to our phone can easily get into our gallery & watch all of our photos & videos including the private one that we don’t like to share with anyone else.

If you don’t want to share your private photos & videos with others, you may look for an app to hide iPhone. Don’t worry about that anymore. Here in this article, I will show you the best photo securing vault app that you are searching for your iPhone.

How Can I Hide Pictures And Videos On My Iphone?

To secure your personal photos and videos on your iPhone, you may use the Apple built-in “hide” function, but in reality, it can’t secure your data from those who have access to your phone.


People who know the password of your phone can easily unhide your personal file and take the advantages. So if you want to secure your private file from others, you may look for an app to hide photos and videos iPhone.

8 App To Hide Photos And Videos iPhone Reviews 2020

While searching for the best app to hide your personal photos & videos on your device, you’ll find many options. For your satisfaction, I have included the best eight photo securing apps for your iPhone.

1. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

The Private Photo Vault is an outstanding app for your iPhone to secure your private information, such as photos, videos, sms, MMS, contacts, call list, and any other sophisticated data. We all have our personal life, and none of us want to reveal the secret to others.

1 Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

This app gives you the freedom to lead a secure life without any tension. It doesn’t matter what’s inside your phone as long as the Private Photo vault is inside your phone, your privacy is secure with password, pin, & pattern.

The app will automatically lock and secure your documents with a password every time you exit. It also includes a private browsing option to download and store documents on the app directly securely.

Private Photo Features:

  • Protect your sophisticated files such as photos, videos, any other special documents with password, pin, and pattern.
  • The photo management option allows the user to organize their photos, export, import, & transfer photos through email and wireless connection.
  • Smart photo view option, such as image gallery, slideshows, and a similar interface like photo app.
  • A private browsing option allows the user to browse the internet privately & directly download the photos on the app.

2. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Among all the various apps for securing personal files, if you are searching for the best one, then Keepsafe is the right one. More than millions of people currently use this app and securely store their billions of pictures & videos on it.

2 Secret Photo Vault - Keepsafe

The best part of this app is you can use any secure option to protect your personal file, such as password, pin, fingerprint ID, etc. The app secures your file with military-grade-encryption.

Secret Photo Features:

  • It helps you to preserve your special or private memories securely on your phone or tablet.
  • The app could be integrated with your cameras and directly store the file on it whenever you capture it.
  • You can add an individual pin to secure every individual album.
  • With its super managing option, you can save your storage space, lock each album, get a private cloud, and recover the photos that unintentionally get deleted.

3. Hide Photos Video -Hide it Pro

There are some moments that we want to keep a long time with us and protect them from others. If you are an iPhone user, then the hide it pro is one of the best solutions.

3 Hide Photos Video -Hide it Pro

With this app, you can hide all photos, videos, and any other secret file you want to protect from third parties. Its high military-encryption process protects your data in the most secure way.

When you store your file on it, it encrypts all of your data to secure from others. It allows you to use pin, pattern, password, and fingerprints to secure your private documents.

Hide Photos Features:

  • It secures your images, videos, and all other personal documents with a military-encryption process.
  • No limit for creating albums for images and videos.
  • If you want to share your files, you can do it from inside the app using your email.
  • With one tap, you can export files directly to the app from a USB device.
  • To secure your data, the app will automatically lock when you tap the exit button.

4. Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault

Privacy is the most important thing in this current era. There are many personal photos, videos, and files that we want to keep with us securely so that no one can get access to our data except us.

4 Pic Lock - Photo Video Vault

With the Pic Lock app, you can secure all of your data easily. Its password-encryption locks all of your private pictures and videos. You can easily import your files on it and safely store it.

Pic Lock Features:

  • Its pin, pattern, and password-based encryption process prevent the third party from accessing your files.
  • To organize your photos, videos, & other files, you can create unlimited albums.
  • You can easily export & import your default files by using the default photo app of your phone.

5. Secret photos KYMS

While searching for the right vault app for securing your personal file, the KYMS is the best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone in its category. The app encrypts all of your personal data and provides you military-grade security.

5 Secret photos KYMS

The best part of this app is it decrypts all the files in real-time; you don’t have to wait for a long time to access it. It is also equipped with a private browser for secure surfing. Once the file is stored on the app, no one can access the file without the right password or pin.

Secret photos Features:

  • With the KYMS app, users can hide their photos, videos & other personal files.
  • The file can be exported directly on the app from different media.
  • The app is integrated with the browser that helps you to surf privately.
  • Everything you stored is secured with a password or pin.

6. Vault-Hide Photos & Videos

The vault is not just an app to hide your photos and videos; it can do more. With this app, you can also hide your phone call logs, contacts, sms, and much more sophisticated things you want to hide from others.

6 Vault - Hide photos & videos

It is considered as one of the best free app to hide photos and videos on iPhone. One of its amazing features is creating multiple fake vaults and disappearing the app icon from the screen. It also records the break-in alerts to inform you if anyone tries to access your app.

Vault-Hide Features:

  • To prevent third-party access, the app encrypts all of your documents with the password that you stored on it.
  • Its super-intelligent management system organizes all of your documents properly.
  • You can cancel the password for your photos & videos whenever you want.
  • If anyone tries to access your vault with the wrong password, the app will take a photo of his or her and record it.

7. Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

The “calculator” NS vault app is one of the best app to hide pictures and videos iPhone. Its unique, deceptive & disguised design prevents hackers from discovering your data.

7 Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

For your complete secrecy, the app is designed with a generic calculator design. To access this vault, you have to enter a specific code inside the fake calculator icon app.

When you store any file on this app, it automatically stores in the dropbox file, so if you have deleted any file by mistake, you can always recover it.

Calculator Features:

  • It helps you to hide your personal photos & videos from third parties.
  • With this app, you can securely download password-protected images from the internet.
  • You can secure your gallery and manage it in an organized way.
  • All of your data stored in Dropbox, so in case of any data erased by mistake, you can recover.

8. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

If you are looking for an app to hide your private photos and videos, then Pic Safe private photo vault is one of the best choices. Already millions of people have their trust in this app to secure their personal data.

8 Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

All the data stored on this app is 100 percent secure because your personal files aren’t stored on any other servers except your device. This app’s dynamic photo management allows you to manage your files securely in the most effective way.

Private Photo Features:

  • The app allows you to encrypt all of your personal data with a pin, pattern, and finger id.
  • Individual password for each album.
  • Its super photo management facilities allow you to manage your photos most effectively.
  • The app also includes photo viewing,  video support, and a private web browser so that you can do these activities most securely.
Checkout the following tips to hide photos and videos on iPhone.

Final Thought

Once you completely read the whole article, your search for the best app to hide photos and videos iPhone comes to a fruitful result. Above in this article, I have included the best eight photos and video securing apps for your iPhone.

To secure your personal data, You can select any of the apps from the list. Why should you get tensed for your privacy when you have such options available for your iPhone. Just install any of the apps and secure all of your private data.

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