Top 7 Best Autism Apps For Android And iPhone In 2021

New technologies and autism apps for kids has become a supportive ally for children with autism disorder and their families. Autism app offers language therapy, reading and writing lessons to teach autistic kids and people. You can track the improvement of ASD people on the app and take a test if needed.

Disabled person can express their thought and improve speaking in daily practice. They help to exercise fine motor skills, quality control of hand and finger movements. These programs make it easy to learn to write or manipulate small or delicate objects.  Let’s see the free autism apps for android.

7 Best Autism Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Today’s technology, especially that of tablets, has revolutionized the way children with autism learn, communicate and develop socially, thankfully. Stay and find out the best autism apps for android for children with autism that help them improve in reading, mathematics, and develop their imaginative qualities.

Autism Apps For Android

1.  Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children (MITA)

Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children app teach and improve the language to the autism. It provides universal language exercises that help to increase autism children’s language scores.

1 Language and Cognitive Therapy

It based ABA, language therapy and pivotal response techniques that allow them to overcome complexity and develop responses with visual discrimination. The exercises consist of difficulty level and give points to understand the progress.

You can learn a language using the picture objects, choose patterns, colors and sizes. Also, you will get the grammatical guidelines, mathematical terms and more on the app without an internet connection.

Language and Cognitive Features:

  • It applies language therapy to autism to overcome complexity effectively.
  • The exercise, grammatical tricks, mathematical guidelines and more can improve your development.
  • Its integrated pictures allow you to identify colors, patterns etc. easily.

The Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children app is a useful language therapy assistant for autisms.

2. Leeloo AAC – Autism Speech App for Nonverbal Kids

Leeloo AAC app helps nonverbal kids to speech with ready-made phrases. It has Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Picture Exchange Communication System that ensures a reliable technique to improve autism communication quickly.

2 Leeloo AAC - Autism Speech App for Nonverbal Kids

The cards provide meaningful and regular used words with vector pictures so that your kid can learn the words quickly to start communication. It’s TTS robot improves voice capability with chosen phrases.

It can be used to improve most of the behavior and language disorders. Also, it is configured and has tested cards for preschool kids that are suffering from autism and similar disorders.

Leeloo AAC Features:

  • It provides ready-made phrases, AAC packs and more to overcome learning and behavior disorders an autism kids.
  • The cards contain phrases and they will read by the app’s TTS robot so that your kid’s voice capability will be improved.
  • Its interface and design are configured for preschool and attending school kids.

Leeloo AAC app helps non-verbal and autism kids to overcome autism thorough the communication therapy techniques.

3. LetMeTalk: Free AAC Talker

LetMeTalk presents visual lineup pictures that help autism child to speak freely with AAC talker. You can search image, take and photo and add desired images for your phone storage to teach your child.

3 LetMeTalk

It supports voice for sentences and images so they can practice talking effectively. To enhance vocabulary skills, you can load a profile with new words. It allows you to use multiple accounts for a different purpose.

It is designed for kids and you can share your profiles with others. Also, it has a translator that helps to switch between two different languages quickly.

LetMeTalk Features:

  • It has a voice recognition system that improves the speaking capability with illustrated pictures.
  • You can create several profiles based on your needs and share them with others if needed.
  • The translator helps to switch between languages instantly on the same profile.

LetMeTalk ensures communication therapy to autism and similar disorder kids to overcome it quickly.

4. Autism Early Intervention App

Autism Early Intervention App allows you to study and track performance with the app’s inventory techniques. The visual cues help autism child to engage in social life with supports.

4 Autism Early Intervention App

It provides consistency experience with self-learning support and a user-friendly interface. It has built-in sensory input that helps to identify colors, sounds and more. You can see the activities and improvements in the Cuedin menu.

You can learn language, perception, general knowledge and driving skills as you want. It gives continuous modules to enhance improvement and worksheets to share the results with others.

Autism Early Intervention Features:

  • The visual cues and sensory input provide a comfortable learning interface to autism and similar disorders.
  • You can record and track performance and ability with export in PDF format to share with others.
  • It provides several subjects to get lessons and overcome inflexibility quickly.

The Autism Early Intervention app helps autism kids to improve their weaknesses quickly.

5. Autism iHelp – Play

Autism iHelp app provides vocabulary lessons to improve disorders through language therapy. It presents real word photos to help autism children to learn with visual and illustrated pictures.

5 Autism iHelp – Play

It is divided into language milestones and sub-groups so you can learn expressive language from the established section. The overstimulation of the app improves your kid’s ability to take the lesson and utilize it.

The written word labeled in the photo helps them to talk more fluently. It provides dual learning activates that enhance your skills and integrate vocabulary skills.

Autism iHelp Features:

  • It shows real world photos with vocabulary aid techniques to overcome speaking difficulties and autism disorders.
  • The aid-in-generated learning method presents random lessons and realistic experience.
  • It has visual memory and enhancement activity that provides effective learning for autism kids.

Autism iHelp app helps to overcome autism disorders by giving real-world photos and several methods.

6. Autism Read & Write

Autism Read & Write app provides writing, reading and talking lessons specially designed for autism and similar disorder people. Its interface is very simple and you can configure lessons according to your demands.

6 Autism Read & Write

The writing lessons ensure proper writing tricks and avoid complexity levels. You can adjust the level of writing and read from the setting menu. Also, you can reset all settings to start again like new.

It allows you to write and talk together. The keyboard layout is very simple and any autistic child can easily type through it. It has a help section for instant support for the app.

Autism Read Features:

  • It provides specified and basic reading and writing lessons for ASD children.
  • You can adjust the level of the lessons from the setting menu as you want.
  • The image and illustrated lessons help the autism kids to learn effectively.

The app allows ASD people to read and write with basic lessons.

7. Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). ASD

Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist app provides 4 chapters: health, awareness, sociability and language for ASD kid and person. It shows the subscale scores to understand the level of the problems.

7 Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). ASD

The section list contains questions on different topics. You can start the test and check dynamics according to daily reports. In the person list, you see the profiles to load lessons.

You can consult with the specialist to diagnosis the checklist accurately. It supports several languages and keeps the focus on the resources with specific areas.

Autism Treatment Features:

  • It takes the test on 4 chapters and shows reports on the ATEC score to analyze the level of learning.
  • The questionnaire helps the autistic person to learn a lesson within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Its checklist graph allows you to compare the results with dynamic tracking.

The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist app takes a test of several lessons and shows the result in a graph.

Final Verdict

The autism communication apps for android have several features and functions that help ASD and similar disorders people learn to read, write and speak. Also, some apps help them to calculate and solve mathematical problems through the apps. They can also be used as reinforcement at home.

They allow you to adapt the level of difficulty, depending on the state of the child. It also contains a summary of results where we can study the progress of the autistic person. Now download and install the best autism apps for android for children with autism and help them overcome it.

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