8 Best App to Learn Vietnamese Android & iPhone 2021

Vietnamese is an analytic language with phonemic tone which origin is in Vietnam. Vietnamese is spoken natively by 100 million people as a native language. In addition, Vietnamese is widely taught outside of Vietnam’s schools and different institutions.

In this contemporary and technological era, there have been tremendous changes in all areas including in the field of science and technology. The conventional and old-fashioned technology has been replaced by the modernized technology like apps. Due to the advent of apps there have been many changes in the field of education such as learning languages.

There are many interactive courses available for beginners to learn Vietnamese but the cost is sometimes exorbitant. Only learning is not enough, we have to apply it in our day to day life that means speaking fluently is also necessary in order to communicate with others. It is to say that learning Vietnamese is neither hard nor easy. On top of that, pronunciation of Vietnamese language is quite difficult.

However, in this day and age, the easiest way of learning Vietnamese language is through apps which is more convenient and affordable to everyone because it helps to learn how to speak Vietnamese effortlessly.

8 Best App to Learn Vietnamese In 2021

If you have enthusiasm to learn Vietnamese then you will certainly be benefited by the  following information about 8 best app to learn Vietnamese.

Best App to Learn Vietnamese

1. Learn Vietnamese Free

People can learn to speak Vietnamese free through this app quickly and effectively with free lessons on a daily basis. With this app anyone can remember basic Vietnamese words, make sentences and start conversation in Vietnamese within few minutes.

Learn Vietnamese Free

Furthermore, one will feel like having Vietnamese language tutor in own pocket as it helps to enhance vocabulary and sort of entertaining at the same time. Moreover, it is preferable to other apps for the constant speed of speaking.

Apart from this, the way this app teach is easily comprehensible and makes it easy to remember a word. It is certainly not for beginners but it is helpful for people who already have basic knowledge about Vietnamese language grammar and sentence structure.

Learn Vietnamese Free Features:

  • Crystal-clear audio and professional voice recorder
  • Useful phrases for real situations
  • Verb conjugations
  • Advanced statistics
  • Adaptive learning

2. Learn Vietnamese Phrasebook

In this case, Learn Vietnamese Phrasebook is recorded by a native speaker and authenticity in pronunciation with easily comprehensive facilities is worth mentioning. This app is particularly recommended for tourists and business people who  visit Vietnam.

Learn Vietnamese Phrasebook

This app is relatively good in general which is simple, stable and can be used easily. The subtle tones of this app is heard clearly without much effort. One of the best things of this app is that it is completely add free which enables learners to learn at a stretch without distraction.

Learn Vietnamese Phrasebook Features:

  • Common words and phrases upto 600 words
  • Audio recordings by native speakers which are in high quality
  • Internet access is not necessary
  • Helpful tips for visitors
  • Stores frequently used phrases in Favourites
  • Search through keywords
  • Without add

3. Learn Vietnamese Free – Phrasebook | Translator

Without doubt it is a handy app for learning Vietnamese which has a good amount of reviews online. It’s streamlined for Vietnamese. Although this app has some limitations, it is considered as a quality app.

Learn Vietnamese Free - Phrasebook | Translator

This app is essential for learning the basics. In fact, it is pretty good for improving a foundational vocabulary. Additionally, it is precisely accurate in speech and one of best learning tool as well according to learners.

Learn Vietnamese Free Features:

  • Use traditional flash-cards and multiple choice questions
  • Includes a Vietnamese speaking parrot for guiding users in a fun and interactive way.
  • Tailored content for the language
  • Focuses on vocabulary and phrases
  • Helpful for recognizing frequently spoken and useful phrases in Vietnamese.

4. Learn Vietnamese – Language Learning

Over 2 million learners are using this app to learn Vietnamese. It provides course for beginner and intermediate learners which involves learning through fun games. Apart from this, it is a fun learning app for people of all ages. This app helps to understand and speak Vietnamese in order to communicate more effectively.

Learn Vietnamese - Language Learning

In other words, this is highly recommended app for learning Vietnamese for beginners because it is easy going and you can learn very quickly. It is to say that one can learn within limited amount of time  as compared to other learning methods which take years to master the skill.

Needless to say, it is an excellent app as it teaches words, phrases and grammar at the same time. This app has amazing interface and exercises which help to learn Vietnamese in written format and also pronunciation. You can also repeat the lesson whenever you want to.

Learn Vietnamese Features:

  • Enrich with essential words and phrases which are requisite for learning Vietnamese.
  • Beginner course is available which helps to gain confidence and level uplanguage ability
  • Availability of 200+ lessons which teach in a systematic way.
  • Help students to enhance fundamental language skills & knowledge.

5. Simply Learn Vietnamese

Simply Learn Vietnamese Language app is a free language app that helps people speak Vietnamese quickly and effectively. In this case, phrases and words are accessible in both phonetic and writing format.

Simply Learn Vietnamese

One particular specialty of this app is that it has both southern and northern Vietnamese option which is not available in most of the apps. It is feasible offline too and has accurate accent as well as plenty of useful phrases. On the otherhand, the voice recordings are explicit.

Additionally, one can use this app to recite Vietnamese phrases. As for example, if you want to hire a taxi  from a specific location then you can look for information through this app and it will automatically convey the message to the taxi driver. This app includes both modern and conventional learning methods for teaching vocabulary and phrases to learners.

Simply Learn Vietnamese Features:

  • 300+ free Vietnamese phrases and words
  • High quality audio
  • Provides repetition learning system
  • Vietnamese quiz to review your skills
  • Track learning progress
  • Copy the phrases to clipboard by clicking long on the phrase
  • Provides option for conversion of Vietnamese to English & vice versa through quiz and flashcards

6. Learn Vietnamese Free

The best app for learning Vietnamese free including over 5000 common Vietnamese words and phrases as well as very good audio quality. It serves the purpose for learning and travelers visiting Vietnamese as well. In this case, lessons are divided into category and subcategory in a scientific way.

Learn Vietnamese Free

This app is user friendly in the sense that new word popping up so often through notification which keeps us updated with a random word or phrase particularly every hour.  It also translates everything in English with audio recording. In contrast, there are least advertisements in comparison to others.

Learn Vietnamese Free Features:

  • Ability to translate 32 languages to Vietnamese.
  • Quiz test which includes choosing correct answer and making meaningful sentences.
  • Favourite items system management and perfect search
  • No internet access.

7. Learn Vietnamnese Language with Master Ling

This app is designed to make learning Vietnamese as easy and as fun as possible. It is great for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners who want to master their skills. This app is highly recommended for the sentences with example and vocabulary. The way it provides typing and spoken evaluation is incredible.

Learn Vietnamnese Language with Master Ling

Nevertheless, traditional Vietnamese language lessons can be boring, dull and no fun at all. Through  this app one can learn by using puzzles, games, challenges and quizzes which teach us how to read, write and speak Vietnamese at the same time.

Learn Vietnamnese Features:

  • Uses a variety of mini games and interactive learning techniques
  • Helpful for mastering speaking, spelling, and accent through observing natural conversation and developing a core vocabulary
  • Eliminates the hassle of planning a learning path
  • Improves everything from pronunciation to spelling.
  • Facilities for drawing characters to write out traditional idioms and gain insight into culture and history of the country

8. Learn Vietnamese Pronunciation

This app is pretty limited about learning facilities yet it is simple and easy to use. The app is traditional and simple which includes images, spellings and audio clips. In fact, in this app the main focus is on pronunciation and vocabulary.

Learn Vietnamese Pronunciation

Furthermore, it provides accurate pronunciation for all accents. Not only pronunciation can be learnt through this app but also keep us well aware about various aspects such as Vietnamese food and travel. As a result, it gives us opportunity to enhance our knowledge about Vietnamese history, culture and food habit.

Learn Vietnamese Features:

  • Quick and easy way of learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation.
  • Wonderful and easy app for learning by images so that each word has photo about it.
  • Possibility of recurrence hearing the spelling, pronunciation.
  • Fun tests to learn the Vietnamese language easily.
  • Internet connection is not necessary.

Bottom Line

It is indubitable that in today’s fast paced world apps are very convenient for learning Vietnamese language. One can learn through these apps from their comfort zone without any trouble. So, above mentioned apps are 8 best apps to learn Vietnamese which are highly suggested whenever anyone wants to master the skills of Vietnamese language.

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