Top 9 Best Apps for Learning Japanese Like a Expert in 2021

We all know that English is an international language, and almost every person in the world learns English very simply. If you wish to learn the Japanese language, you might face a problem as there are few training centers for this course. Besides, not every person is capable of teaching you this language.

That is why people get help from the play store by using a free app. This content will acknowledge you about some best apps for learning Japanese without any cost. Here we added some pros and cons to pick up the suitable one.

9 Best Apps For Learning The Japanese Language Easily Review 2020

Though learning the Japanese language is not easy, and you cannot learn overnight. But here are some good apps for learning Japanese. At least you can learn some basics from these apps. Let’s see which one is the best Japanese learning apps for iPhone or the android device.


1. AnkiDroid Flashcards

The AnkiDroid app helps to memorize and give you a flashcard to learn efficiently. This app is for any operating system, and you can use your time properly when you are in the waiting zone. You will find flashcards on apps for learning Japanese well.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

This app has a completely different source to gather all the words and phrases to teach the learner. You can go to the AnkiWeb store to learn Japanese words. Also, it automatically synchronizes the terms and phrases from the store and the open-source. So, it will be easy for the learner to gather new knowledge.

  • Support flashcard contents
  • Sync with AnkiWeb and open source
  • The navigation system and customizable options are active.
  • Lots of Ads

2. Learn Japanese Offline

Learning the Japanese language is not that easy. There are so many tough words that you need to know. Also, this language has 1000 phrases and vocabulary. By using those phrases, travelers or beginners can easily communicate. Among others, this one is the best apps for learning Japanese smoothly.

Learn Japanese Offline

This app offers native pronunciation, and you can operate this app completely offline. You can save the favorite sentences on this app and review it later. Also, you can search both in English and Japanese language.

  • Lots of phrases and vocabulary.
  • Native Pronunciation.
  • Use the app offline.
  • Save sentences for reviewing later.
  • UI is not user friendly anymore

3. Japanese Alphabet Writing

It will be helpful if you get the chance to write in the Japanese language besides learning. The Japanese Alphabet Writing app offers this opportunity for users. You can practice writing completely stress-free.

Japanese Alphabet Writing

This app helps to write the alphabet offline, and you can write anywhere you want. Your progress will be listed analytically. Also, it will save your score for later. There are guidelines added to this app. Before testing yourself, you can watch those instructions.

  • Stress-free and fast learning
  • Guidelines before testing yourself
  • Easy to operate.
  • Sometimes malfunctions the app.

4. Learn Japanese Phrases | Japanese Translator

In the Japanese language, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation of the word or the sentences. This app helps you to learn the exact pronunciation by delivering the audio. You can easily hear the exact word and try yourself on this app.

Learn Japanese Phrases | Japanese Translator

If the pronunciation is fast, you can slow down by tapping the snail or the turtle icon. While traveling, if you are unable to speak the exact accent, you can use this app. You can simply interact with the Japanese people by using this app.

  • Audio facilities to learn the pronunciation
  • Customized Font Size
  • Offline learning.
  • Playback option to practice
  • Mistranslate the word sometimes.

5. Learning Japanese

When you choose a learning app for the Japanese language, you will search for the alphabet. Then come the phrase and grammar. This Learning Japanese app build-up the grammatical structure.

Learning Japanese

So that systematically, you can learn the structure of the grammar. For a strong foundation on the grammatical site of the Japanese language, this app creates building blocks. You will get a solid grammar foundation from this app.

  • Systematically Build-up the grammatical structure.
  • Create building blocks for the grammatical foundation.
  • An excellent resource for Japanese Grammar.
  • Zoom bugs hide the content.

6. Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)

In Japanese, while learning the languages, you will find so many categories. There are different languages for different cultures. Among them, Hiragana & Katakana are the languages that are known as Kana. This app helps to learn those languages.

Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)

It creates different diagrams for different kana. Also, you can use flashcards and take quizzes to learn this kana. On this app, you can easily keep your record on the learning progress. To get full coverage on the Kana sector, this one is the best free app you can choose.

  • Full coverage on Hiragana and Katakana
  • Design with charts, quizzes, or flashcards.
  • Different diagrams for different kana.
  • Keep a record of the Progress.
  • Bug removes a chart or flashcard.

7. Bunpo: Learn Japanese

For the record, it is quite boring to learn Japanese. So, some of the apps provide animation and try to teach the learner in a fun way. The Bunpo app is the one that you can choose to learn a language in a fun way. To get offline service completely free, this one is the best.

Bunpo: Learn Japanese

You will get a full explanation of the grammar side and lots of lessons to learn Japanese. For beginners, this app is preferable. This app also helps to teach the Japanese alphabet. You can also learn pronunciation through this app. To enhance the vocabulary in the Japanese, this app takes full credit.

  • Increase Japanese vocabulary.
  • Detail grammar with notes.
  • Lots of examples with quizzes.
  • Full of Ads

8. HiNative – Q&A for Language Learning

Besides Japanese, it will be a great opportunity to find other languages to learn from one app. The HiNative app offers Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, and many more language courses besides the Japanese language. You can hear the right pronunciation and speak it later or practice it with this app’s help.

HiNative - Q&A for Language Learning

Pictures are added to understand the meaning while learning languages. To learn languages with fun, this one takes a great initiative for the learners. You will get some simple question formats on this app that will help you learn words, phrases, or sentences.

  • Audio for accurate pronunciation.
  • Correction & searching function
  • The decorative question format for learners.
  • The picture to ease the learning process.
  • Question response timing is poor.
  • Delay on update.

9. Learn Japanese Phrasebook

The Learn Japanese Phrasebook app is the simplest and lite app for learning the Japanese language. If you are a beginner and want to learn simple or basic Japanese words, this is appropriate for you.

Learn Japanese Phrasebook

This app unlocks almost 800 phrases in many categories. You will get the translated version from this app with phrases. The audio quality is high, and you can adjust the font size. You can search by keywords, and there are no pop-ups while using this app.

  • The audio quality is high for pronunciation.
  • Automatic adjustment of font size and phrases.
  • Offline activities & upgrade version.
  • No popups and adverts on the app.
  • The installation process needs wi-fi.
Here is a quick overview of some best apps to learn Japanese.

Final Thought

Learning a new language through an app is completely a new idea. People may not believe in the apps that can teach them basic language. But the truth is, you will find the best apps for learning Japanese on the play store. This article added the pros and cons of free learning apps for Japanese.

Besides basic language for the Japanese language, you can also learn grammar, phrases, and lots of free words on this app. In some apps, you will find an audio option to learn the accent and the pronunciation. This will help you to communicate with the Japanese people as they are very serious about their accent.

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