9 Best Apps to Watch Anime for Free (Android and iPhone in 2021)

Anime is one kind of animated film that originated in Japan. But, those anime are not available on-site like other movies or series. All the series are scattered on different sites. For this reason, to gather all the anime in one place, anime lovers use apps.

To find out the best apps to watch anime for free, you can follow this article. By using the anime apps, you can select subtitles of your choice. For offline viewing and to search the anime fast, these free apps are the best you can try.

9 Best Apps To Watch Anime For Free Reviews 2020

Here we gathered some popular apps from the anime. You can have those free apps to watch anime on android. Let’s see some best apps to watch anime for free.

Best Apps to Watch Anime for Free

1. Anime Prime | Sub & Dub

Anime Prime app is the most simple and effective app to watch anime movies and series from your mobile. To simply use this is one of the top free anime app for android on the play store.

1 Anime Prime Sub & Dub

If you set the app on your device, you can easily track your favorite anime and make your watchlist on the app. Also, you can both watch the subtitles and get dub anime by using this app.

The apps design beautifully by using the UI mode. The dark and light mode makes the app attractive to the people. To add more value, this app added a notification bar so that when a new episode is released, you will be notified from this app.

Anime Prime Features:

  • You can plan and make a watchlist of your favorite animes in this app.
  • It is easy to check the schedule and get a notification for the new episodes on this app.
  • Directly watch the trial from this app and search for the new season by genre or trending list.

2. Crunchyroll

If you are an anime lover, then you are familiar with the Crunchyroll app. This one is holding the top position in the anime platform. You can watch all kinds of classic anime series or movies by using this app.

2 Crunchyroll

This app uses ad blocker while watching movies or series. You will get a completely new episode in this app after it airs in Japan. This is the reason this app is so popular among anime lovers. This app provides an offline watching system.

Crunchyroll Features:

  • Get access to the premium section to watch the latest episode from this app.
  • To watch your favorite anime without any ads, go for this app.
  • This app allows you to watch anime completely offline.

3. AnimeLab – Watch Anime Free

One of the great special features of this app is you can easily get this app on any device to run. Either it is for the apple phone or amazon TV, you can easily watch the anime series. Like Crunchyroll, this app also offers the latest shows or movies of the anime series.

3 AnimeLab

To experience the full anime world, this AnimeLab is the best app on the play store. The resolutions of this app are great with multiple bitrates. To get a picture to picture anime with a direct cast, this AnimeLab is the best app.

AnimeLab Features:

  • To watch the unlimited anime this app, provide the best service.
  • By unlocking the premium subscription, you will experience the classic anime collection all the time.
  • This app ensures offline playback and provides multiple bitrates for high-quality videos and series.

4. Anime Amaze: Watch Anime AniAmaze Animaze

This app collects all the anime series, movies, or shows in one platform. The Anime Amaze app allowed sharing this app. Also, get an update on time when the season or episode is released. The notification bar is enabled on this app, that notify you all the latest season on time.

4 Anime Amaze

Also, get the anime series with subtitles in many languages. This app gives you access to the library section that is full of series. And you will get HD quality videos with great streaming sites on this app.

Anime Amaze Features:

  • This app allows you to follow the favorite anime members so that you get the latest update.
  • The premium membership of this app offers the latest season within a very short time.
  • This app you can run on multiple devices includes Xbox 360, Roku, Apple TV, etc

5. Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

Manga is another great version of the anime series. For the manga & anime lover, this Amino for Otakus is one of the fastest apps.  To increase your social network and explore the anime world, you can use this app.

5 Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

You can engage with anime fans and discover the events or projects shared by other anime lovers. To share the cosplay costumes, this app is the best opportunity.

Anime & Manga Features:

  • This app’s design is simple; you don’t have to use so much data to load it.
  • This app shows the ratings of the series or movies that help to find good anime quickly.
  • This app has an organized library that sorts out the anime by genre, latest episodes, and other filters.

6. Anime World – Best Anime App

This app uses a simple interface so that everyone can use it from their android device. The app is synchronized and manages a library for the users. For a real fan, this app is completely a pleasure.

Anime World - Best Anime App

The Anime world has some epic collections so that the fan of the anime can easily find out the movies, series, or other related episodes in one app. It is one of the good apps to watch anime.

The searching system of this Anime world app is simple. You can search by genre or simply find out by anime categories. The app opens the saving option to watch the video later.  This app was launched recently and offers the latest anime series in the library.

Anime World Features:

  • In this app, you can choose the language for subtitles. And as an option, the anime world provides 14 languages.
  • The app uses a simple interface so that no one faces to operate the app from any device.
  • Keep updating the anime list to easily get the popular and latest episode and series of the anime.
  • The app notifies you through the mail to the users to learn what’s new on the list.

7. Anime 247 – Watch Anime sub-English Free Full HD

One of the best free anime app for android is Anime 247. You can watch or get completely free anime by using this app. In this app, you will get both the benefits. That means subtitles and dubbing content. The best part of this app is, it will remember the video that you played last time.7 Anime 247

From this app, you can easily download the subtitle that is available and. Also, dubbing content is listed in the library. For your convenience, the top-listed anime is organized on the app so that you will find out the most popular and most reviewed anime at a time.

Anime 247 Features:

  • The app has a saving option so that you don’t have to search it again and again from the list.
  • By choosing any video player, you can watch the anime.
  • This app updates daily and provides the latest anime series daily.
  • You will be notified when the new anime will be released on the app.

8. OroAnime (v2) – Watch Anime Online HD

The OroAnime is another best free anime streaming app for your android device. To get unlimited anime series, you can also choose this app. The anime series or the movies of this app always uses the English subtitles. So that you can understand the anime.

8 OroAnime

The quality of the video is high, and the app is entirely free. You will find lots of subs and dubbed anime series on the app. The app regularly updates their profile, and you will get the most top rated or popular anime series on the list.

This app offers almost 4000+ animes on the list. For quick results, this app is the best one. You can choose both low- and high-quality videos on this app.

OroAnime Features:

  • You can make your favorite list of the anime movies or series on this app.
  • The app offered both high- and low-quality videos with subtitles and dubbing versions.
  • You can watch numerous anime and search it quickly through this app.

9. Watch Anime Hd Free

This app is especially for the new user. Those who want to use the app to find out the anime series are perfectly fitted for them. This app has minimal ads that allow users to watch anime without any disturbance.

9 Watch Anime Hd Free

The app makes some categories and creates a simple interface. So that when someone finds any anime, they can just search it on the search bar. Also, notify the users when any episode arrived on the list.

Watch Anime Features:

  • One of the popular apps for the new user that gives you lots of anime series and videos.
  • This app offers a user-friendly design so that anyone can use it.
  • This app offers an offline viewing option so that you can watch it later.

Final Thought

It is such a pleasure to watch series, movies, or episodes in one app for anime lovers. Also, they can find those animes from this app with a quick search policy. When you search on the internet for anime series, you will get those in a scattered way.

To organize those series and videos this app works their best to keep organized. After reviewing this article, you will find the best apps to watch anime for free. Also, those apps offer HD quality with subtitles and dubbing videos.

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