10 Best Aquarium App for Android [Great Choice of 2021]

People have much curiosity about water life and it tends to make them an aquarium lover. But not all aquarists have enough time to maintain their aquarium and some other aquarium hobbyists don’t have enough space, chance, or time to have an aquarium.

To solve these issues there is a lot of android applications by which they can track and manage their aquarium, and also some other apps to entertain people in an aquatic environment. From our special concern for aquarium lovers, we tried to include and review all of the Best Aquarium App for Android in the subsequent part of this article.

If you are an aquarium hobbyist and an android user then you are in the right place because this article is for people like you.

Let’s have a look at the list of applications to know them properly and choose your one.

10 Best Aquarium App for Android Reviews 2021

In this section, you will find 10 best Aquarium app for android. From these apps you can pick one that is suitable and fulfill your requirement. Let’s have a look.

Best Aquarium App for Android

1. Aquarium Note

As your aquarium assistant Aquarium Note would be one of the best choices. It’s comprehensive but simple to maintain your aquarium. If you have fish, aquatic plants, or corals in your aquarium this app is the best one for you. You can maintain multiple aquariums of salty or freshwater with this app.

Aquarium Note

You will be able to track your aquarium happenings with photos and parameters like temperature, pH, salinity, nitrate, etc. You have even access to add custom parameters when there is missing one you wanted to measure are not included. Calculation of expenditures like equipment and livestock are much easier with this app.

In addition, this aquarium maintenance app for android comes with the task reminder, volume and dosage calculator, wishlist creator, data backup, data restoration, and many other useful features. The Aquarium Note app even able to export your data to PDF, the web, or email.

  • Clear icons, you don’t have to be confused about them
  • Easy to understand the options to choose for any user
  • Simple to use and suitable for any aged user
  • Saves money and time by providing whole support for manage aquariums
  • Pop up ads makes it annoying sometimes

2. The Real Aquarium – Live Wallpaper

When you are an aquarium lover but you don’t have the adequate space to have it in your home, The Real Aquarium – Live Wallpaper can make your android a virtual aquarium. The vibrant color real-like various fish species and other aquatic animals would give your phone screen an eye-soothing aquarium look. You can get a real feeling of the aquarium by having this fish aquarium app on your phone.

The Real Aquarium - Live Wallpaper

The real aquarium – Live Wallpaper is a user-friendly app for your android and it is much easier to set a wallpaper. It comes with high-quality graphics which makes it profoundly realistic. The audiovisual show of rising bubbles makes it more aesthetic. If you want you can mute the sound of bubbles.

There is a lot of options to customize the wallpapers and it will help you to give your phone screen the look you prefer. From the number of fish to the background scene, everything would be controlled by you. Let’s give your phone screen an aquarium look and have the real aquarium feeling.

  • Power saver, that means use low battery power to run
  • User-friendly features make the app people choice
  • Easy setup, any user can set their preferable wallpaper with ease
  • Customization options give extra authorities to make the wallpaper more charming
  • Audiovisual wallpapers and mutable audio
  • Usually, free apps contain advertisements and that is why sometimes people get annoyed

3. Aquarium Manager

If you are too busy with your other business or you are going on holiday then this aquarium maintenance app is for you. The Aquarium Manager is much comprehensive app to take care of your aquarium. By providing proper instructions for a short or long time when you are not in the place, you can take responsibility for your aquarium without any difficulties.

Aquarium Manager

An aquarium requires regular maintenance to keep the aquatic animals healthy. The Aquarium Manager will help you in this case by providing proper management of fish or other inhabitants, tips for feeding plan. You will get notified about when to clean or change equipment like water, tank, filters, and pumps.

You can share photos of your aquarium with others from the photo library. Even you can keep a daily diary of the aquarium on your android. You can keep all the data by using the android backup facility.

  • Paid advertisement remover makes the user-friendly
  • In advance planning feature keep users tension-free when they are not in the place
  • Task maintenance notifications to remind the task to complete
  • Photo library to store and share photos with nearest people
  • Everyday diary to keep memories
  • Requires subscription fee to add more than two aquarium

4. AqDiary

To maintain your aquarium the AqDiary app would work as a diary. It is a great fish tank app to track the tasks to take care of your aquarium. You do not have to purchase the app and no need for an internet connection to execute it.


The app will record the tasks like feedings, water change, water values, and so on. You can keep notes of activities and store the data backup on an SD card.

The task reminder will remind you when to clean the tank, change the water, add fertilizer, and many other issues. Feel free to use the app on your android as it requires no in-App purchase.

  • This app is free of ads, so it’s hassle-free
  • Internet connection is not required, it runs offline
  • Task reminder guides for every step to be taken
  • No in-App purchases are required
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • No picture option and that makes unable to keep visual records

5. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

The Aquarium Live Wallpaper is also an excellent app with animated air bubbles and fish. The high-quality animation makes the wallpaper more aesthetic and more genuine. The background marine corrals with moving fish will give a realistic aquarium feeling.

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

There is a number of options for every species of fish, activity level, speed, bubbles, background, how much light and alteration, and even the number and size of the elements. It will change your mood and make it breezy. When you need to chill out you can play with it.

If you are an aquarium lover and fond of colors then the app is for you. It will make your android screen a live fish tank.

To get the better and faster performance you will need to purchase a paid version of it. You will also get the feature of automatic background change and lower memory consumption in the paid version.

  • The paid version is free of advertisement
  • Requires less memory to store data
  • Quality animation for crystal and clear views
  • Vibrant color for aesthetic wallpapers
  • Options for customizing emphasizes user choice
  • Takes remarkable power to run
  • Lack of saltwater fish options

6. Myreef 3d Aquarium

The entire thought of having a fish aquarium on your android is somewhat cool as you can observe different 3D fishes finding their way through a delightful reef tank. In the MyReef 3D Aquarium, you can add various numbers and sorts of fishes in the fish tank. You can likewise build the audio effects too to hear the water flowing through your ears like you are really close to a genuine fish tank.

Myreef 3d Aquarium

Feeding the fishes in this application is a nice feature. When you through the food in the water, you can see a great deal of fishes competing for the food. It would be like the scenario of a genuine fish tank. There is a timer for serving fish, which implies you need to take time before you can provide food to them once more. I supposition this controller is to forestall the fish tank from being overwhelmed with fish food which will hinder the realistic look.

It is possible to follow the activities of one fish by tapping on the camcorder with a fish symbol or simply observe all the fishes swim by tapping on the second camcorder symbol which is called the Auto-camera. The auto-camera assists with zooming in to various focal points in your aquarium.

  • Free of cost to play makes it affordable for all
  • High-quality animation for crystal clear visuals
  • Vibrant fish species for fish lovers
  • Dynamic cameras to follow movements of fish
  • Realistic feelings of aquarium
  • Pop up ads makes it annoying sometimes

7. Myaquarium Fish Tank Manager

MyAquarium is a master Application that uses a standard engine to prescribe and infer activities to be done by analyzing all available data and assist you to take the most ideal approach to deal with your fish tank.

Myaquarium Fish Tank Manager

MyAquarium has an inner database that works with the fundamental data about the most widely recognized and common aquatic species. Besides, it offers a plant information base included with the most mainstream plant species for all freshwater aquariums. The system takes actions based on available data about your aquarium and executes an internal calculation to decide the overall fitness of your aquarium.

You will get notifications about what to do when to do from this fish tank app free. MyAquarium has a reminder to remind you when to change the water of your fish tank and the periodicity of the tank cleaning. Additionally provides suggestions about your fish tank volume, lightning hours, light watts, and so on.

  • Free of advertisement for a smooth use
  • No cost required to run the app
  • Task reminder to notify the to-do list
  • Provides tips for maintaining the aquarium
  • Lack of plant database in the only problem

8. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

When you are both an aquarium hobbyist and a game lover, the Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium is the perfect combination for you. From this adorable fish tank game, you will not only get a fishy game adventure but also a real feeling of a virtual aquarium.

Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

The game has a brilliant and suitable design that gives a decent look and simple navigation. The center part of this game is the application consist of 400+ rare and unique fishes that reveal a variety of valuable upgrades. It additionally modernizes your store and disclose special surprises, and embellish your tanks, nurture and preserve your fish with supernatural zen plants and marine life, and many more.

This game is really fun for all ages, especially for kids. Let’s enjoy the virtual version of your aquarium business.

  • Multi-platform application
  • The economic feature adds extra joy
  • Rare fish species for fish lovers
  • Suitable for all ages android users
  • Deep and challenging game

9. Aquarium Fish

The Aquarium fish is an excellent app for essential knowledge about your fish. It can be a nice source for freshwater tropical fish with a plethora of information. You can use it all the time especially before buying fish for your aquarium. The most ideal selection for an android dictionary application which is always within reach. From this fish aquarium app, you can gain knowledge about a ton of new and interesting things.

Aquarium Fish

This application can work offline when you don’t have internet access. The quick dynamic search function makes it faster, efficient, and a better performer. You can take a limitless number of notes with the ‘favorites’ option. Even you can bookmark your notes to favorites and edit or clear them. Voice search is another excellent feature of this app.

There are premium features; a decent amount of payment requires for this. The application would be free of ads, you will have access to photos and images without the internet, and you would be able to delete browsing history with this premium version.

  • Updates are free of costs
  • Simple to use and maintain the system
  • Suits with every upgraded android version
  • No internet requires to run the application
  • Premium features to add extra options
  • Low saltwater fish data available in the app

10. Idle Fish Aquarium

Idle Fish Aquarium is another fun app for aquarium lover android users. This game is full of fun with cute rare fishes of vibrant color. It’s effective when you need to kill time with joy. The fish depictions and sprites are cute and simple.

Idle Fish Aquarium

In that game, you’ll have to professionally deal with your aquarium to improve gear and grow your aquarium. Except for your aquarium, you’ll besides need to ensure that your production line is enough progressed to help accelerate the way toward gain rewards.

Convert your android phone to an aquarium empire and have a great fun time. There are fun fishes like smartphone fish, taco fish, watermelon fish, and robot fish to entertain you.

  • No internet required to run the application
  • Easy to tap and move the fish
  • No long boring ads to annoy the user
  • High user satisfaction makes it a public choice
  • No tutorials provided for the gamers by the app publishers


So aquarium lovers! Did you find the aquarium maintenance app android of your preference? I hope you are because we enlisted all the Best Aquarium App for Android in this article to ease your choice. You can now maintain your aquarium with ease and get entertained with the mentioned entertaining apps and games.

We respect your love for water creatures and we bow you from the deep side of our heart. Enjoy your journey and have fun with your new fish aquarium apps.

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