10 Best Avatar Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

Avatars are mainly used as a profile picture on numerous social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or any other. Creating these avatars is also very easy and you can do on our Android devices. Developers have released complete and simple apps with which to create ourselves into an avatar. There are dozens of apps that allow you to create this type of image for free to use as profile pictures on social networks, messaging services, or any other platform. Today we will present the best avatar apps for android to make avatasr without any previous knowledge.

How Do I Make My Own Avatar?

You can easily create an avatar using your smartphone within a few minutes. To start making an avatar, you need an app and you can install any one from them: Avatoon, Bitmoji, Face Avatar, Avatar Maker, FaceQ, Mirror and Avatar Esport. They offer tons of stickers and have stunning accessories that help to make the avatar easily and quickly. After creating an avatar, you can use it as a social media profile picture, chat stickers or much more.

10 Best Avatar Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Creating an avatar is now easier for everyone because we have lots of avatar maker apps. Below, I would like to recommend 10 best avatar apps for android that can create an avatar with more functionalities. Let’s download and install on your smartphone and start making avatars.

Best Avatar Apps for Android

1. Avatoon – Avatar Creator & Emoji Me

Avatoon app provides customized avatars that can be used on social media platforms effectively. You can make stickers, emojis and personalize them according to your need. Its colorful gifs ensure an amazing look that will be starring you.


It has a facial recognition system that edits the photos with a professional touch. You can take a screenshot and modify the avatars with different poses, styles and backgrounds.

You can share the avatars, stickers, emojis and edited images with friends through social media. It has a large style library that allows you to customize hair, dress up and color scheme.

Avatoon Features:

  • You can create avatars and make profile pictures with tons of styles and share with others.
  • Its facial recognition ensures a professional touch in the photo.
  • The photo editor allows you to take screenshots and edit photos with powerful tools.

Avatoon app creates avatars and chat with friends using the edited emojis.

2. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a personal emoji maker that allows you to create an expressive avatar. It has a huge sticker library so you can make different avatars with the app. You can change hairstyle, color, face tone and more with a single tap.


Its fashion option allows you to customize dress, color and add more styles. You can share the emoji and stickers with others through social media platforms. With the stickers, you can shortly express your thoughts in chat.

It includes many options to allow you to create your emoji by performing very different and diverse actions, such as greeting, surprise or laughter. You can assign characteristics and actions to it in the creation process.

Bitmoji Features:

  1. You can create an avatar and change the style of the avatar, the color of skin and hair.
  2. Its huge sticker library allows you to express thoughts shortly.
  3. You can chat with friends using the Bitmoji keyboard.

Bitmoji app allows the user to create a personalized emoji and avatar.

3. Face Avatar Maker Creator

Face Avatar Maker Creator has more than a thousand types of character that helps to make an avatar quickly. You can edit, add filters and different styles in the avatar. Also, it can be used as a sticker and you can use it anywhere.


You can create a couple-avatar with different styles. It has cartoon faces that give the avatar a new look. You can adjust the color of the avatar and background as you want.

It allows you to use the chatbox images and other accessories to make avatar unique. Its sticker collection sends a message to friends.

Face Avatar Maker Features:

  1. The app allows you to create male, female and couple avatars using lots of styles.
  2. It has huge character options, styles and effects to make the avatar incredible.
  3. You can adjust color and add accessories to customize the avatar.

The app allows you to make a couple avatar using different styles and effects.

4. Avatar Maker: Anime Boys

Avatar Maker offers a huge amount of choice to create an avatar according to your moods. You can apply classic, romantic, brutal, school and fantasy styled clothes on the avatar that provide sempai look.


It provides colorful lenses for eyes and hairstyles to have a new look. You can add anime graphics to get a romantic style in the avatar. After saving, you can use it as a profile picture and share it with others.

You can apply different expressions about your thoughts and emotions. It allows you to customize the created avatar with accessories.

Avatar Maker Features:

  1. It offers different styles and effects to create an avatar with a personalized look.
  2. You can add clothes, hairstyles, expressions, etc. as you want.
  3. It has lots of graphics that makes the avatar as a perfect guy.

Avatar Maker app helps to create an avatar with different styles and costumes.

5. Avatar Maker: Anime Selfie

Avatar Maker app allows you to make anime avatars using different types of objects. You can create a Kawai anime avatar easily and save it to the phone gallery. Also, you can share it with friends and families through the social network.


It allows you to take selfies and make it gorgeous with anime effects. It produces HD quality images so you can use it as a profile picture. In addition, its accessories collection helps to make an avatar as a unique character.

You can apply the thousands of chibi characters to make your own styled avatar. It allows you to make stories and comic strips to use as anime covers.

Avatar Maker Features:

  1. You can take selfies with anime characters and apply it as a profile picture or share on social media.
  2. It provides several characters to make anime stories, comic strips and manga with fun.
  3. It has different accessories and collections that help to create a unique character.

Avatar Maker app is the perfect avatar maker for anime lovers.

6. FaceQ

FaceQ is a very interesting app to create avatars easily by shaping the head, adding hairstyles and configuring styles. Once you have shaped the head, it resembles automatically. You can go through the wardrobe and dress it with a large number of clothes and accessories that exist.


You can add costumes that are used in popular movies. Also, you can add several accessories, face gestures, scenes and more. You can export the edited avatar and share it as a sticker message or apply it as a profile picture.

In this app, you will have to compose the avatar with your appearance step by step. If instead of looking for realism, you prefer something more casual, this application can be a great alternative.

FaceQ Features:

  1. The app can create emojis with a more cartoonish aspect of your face.
  2. You can use the avatar as a sticker and emoji in social media chat options.
  3. It has lots of styles and effects that make it interesting and attractive.

FaceQ app allows to make an avatar with cartoon effects and interesting face shape.

7. Mirror – Stickers for WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

Mirror app allows you to create personalized avatar and memes for your phone. You can take selfies with the mirror photo and start creating a personal avatar using different accessories.


It has thousands of stickers that can be used as a chat text to express thoughts and emotions quickly. The wheel for fortune is very interesting because it helps to make the ultimate decision.

You can make gifs and animated emojis with the app. Also, you can send it to others and enjoy the fun with them. You can add outfits, styles and adjust colors according to your need.

Mirror app Features:

  1. You can create and edit avatars with lots of stickers, outfits and effects.
  2. Its mirror photo allows you to take a selfie and share it with friends as an avatar.
  3. The meme generator provides memes and stickers every week.

Mirror app helps to take selfies and make an avatar with amazing styles.

8. Avatar Maker: Anime

Avatar Maker app has tons of anime characters that help to create an avatar. You can adjust the color of your picture to get a proper combination. Its stunning accessories help to make the avatar more interesting.


You can create male and female avatars because you will find all male and female clothes, lips, hairstyles, and other objects. After completing the edit, you can save and share your avatar pic to others.

It allows you to use the anime in stories like fantasy, kingdom, romantic and so on. You can set it as phone wallpaper, so it is a versatile avatar maker.

Avatar Maker app Features:

  1. It has several anime characters that used to make an avatar with a different style.
  2. You can make a male and female avatar with the stunning accessories.
  3. It allows you to make stories like ninja, fantasy, fiction and much more by customizing characters.

Avatar Maker offers stunning tools to make anime characters with high resolution.

9. Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker app allows you to create an avatar like dolls. It provides lots of colors to write and draw over the picture. You can save and share the created avatar with others.


It has a huge collection of stickers that allows you to make avatars based on different categories. You can modify eyes with fashion glasses and designed eye samples to have a crazy look. Also, you can customize the mouth, nose, wigs, hats and other parts easily.

You can create fake pictures with the app and share it with others or make it a social media profile picture. Also, it allows you to make a meme to make fun with friends.

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker Features:

  1. It allows to make a cartoon avatar using cool stickers and several tools.
  2. You can add shape on eyes, nose, ears, lips, wigs and other parts.
  3. It has tons of stickers, fonts and colors that help to make a creative avatar.

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker app makes cartoon avatars using various types of tools.

10. Avatar Esport

Avatar Esport is a powerful avatar that helps to create a cartoon avatar. You can combine various effects and objects with comic characters. It has tons of stickers that allow you to send as a message while chatting with friends and add in the avatar.


You can add face parts on the avatar to get comic effects. You can create cartoon characters and add inner art to make them crazy. It allows you to add text and adjust colors to get a better view.

It allows you to personalize the face tone, eyes, nose, wigs and other parts to bring cartoon effect. Its UI is very clean and easier for everyone.

Avatar Esport Features:

  1. You can create a cartoon avatar using customized characters and face parts.
  2. It can change your face, mouth, eyes, nose and other parts with stunning tools.
  3. You can draw over the picture to bring cartoon and comic effects.

Avatar Esport app allows you to create an avatar using face parts and more stunning accessories.


With the free avatar apps for android, you can create an avatar easily like a pro. They give us many options to make it look as much as possible to you, such as glasses, clothes, face parts and more. You can edit the created avatar whenever you want. You can set the avatar as a social media network profile picture and share it with others. You can also use the personalized stickers from the apps on the social network in a simple way.

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