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8 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android to Remain Healthy 2020



Blood pressure is a common problem. However, if you do not monitor it properly, it can go vital and can be deadly. To monitor it properly, there are some android apps available in the play store.

However, not all apps are good. You need the best blood pressure apps for android to get the best result out of it. Otherwise, you may not get the best result you are expecting from the app and it will disappoint you too.

How can I check my blood pressure with my phone?

Now you can check your blood pressure on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to download the blood pressure reading apps for android and then use it to monitor your blood pressure. It is easy and convenient to use. You can also log all the blood pressure data and check it for further use as well.

8 Best Blood Pressure Apps For Android Reviews 2020

The play store is now flooded with so many apps. You will find many blood pressure checker apps for android on the play store too. However, finding the best one is important to get the best result. That is why we have come up with some amazing apps with their features and benefits so that you can easily choose the best one.

Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android

1. Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary is an amazing app that comes into the market to assist the blood pressure patient. This app allows you to enter the blood pressure log to keep the track of your blood pressure. As a result, it becomes easier for you to avoid using any paper at all.


Besides, it offers the history of the blood pressure log so that you can know how you are performing. You will see the statics as well to compare the result. With its easy user interface, you can easily use this app. Even if you do not have any previous experience, you can use it as well.

Its best is that it comes with a reminder that will remind you about your medication. As a result, you will never forget to take medication at all. So overall, this app can be a great assistant for blood pressure patients. You should try it today if you want to have a complete record of your condition.

  • Allows you to enter new log
  • Shows history of the logs
  • Shows stats
  • Comes with medication reminder
  • Easy to use interface
  • No note taking ability

2. Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is one of the best blood pressure apps for android that every blood pressure patient should use. It allows you to keep track of your blood pressure measurements so that you know your condition properly. Also, it eradicates the need for paper diary as well.


You can update the BP measurement daily with the date and time. Along with updating the measurements, you can edit or save the measurement too. For every record, you can write a description or note that makes it more useful to use. It features an interactive chart to make you understand it better.

The app allows multiple users that means your whole family can use this single app to keep track the BP. You can export the recorded data and convert it into PDF for future use. With its reminder feature, it will remind you about the BP measurement so that you never forget to take the measurement.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Can update, edit, and save the measurement
  • You can add description
  • Export the data
  • Measurement reminder
  • No medication reminder

3. Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker is another great app that you should try if you are looking for a good blood pressure app. This app lets you log the diastolic, pulse, systolic, and weigh to monitor your health condition. Even you can share your blood pressure with your doctors with this app as well.


It comes with a blood pressure trend chart that allows you to see your blood pressure trend and overall physical condition. Besides, you can navigate to a calendar view to see your blood pressure history. All the data can be exported in csv, html, Excel, and pdf that makes it more usable in the future.

There is the tag option that allows you to categorize your blood pressure. You can summary the blood pressure in average, minimum, and maximum. So all in all, it offers those features that will help you monitor the blood pressure and thus control it. Download it now and enjoy it.

  • Easy log in your blood pressure
  • Sharing the BP info with the doctor
  • Blood pressure tend
  • Calendar view
  • Categorizing the blood pressure
  • No editing option

4. Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch allows you to record, analyze, and share your blood pressure record. With this app, you can easily record all of your BP, pulse, and weight information in one place to eradicate the paper need. You can add tags, weather, and comments to add more information for future use as well.


Besides, it allows you to see all the recorded history of your blood pressure to see the progress. A colorful graph is there to show you the trend for better understanding. It also shows the best and worst stat for you. You can easily share those data through Email, Google drive, and dropbox.

It comes with a reminder option that reminds you about the blood pressure checking so that you never forget to record it. You can create multiple accounts to record the blood pressure of your family member as well. So overall, it is a complete blood pressure app worthy of trying.

  • Easy to record BP, pulse, and weight
  • Can add tag or comment for future use
  • Show the record history as well
  • A colorful trend for better understanding
  • Allows sharing the BP record
  • No editing option

5. Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Blood Pressure Log comes with a lot of features that will help you monitor your blood pressure and remain healthy. It allows you to log your blood pressure readings that eradicate the need for paperwork. You can see the charts, summary, and stats to see your progress and history for better understanding your condition.


It even allows you to share your data or print the documents too. Besides, this app lets you record weight, glucose, and oxygen saturation as well. For each measurement, you can add your custom description and tag for more information and future use. You can adjust the low and high blood pressure range too.

All the data can be exported in XML or CSV format for analyzing. Even you can share the data with your friends or doctors or generate reports by using MS word. With its user-friendly interface, using this app is not a big deal. So download this app and try it to find out its utility.

  • Easy blood pressure log input
  • Comes with charts, stats, and graphs,
  • Allows printing, sharing, and exporting.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Enables adding description and tags.
  • No reminder

6. Blood Pressure Log –

Blood Pressure Log makes the collection and analysis of blood pressure measurements easier for everyone. It allows you to log your blood pressure measurement along with Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, and others. You can even add body positioning measurements as well. As a result, it will help you get more control over the BP.


It comes with charts and statistics that make it easier to analyze the collection of your blood pressure measurement. You can analyze it from time to time, day to day, the scope of blood pressure, and others. It allows you to export the recorded data for even better analysis in the paid version.

In case you lose your mobile phone or of your mobile phone get stolen, the app will have back up for your data. Even it supports synchronization too so that you can use it in other devices as well. You can export your data and share it with your doctors. With its easy to use user interface, it becomes easier to use the app without having any prior experience. So give a try today.

  • Allows blood pressure record digitally
  • Shows the data with charts and graphs
  • Allows the body positioning measurements logging
  • Enables analyzing the recorded data
  • Easy to use interface
  • No reminder feature

7. BloodPressureDB

BloodPressureDB makes it easier to record and analyze the blood pressure measurement. It allows you to record the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and store it for further use. You can analyze the recorded data with the charts and statistics so that you can analyze it in a better way.


You will have the PDF report along with the beautiful chart so that you can share it with your doctors. Besides, you can print the documents and email them as well. With its synchronization feature, you can use the same feature and data in multiple devices. Even you can see how long your meds last and thus ensure good medicamentation management.

You know weight is related to the blood pressure. That is why this app features BMI calculator and a salt calculator so that you can control your BMI and prevent yourself from different big diseases such as heart attack, strokes, and others. So try this app now by downloading it and see how it works. Maybe this is the one you are looking for.

  • Allows recording and storing record the systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Can create PDF report to share
  • Enables printing and emailing
  • Features charts and stats for better understanding
  • Show BMI and salt calculator
  • No reminder

8. Blood Pressure Diary

Up next is the Blood Pressure Diary app that comes into the market to help you control the blood pressure with ease. It comes with an easy to use interface that allows you to log your systolic, diastolic and pulse and analyze it with ease. You can even add the tag to add even more information in your measurement.


Besides, it comes with a search option so that you can easily find the measurement. This app is designed in such a way that it determines the blood pressure zones automatically. Its best part is that it is completely free. You do not have to pay a single penny in order to use this app and track your blood pressure record.

For better analyzing, the app comes with beautiful colored graphs and stats so that you can easily check and analyze the blood pressure. It allows you to send the recorded blood pressure to your doctor as a report so that he can analyze it and give you a better medication. So overall, this app is very simple for sure, but it is very effective as well at the same time.

  • Allows logging your systolic, diastolic and pulse
  • Comes with charts and stats for better analyzing
  • Allows sending it to the doctor
  • Enables adding tags for future use
  • Search option for easy finding
  • No reminder at all.
Please take a quick glance at some of the best blood pressure apps for android.

Final Thought

Finding the best blood pressure apps for android is really important. It helps you track your blood pressure and analyze it. Also, it helps you set a reminder to check the blood pressure and note it. Besides, you can get a lot of other features such as history, graph, stats, sharing, and lots of others.

That is why we have come up with some amazing apps with their features and benefits so that you can choose the best one. So have all these blood pressure check apps for android free download and try which one suits you the best. I hope, you will get the best one that will help you remain healthy and happy.

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