Top 9 Best Chat Room Apps For Iphone And Android In 2021

In the era of instant chatting apps remains a rather widespread hobby. AOL instant messenger, MIG 33 and similar apps do not exist nowadays. You can find lots of latest and advanced chat room apps that allow users to talk anonymously and binomially with people. Also, they allow you to do group chats by joining rooms and discover new things around the world.

All chat room apps are secured and the conversations only see the group members so you can chat with others without hesitation. Here, we have presented the most used and best chat room apps for iPhone and Android devices.

9 Best Chat Room Apps For iPhone And Android

You will find lots of chat room apps for iPhone and Android devices, but they all haven’t useful features. Below, we have presented 9 best chat room apps for iPhone and Android that make your group chat faster and easier.

Best Chat Room Apps For Iphone

1. Amino: Communities and Chats

Amino App has community-based broad subjects, such as Animes, Submit your Art, Aesthetics & Design, and RPG. You can view all categories by sliding the phone down. With a single click, you can join the community easily.


Communities generally have two types of chat: Official Chat for group creators and Public Chat for community members to create more specific sessions for chatting with each other. You can organize and suggest interactive activities, such as quizzes and polls, which can be answered by other members. There is also the option of watching videos and content related to the preferences that we have previously established. Amino Features:

  1. You can watch and create videos, stories and read blogs according to your interest.
  2. By joining the community, you can chat anonymously around the world and discuss new things with friends.
  3. Your profile can be customized with stickers, frames, chat bubbles so more to look attractive.

Amino chat room app allows you to find your people and do stuff together. Also, you can explore your interests and enjoy stories by joining the room community.

2. Band – App For All Groups

BAND is a group chat app that has a community board, a to-do list and so on. It allows you to share files and make calls with group members. The To-do list makes everyone accountable for the full team.


In the BAND app, you can create your theme group: family, work, friends, class, etc. in the public or private. In addition, you can also search for public groups to join based on your interests. By creating or joining a chat room, you can chat, call, share files, and make polls to stay organized. It helps to track the daily progress of learners, sportsmen and notify the alerts in one place. The calendar and poll option allows you to be up to date with every member.

BAND Features:

  1. It allows you to create and join the meeting with friends, adjust privacy, control everything and design group cover to connect easily.
  2. You can make conversation with members, share files, track progress and much more.
  3. Its to-do list, calendar and poll option helps to update everyone in group chat.

BAND is the best chat room app that allows you to communicate with group members effectively and track everyone to make them accountable. So, increase participation with the app and stay organized.

3. Discord – Friends, Communities, & Gaming

Discord is a platform with which you can create chat rooms to communicate with people who are popular in the gaming world. It is designed to allow you to create chat groups for different games and purposes.It also has many features that allow you to chat by text, by voice and even make video conferences.


It is a perfect application to meet friends and colleagues and organize games. Also, it allows you to talk to other people while you are playing with its voice chat features. Its installation and registration process is very simple. You can chat with emoji and GIF to send reactions with friends. Also, you can share photos and pin in a group with privacy.

Discord Features:

  1. The app has custom channels and open voice channels that allow you to share videos, talk and hang out with friends and group members.
  2. The community helps to group up friends, ask questions and get solutions from experts.
  3. You can plan for meetup and keep all members in tracking with moderation power.

The app allows you to manage large groups easily. You can create voice channels and add friends, co-workers and more users in a platform to stay connected with them.

4. ICQ New: Instant Messenger & Group Video Calls

ICQ New messaging application allows users to hide the text of push notifications and the name of the person sending the messages with more privacy. You can make calls with video or without video.It can convert voice messages to text so you can send a message when in a meeting or busy place.


It allows you to create and subscribe channels to chat with group members. Its readymade message responses make its use easier. It allows you to sync any devices to see messages, channels and contacts. The shared photo and video size will not compress after sending it. Without any limitation, you can create chat and channels with the app.

ICQ New Features:

  1. It has a sticker suggestion option that helps to send sticker massage according to your message subject.
  2. You will get 30 animated 3D masks to make a video call fantastic using a mask.
  3. You can reply to multiple messages at once, so your tasks will be quicker.

ICQ is an amazing instant chat room app that allows you to chat and video call with a large group or single. Without making a backup, it allows you to see the overall chat, messages, call, etc. in a place.

5. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe app works in a simple way where the user creates an account without problems giving an overview of himself. After this, you can access the “Know” tab and in this tab, you can see the other people who use the app near you.With this app, it is easy to connect with friends from the virtual to the real.


Also, you can write to another of the users of the community through a private chat. It helps to create a link with the other person. Its Quick option allows you to meet people face to face so you can see who is talking with you. You can ask questions, invitations to events, interact with other people and share photos, files and much more.

MeetMe Features:

  1. You can hang out with more than 100 million friends around the world and face to face talk with them easily.
  2. In the “Live” tab, check live video streams made by other users of the platform.
  3. You can send text messages, initiate voice calls and voice calls. Also, you can attach images to the conversation.

The MeetMe app presents several possibilities for interaction, such as starting live videos, creating private chats and participating in correspondence games of interest.

6. Telegram

Telegram is a group chat app that allows you to share files, compress photos, create GIF images and so on. It has clients on all devices, and you can also use it to send files and photos from one device to another without the need for cables or third-party applications.


Whether it is the conversation with your partner, with your group of friends or that with yourself to exchange files, there may be some chats that you want to keep at the top of all so as not to lose sight of them and that you get lost between the other conversations. It also allows you certain basic edits to the letter with which you write. You can write texts in bold, italic or monospace. Also, you can customize chat letter size, theme and more.

Telegram Features:

  1. Telegram allows you to delete messages without the recipient knowing.
  2. It is in terms of privacy that it never shows our phone number.
  3. It allows you to have several accounts at the same time. So, you can have a user account to talk about work issues and another to chat with our family or friends.

Telegram has cloud-based storage that saves all conversations, files, documents, and group history on internet servers, but not on the user’s phone.

7. Viber Messenger – Messages, Group Chats & Calls

Viber is an app specially designed for mobile devices with which you can send text messages and make phone calls to any other user of it, all for free and with international reach.The operation of Viber is really simple. In addition, it has no annoying advertising banners as happens in many other applications, the quality of your calls is high and its service very efficient.


It is perfect for when you are traveling. You must have a good data plan or are using Wi-Fi, then you can keep in touch with your family and friends without any problem.

Viber Messenger Features:

  1. It works with Wi-Fi or 3G technology and is more advanced so you can call any phone number, even if you are not a user of the app.
  2. You can send multimedia files such as audio notes, photos, videos or also your current location.
  3. It allows you to create a group chat to make conversation with friends, families and coworkers up to 250 members.

The communication and the messaging app offers free calls over the Internet in a simple way. Participate in its large community and chat with group members.

8. Whisper

Whisper is a chat room network that has become a large group chat app worldwide. You can see other answers moving your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.You can also modify the font and add labels so that the rest can easily find your question and advise if they have been through something similar.


Also, you can authorize your location to be used, but it’s optional. It allows you to make a video to express yourself and make new friends so you can chat with them. If you liked a confession or want to show your reaction, you can give it a heart.

Whisper Features:

  1. You can customize your profile, write a message and select an image and text source that has more to do with it.
  2. It has a number of adornments to add to them, such as photos and different fonts, to keep the members’ attention.
  3. You can use social networks with integration with Whispers, such as Facebook, Twitter and others to share the content you are interested in.

Whisper allows you its users from all over the world to share thoughts, expose facts and raise doubts without the need for identification and with any prohibited subject.

9. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is the most popular walkie talkie app that accumulates more than 50 million users. It has the possibility of sending voice messages at the touch of a button, both to private channels and channels of up to 6,000 users.It is compatible with Bluetooth headsets and 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Also, it has an advanced messaging platform with a photo-sharing option and location included. You can enjoy real-time streaming with a high-quality voice. The push to talk protocol allows you to call at low latency. Its one-touch feature offers hand-free opportunities to get official hardware and accessories. You can check your previous voice history for future inspection.

Zello PTT Features:

  1. The app allows you, newbies, to meet and meet new people from around the world in the public chat room.
  2. By holding the center on the touch screen, you can instantly send a voice message with a push-to-talk option.
  3. You can create a new channel and add contacts to meet friends and other people.

Zello Walkie Talkie transforms your mobile into a walkie-talkie to send free voice messages over the Internet. A fun way to communicate and meet other people.


Chat room apps are more useful and famous than ever because they allow you to make calls, chat and share files in a group. Nowadays, the apps become essential in our daily life to meet with friends, families, office colleagues and more. They are free and easy to use in all apple and android devices with free of cost.

Most chat room apps have a large community that helps make new friends, ask questions, get solutions, and learn new things. Try these chat room apps to simplify your connection among people from different parts of the world and establish a friendly relationship.

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