Top 10 Best Flash Notification App For Android & iPhone 2021

Many of the smartphones on the market use the flash notification, a very effective complement to illuminate the camera’s photographs. Although the resolution and the quality of capture that bring the equipment of medium and high range are so incredible that it is not necessary to use it, other devices do not have the same possibilities, especially the cheapest ones. The solution for this is to download the best flash notification app for android.

Does Android Have Flash Notification?

All modern smartphones have an LED flashlight that can be used as a flash notification. If your phone has no LED support, you can get these benefits with a flash notification app. The flash notification app alerts you when a call, text or notification has come on your phone.

10 Best Flash Notification App For Android Reviews 2020

We have highlighted 10 best flash notification apps for android to get a flash notification on calls, text messages, and app alerts. Let’s see them:

Best flash notification app for android

1. FlashOnCall (call and app)

FlashOnCall app uses flashlight of your smartphone camera to notify you of various events, such as messages and incoming calls. It shows a two-sided flash in both front and back camera flash. You can customize flash duration on the app as you want.

1 FlashOnCall

It works on silent, normal, vibrate, meetings and all profile modes. You can turn on the flash remotely by sending a text “flashon _ (add a number of seconds).” The fan mode allows you to use it at concert, stadium and many events to be a part of the light show.

The energy saving mode never drains your phone battery. Its flashlight widget can be used in dark areas to move freely with enough light. You can use it in the background while using other apps on your smartphone.

FlashOnCall Features:

  • The app notifies calls, SMS and other third party apps alert with flash notification.
  • You can set the schedule, adjust the setting and use flash on both sided camera.
  • It allows you to turn on the flashlight by sending SMS on the targeted device.

The FlashOnCall app provides dual flash notification with lots of functionalities.

2. Flash Alerts 2

Flash Alerts 2 provides regulated blinking on all types of notification. You can instantly turn off the flash indicator using the ON/OFF button on the app. Also, you can set the timer and schedule of the flash alert.

2 Flash Alerts 2

It is faster than other apps because it blinks the flashlight when the notification has arrived in the StatusBar. With the filter option, you can enable flash notification by selecting specific apps.

You can adjust the on/off length in the flash pattern section. You can also set the flash pattern, change status bar, and enable/disable call and text notifications.

Flash Alerts Features:

  • It allows you to use flash notification with on/off pattern length.
  • You can customize the notification for the specific apps from the app filter section.
  • In preferences, you can set flash patterns and set schedule to get flash alert.

Flash Alerts 2 blinks when a call, sms or other alert come on the phone.

3. Flash Alerts LED – Call & SMS

Flash Alert LED is an app designed to work as a kind of LED notification, but using the camera’s flashlight. Activate it when you open it and then make the particular settings for each of the applications installed on your device.

3 Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS

It has a rather particular notification system, since the way to notify you will be through flashing lights so that you can detect it at any time. This feature is quite useful for people who suffer from hearing impairment or moderate hearing problems.

You can use the DND mode to hide the flash notification when you need to stop it. Its instant flash off system makes it more convenient.

Flash Alerts LED Features:

  • It alerts with the flashlight on all types of notification, calls and messages.
  • You can customize the flash notification and turn off with the “instant off” option.
  • The DND mode allows you to hide flash and automatically disable flash in low battery mode.

Flash Alerts LED is an amazing flash notification app to notify when call and sms comes.

4. Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts on App Notifications

Flash Alerts app provides flash notification on all apps, calls, texts and more. You can change the theme and color on the app. It allows you to set alert for specific contacts, messages and apps.

4 Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts on App Notifications

It blinks flashlights instantly when a call, a message will come. You can schedule the timer using the flashlight and change the frequency level low or high mode. It can also be personalized according to the ringing profiles: silent, general, vibrate, etc.

You will get flash notification low battery alert. Its flash pattern can be customized according to your needs. You can use it as a torch to find and move in the dark area.

Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts Features:

  • It provides flash notifications on calls, messages, app alerts and low battery conditions.
  • You can adjust flash timing, alerts for specific contacts and devices normal, vibrate and silent status.
  • With colorful themes, you easily customize the app according to your style.

The Flash Alerts app sends a notification on call, messages, battery percentages and apps with the blink.

5. Flash Notification for All App

Flash Notification for All App provides screen and notification flash on calls, messages and other app alerts. When an SMS, call or any alerts arrive, it blinks the flashlight. You can adjust the timing of blinking and flash alert from the app setting option.

5 Flash Notification for All App

You can set the apps for getting flash notification from the Notification app menu. Also, you can adjust flash notification on the device ringer modes. It sends a notification on a missed call, unread messages and running apps on the background.

It allows you to set the flashes per second, duration and repeat times. Also, you can ON/OFF the flash while the phone screen and call is on. It can be used as an alarm and torch.

Flash Notification Features:

  • You can get a flash notification for all apps and customize it as your needs.
  • It allows you to use as alarm, reminder and torch with flash alert.
  • You can adjust the flash working time, repeat and duration per second.

The Flash Notification for All App ensures flash alert on all apps on your smartphone.


Flash On Call & SMS Alert app allows you to enable and disable flash notification on silent, vibrate and other ringer modes. It blinks flashlight on each call, SMS, app alert and reminders. Its simplistic interface allows every user to use the app easily.

6 Flash On Call & SMS Alert

You can enable flash notification for specific contacts. Also, you can personalize the notification schedule, flash per second and instant On/Off. It will never drain your phone’s battery.

You can select the applications to which you want to receive your illuminated notifications and they will automatically be activated for you. The app’s functions provide us with a range of possibilities to enjoy our phone as a flashlight.


  • It sends a flash notification on calls, messages and all alerts with blinking.
  • You can enable flashing on each ringer profiles and customize it as you want.
  • The interface of the app is compact so that anyone can personalize quickly from the app settings.

The Flash On Call & SMS Alert app has amazing features that you should try on your device.

7. Flash Notification on Call

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS app blinks flashlight when the phone is ringing or any notification comes. You can set the blink times on calls, messages and app alerts. With a single tap, you can use the app anytime, anywhere.

7 Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

Its materialistic UI allows you to operate and manage all functions easily. The flash alerts indicate the low battery percentage to save your device battery. You can easily turn off using volume keys.

The app started automatically when you start your phone. You can enable and disable alerts for all ringer profiles. Also, you can use the app as a torch in the dark areas.

Flash Notification Features:

  • You can use the app for calls, messages and apps flash notification with adjustments.
  • It has material design and a simple UI that allows all users to customize easily.
  • You can enable and disable flash notification for ringer modes, apps and contacts from the setting menu.

The Flash Alerts on Call and SMS app allows you to adjust blinks according to your needs.

8. Flash On Call (SMS Alerts)

Flash On Call app allows you to receive notifications with the flashlight when a call or message comes. You can enable and disable flash notification on every ringer profile. Also, you can set the blink interval based on your needs.

8 Flash On Call 2019 Flashing Alerts & Notifications

You can regulate the flash counts and speeds on each call and message. At the bottom of the app, you can on/off the flash on call. It shows the battery percentage and alert on low power mode.

You can easily customize the app according to your needs. Also, Its UX is very simple, so all types of users can use it easily.

Flash On Call Features:

  • You can customize the flash notification setting on the app to get optimal performance.
  • It has a battery saver mode that helps to improve battery life.
  • It allows you to adjust flash speed, count and interval according to your choice.

The Flash On Call 2019 app provides blinking alerts on each call and SMS.

9. Call Flash 2020

Flash Alert app allows you to activate the phone flash for call and message notifications. It uses the LED flashlight to notify messages and calls. The light will be started blinking when calls and messages are incoming.

9 Flash Alert

You can configure the flashing speed, amount and interval time on the app. With simply pressing the On/Off button, the app started working instantly. You can turn off flash notifications by shaking the phone.

It allows you to get notification from specific apps as you selected. You can use blinking as an emergency alert and torch to see clearly at night.

Call Flash Features:

  • It sends blinking flash alerts on calls, messages and other apps instantly.
  • You can customize flash count, speed and repeat on each call and alert.
  • You can disable the blinking light by shaking the phone and start blinking by sending a message.

Flash Alert app gives you flash alert on apps notification, call and text messages.

10. Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS

Flashlight Alert app gives flash notification on incoming messages and calls. You can use the app as a torch to see objects in the low light area. Its UX is user friendly and easy to customize all functions.

10 Flashlight Alert on Call SMS

You can set alert timing and on/off the app anytime, anywhere. It allows you to enable/disable flash notification on specific ringer mode. You can customize flash on time and off time according to your choice.

It allows you to test the flashlight counts, interval and speed. You can use the blinking app on social media apps and other apps to get alert without ringing.

Flashlight Alert Features:

  • It gives customizable flash notification on incoming calls, messages and apps alert.
  • You can adjust the blinking speed, count, repeat times and on/off timing.
  • It can be used as a torch and emergency alert when you need it.

The Flashlight Alert app ensures blinking alert on calls, apps and text messages.

Final Verdict

With these best flash notification app for android, you can use your smartphone as a flashlight, choose flashing notifications, turn it into a mini-keyboard that beats the music and make the necessary adjustments to personalize your experience. Also, some of them include an SOS emergency alert system and even integrated compasses that will help you in case of loss. Similarly, you can use them as a flash to take great pictures.

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