10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android And iPhone 2021

We all like music. And singing? That is more difficult, but we know that many of you have a heavenly voice. Well, maybe just a few, but the important thing is to try. I think I sing better, but then I listen to myself when they record me and it seems to be someone else. Today we bring you the best free karaoke apps for android because those nights are great and there are few things more fun than getting together with your friends to annoy the neighbors. You only need your mobile and download the following free karaoke apps for android.

10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have tested more than hundreds of karaoke apps from the Google Play Store and rounded up top 10 karaoke apps for android that allows you to sing a song on your voice and customize them with several advanced options.

Best free karaoke apps for android

1. Sing Karaoke Online & Karaoke Record

Sing Karaoke Online & Karaoke Record has millions of popular karaoke that allows you to discover your singing talent. Its use is very simple: just play the karaoke and start singing. You will see the lyrics movement to sing words accurately by word.

1 Sing Karaoke Online & Karaoke Record

You will see the categories and genres to find the favorite karaoke to sing that song in your lovely voice. Also, you can record voice and tone with emotions to observe your singing skill.

After recording, you can replay the song to check the progress. The song can be shared on social media networks and with others who love music. You will get all the latest songs on the app.

Sing Karaoke Online Features:

  1. It has a huge karaoke library that contains all the latest songs so you will get your favorite easily.
  2. The categories and genres help you to find out the songs according to your taste.
  3. You can record songs with your own voice and share it with others through social media to gain popularity.
  • Latest songs
  • Record songs with own voice
  • Lyrical guideline
  • Categories and genres added
  • Smart and simple interface
  • Doesn’t support all headphone and earbuds

2. Kakoke – Sing Karaoke, Voice Recorder, Singing App

The Kakoke app provides high-quality sound effects, so your singing will be the same as the karaoke singing room. It allows you to record voice with karaoke like a studio recording. After recording, you can replay to check your singing skill and quality.

2 Kakoke - sing karaoke, voice recorder, singing app

You can add real-time audio effects such as echo, bass, mid, treble and so on. It allows you to improve vocal tone with proper guidance. You can edit the vocals and fix the noise in the recorded song.

The social network of the app allows you to follow your favorite idols and make friends. You can share photos, files, voice records and so on wherever you are.

Kakoke Features:

  • You can record voice with karaoke and edit vocals to adjust karaoke and voice accurately.
  • It has echo, reverb, bass, mid and treble sound effects that improve your vocal tone.
  • Its social platform allows you to send messages to friends, share photos and follow them.
  • Voice record with editing option
  • Several sound effects
  • Sing anywhere anytime
  • Share photos, songs and more with friends
  • Voice improvement
  • Cannot sync with songs

3. StarMaker: Sing free Karaoke, Record Music Videos

StarMaker app allows you to sing songs and show up your singing skills. It provides backing music and rolling lyrics to sing accurately. You can record voice and edit with favorite sound effects.

3 StarMaker

It has several video filters to apply to your selfie music video and share it on social media networks. You can make a duet with friends on the app. It allows you to sing on live to entertain others.

You can make new friends and add pen friends to the app’s social network. The pitch and volume guide helps you to improve your singing skill and performance.

StarMaker Features:

  1. It provides all the latest songs and you can sing with high-end backing music and rolling lyrics as a pro.
  2. You can sing with friends as a duet song and go live to enjoy others.
  3. It allows you to make a music video and apply video filters with audio effects.
  • Large karaoke library
  • Make music video
  • Audio effects and video filters
  • Pitch and sound guide
  • Record voice
  • Sometimes failed to upload covers

4. The Voice – Sing Karaoke

The Voice app offers millions of popular and hit songs to sing karaoke with special sound effects. It allows you to record your voice while rolling the karaoke lyrics. The visual effects enhance your song quality as a professional singer.

4 The Voice - Sing Karaoke

You can make DUET with other singers all around the world and improve your singing skills. The recorded song can be shared with others through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. You can like and comment on the fantastic covers of other singers.

Its huge karaoke library quickly finds out your favorite song. If your favorite song is not available, you can mail them and they will add it soon. It provides the official TV show on the app.

The Voice Features:

  1. Its huge karaoke library allows you to sing your favorite song as DUET or single.
  2. You can add visual effects with your recorded voice to make the song more fabulous.
  3. It allows you to share songs with others and connected with legendary singers.
  • Huge music library
  • Record voice with rolling lyrics
  • Create DUET with others
  • Engage with others on social network
  • Visual effects
  • Vocal sync not working sometimes

5. Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Karaoke app allows you to sing karaoke from your smartphone without using any musical instruments. You can sing with rolling lyrics so the recorded songs will be accurate. Also, you can add special audio effects and share the song in the community or social network.

5 Karaoke - Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

You can make music videos using the phone camera and add video effects to make it more interesting. It offers all types of songs from famous artists so you will find your favorite one.

It ensure high-quality voice recording and apparent sound effects so your song will sound like a superstar. You can use the app on party to entertain everyone.

Karaoke Features:

  1. It has all genres, categorical and themes songs that help you to find your most wanted songs.
  2. You can add audio and video effects on songs to enjoy others in parties or other occasions.
  3. You can record voice and edit it at high quality to fee song like a pro.
  • Trending and popular songs
  • Amazing covers from popular artists
  • Exclusive audio and video effects
  • Detailed and roiling lyrics
  • Multilingual songs support
  • Small song collections

6. SingPlay: Karaoke Your MP3

The SingPlay app allows you to make a song into karaoke and sing with the karaoke in your voice. You can create a unique recording of any songs and share them with others.  Its interface is very simple and anyone can record a song with a single press.

6 SingPlay

You can sing by watching the lyrical display and edit the voice where needed. While recording a song, you can control the pitch and tempo. You can use the app without any mobile data or internet access.

It has several voice effects that can be applied to your voice recordings. You can record a part of a full song and add more the make a mashup song with visual effects.

SingPlay Features:

  1. It allows you to sing the popular karaoke with several sound effects and record as a unique song.
  2. You do not need internet or Wi-Fi connection so you can sing song anywhere.
  3. You can adjust the tempo, Fast Forward /Rewind and pitch according to your need.
  • Make karaoke from any song
  • Vocal training with FF/REW option
  • Record a part of the song
  • Control pitch and tempo
  • Lyrical display
  • Audio distortion

7. Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

Singa app offers huge singlists so that you will find the karaoke of your favorite songs easily. It ensures a true experience of singing a song as like as pro. You can easily adjust the pitch to fix your song errors.

7 Singa

You will find songs from all genres, singers, categories and singers all around the world. It provides real karaoke room feelings and experiences anywhere, anytime.

It allows you to sing a song with friends and entertain everyone in the party. So, choose the best karaoke from the singlists, share recorded songs with friends through social media, and enjoy them.

Singa Features:

  1. You can choose the favorite song from its huge singlists and start making a song in your voice.
  2. It allows you to adjust vocal range, tempo and more that suits your voice.
  3. The singing experience ensures a real singing feeling to avoid boring.
  • Huge and curated singlists
  • Modern singing interface
  • Adjust the pitch level to fix errors
  • Save and share with others
  • Old and new collections
  • Need registration

8. Magicsing : Smart Karaoke for Everyone

The Magicsing is a smart karaoke app that offers millions of hit songs all around the world. You can choose your favorite one and start recording the song with your voice. The MIDI sound system ensures a better quality of music.

8 Magicsing

You can change melody, tempo, keys and tone as you want and suits your voice. It auto-updates the latest song every day so you can sing the latest songs on your voice. You can use the app with karaoke machines to make songs more incredible.

Its MIDI-based songs provide better quality than recorded songs and the song data will be 20kb to 30kb per song. You can search for songs with voice and get all the latest songs on the app.

Magicsing Features:

  1. You can make your unique song with professional notes and MIDI controller.
  2. It supports karaoke machines, drums and more to make the song more interesting.
  3. You can adjust melody, tone, change keys and more as you want.
  • Support karaoke machines, drums and more
  • MIDI music quality
  • Adjust tempo, tone, melody and keys
  • Extensive songs library
  • Voice search option enabled
  • Too many ads

9. Karaoke Online : Sing & Record

Karaoke Online app not only gives you the ability to sing songs but also includes recording functions with which you can record songs easily and comfortably. You can record your voice while having fun singing songs.

9 Karaoke Online

It has talked to search features that help you to explore a song quickly. You can make fun with friends by sending the online cores provided by the app. It allows you to make video and sing karaoke together.

You can add several voice effects on the recordings. The rolling lyrics help to sing a song word by word, so your recorded song will be accurate. Install the app on your smartphone and have fun together with your friends.

Karaoke Online Features:

  1. You can sing and record video all latest karaoke songs with high-quality sound effects.
  2. It allows you to search songs by speaking that provides a faster result.
  3. You can compete with friends and get a score to win prizes.
  • High-quality karaoke songs
  • Several sound effects
  • Voice search available
  • Lyrical rolling
  • Make music video
  • Recording stopped sometimes

10. Karaoke 2020: Sing & Record

Karaoke 2020 offers endless karaoke songs to sing with your voice to show your talent. The large community gives suggestions about music and karaoke so you can quickly improve your singing skills.

10 Karaoke 2020

You can sing a song as DUET with friends or community members. The songs can be searched easily by hitting the search button. You can customize recordings and add sound effects to improve quality.

In the community, you can mark songs and artists as favorite. You can replay and re-record your voice unlimited times as you want. It supports all languages so you can easily manage the app.

Karaoke 2020 Features:

  1. It provides high-quality voice recordings with endless karaoke songs from all around the world.
  2. The read time audio effects improve your recording quality and save it to share with others.
  3. It allows you to correct the pitch, melody and more of your voice to tune while singing.
  • Endless free songs
  • Make your voice sound impeccable
  • Edit voices
  • Sound effects
  • Easy search panel
  • Hang in opening

Final Verdict

Whether you just feel like singing, throwing a party, or just exercising your voice, Play Store gives you the opportunity to download free karaoke apps for android so you can do all that. We recommend you download and test all the best free karaoke apps for android to know your singing skills.

They allow you to sing, create music and share your recordings with other users around the world. Being free, you shouldn’t have any kind of problem when trying them out.

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