9 Best Hearing Aid App for Android Give You Control in 2021

Different people have different hearing abilities, and it is quite natural that not all of us have the same hearing ability. People lose hearing abilities when they become old or many more reasons like accidents.

Now, if you have a hearing issue, you can consult with a doctor, and in the meantime, you may look for the best hearing aid app for android. A hearing aid app can increase your hearing abilities in so many ways. You will learn about this soon once you complete the whole article &  here I am going to list the best hearing aid apps for you.

How Do Hearing Aid Apps Work?

The process is very simple. When you use a hearing aid app, it collects your surroundings’ sounds in real-time, and then it amplifies the sound and directly sends it to your ear through a headphone.


The above process is for those apps which do not come with any hearing aid device. Some hearing aids apps are designed for controlling real hearing aid devices.

If you control the real hearing aid app, you just need to connect your hearing aid device with your app through Bluetooth; then, your job is done.

9 Best Hearing Aid App For Android Reviews 2020

Finding the best hearing aid app is a time-consuming matter. You can’t pick an app and use it if you have hearing issues. Below in this article, I have included the 09 best hearing aid app for android so that you can easily pick any of them and fulfill your needs.

1. touchControl

If you are using Signia hearing aids, then the “touchControl” app helps you control your hearing aids with any smart device. The app helps you to increase your hearing discretion without using any other accessories or hardware.

1 touchControl

To get the best output with this app, you need to follow the instructions given by your health specialist. The app works perfectly when you use the updated Signia 7bx, 5bx, Sirion2, Orion 2, etc. With this app, you are the master of your hearing aids.

You can change your hearing-programs without touching your hearing device. It allows you to change the volume easily & discreetly. You can easily mute & unmute your hearing aids by using this app and adjust the treble & bass to get a balanced sound.

  • Remotely control your hearing aids.
  • Easy volume changing option.
  • Allow you to control the treble and bass sound.
  • Shows the battery status of hearing aids.
  • It can adjust the direction of microphones.
  • Issues with Bluetooth compatibility for android.
  • No separate adjustment for the left/right volume.
  • Connection issues, link drops sometimes with the device. 

2. Ear Booster – Better Hearing: Mobile Hearing App

If you have any hearing issues, then the “Ear Booster” app is absolutely for you. It is the best hearing aid app for android phone. You can also use this app to hear better than other people. The app converts your android-device into a hearing aid.

2 Ear Booster

After installing the app, plug in your headset, and select an audio source, and then your job is done. You can easily use the app because of its easy user-interface. You can use the equalizer option for fine-tuning. While hearing, you can also record.

  • Easy user-interface.
  • Equalizer option for tuning.
  • Noise suppressor.
  • Multiple audio-sources.
  • Audio recording option.
  • Frequently shows ads.
  • Some phones are not supported.
  • Sometimes the hearing delay is ½ seconds.
  • Not competitive with Bluetooth headphones.

3. Best Hearing Aid App: Super Ear Tool

Hearing problems are a common issue with some of us. Most of us use hearing aids to solve this problem. The “Best Hearing Aid App” is one of the finest solutions for those people who are fighting with their hearing problems.

3 Best Hearing Aid App

If you have a hearing problem or forget to pick your hearing aid, you might look for a hearing aid app for android free download. Well, then you can go for the Best Hearing Aid App.

The app improves your hearing quality by collecting the sound from surrounding and amplifying it directly to your ear through the headset. The app comes with a visualizer option to show you the level of intensity of the sound. It is a completely free & offline usable app.

  • Improve the quality of hearing by amplifying the sound.
  • Visualizer options show the level of intensity of the sound.
  • Completely free and offline-based app.  
  • Frequently shows ads.
  • Sometimes the amplification of sound is minimal with some device.
  • The sounds of surroundings delay 1 second to reach your ears. 

4. Ear Agent Live: Ultimate Super Hearing Aid App

The “Ear Agent Live” is a hearing app that converts your smartphone into a listening device. You should remember that it’s not a medical device. It’s just an app that makes your hearing better.

4 Ear Agent Live

If you have a major hearing problem, then this is not your ultimate solution. You should go for a hearing aid, but if you forget to keep your hearing aid with yourself, using it can help you a lot.

Using this app is very simple; all you have to do is install the app and plug-in your headphones & press the big center button of your app. The app amplifies your surroundings’ sound and directly sends it to your earphones so that you can hear crystal and clear. The “Ear Agent Live” could be your hearing aid apps for smartphones.

  • Works as a supporting hearing aid when you forget your regular one.
  • The app amplifies the surround sound.
  • The Visualizer option of this app shows the level of intensity of the sound.
  • The actual sounds delay one or two seconds to reach your ear.
  • Limited adjustments.
  • Skipping the current tab closes the application.

5. HearMax Super Hearing Aid Amplifier

The “HearMax” is a fantastic app for the people who are suffering from a hearing problem. The app collects the sounds of surroundings through its microphone and sends it directly to the user through a headset.

5 HearMax Super Hearing Aid Amplifier

The app amplifies the sound of the surroundings to make sure that the user hears the sounds effectively. This app’s amplifier features capture the surroundings’ sounds, filter the noise, and deliver the user’s sounds through a headset media.

Using this app will make sure that you’re always getting high-quality sounds. Its sound amplifying quality is super powerful. The bass booster, echo cancellation, equalizer features of this app deliver you a clean and crystal sound.

  • It delivers HD sound feedback.
  • It is built with strong sound amplifying features.
  • Volume controller, bass booster, equalizer options.
  • Recording options.
  • Lags and voice reduction.
  • Sounds delayed.
  • Too many ads.

6. Ear Mate – Hearing Aid App for Android

If you are searching for the best hearing aid app for android, then the “Ear Mate” is one of the very good options. The app works as a hearing aid app for those people who have a hearing issue.

6 Ear Mate - Hearing Aid App for Android

It works by collecting the sounds of your surroundings through the device microphone, and then it amplifies the quality of sounds and delivers to the user through a headphone.

The app is designed with a graphical-equalizer bar to improve the sound quality. By using the graphical-equalizer, you can get a fine-tuned sound. To reduce the noise from the sound, it includes a loudness sensitivity option.

  • Easy navigation system to amplify the sound quality.
  • Adjustable loudness sensitivity options.
  • Always get the fine-tune with graphical equalizer. 
  • Sounds delay sometimes.
  • Lots of ads.
  • Too much echo.

7. Super Ear Tool: Aid in Super Clear Audible Hearing

If you have a hearing issue and are looking for a solution, then you can try the “Super Ear Tool.” It is a superbly, powerful, and amazing app for the people suffering from hearing.

7 Super Ear Tool

Using this app is very simple; you just need to connect a headset on your device and activate the app, and your job is done, the rest of the things will automatically be done by the app.

The app will collect the surroundings’ sound and amplify the sound and then send it to the user directly through headphones. The app allows you to control the sound’s volume, and the visualizer options show the intensity of the sound. The app is completely free & offline based.

  • Increase your hearing ability by amplifying the sound quality.
  • You can hear all audible sounds crystal and clear.
  • Completely free and offline based app.
  • Control the sounds through the device volume button. 
  • Realtime sounds delay one or two seconds.
  • Shows too many ads.
  • Not work appropriately with some devices. 

8. Hearing Aid Master (Crystal)

“Hearing Aid Master” works like its name. It is a master app that increases your hearing ability. The app collects your surroundings’ sounds through the microphone and amplifies the sounds in realtime and instantly delivers to the user through the headphone.

8 Hearing Aid Master (Crystal)

The app allows you to control each of your ears individually. If you hear less in your left ear, you can individually increase the sound for the left side, and if the problem with the right, you can do the same with the right. It has an almost 41000 kHz high sample rate.

  • Amplify the real-time sound.
  • 41000 kHz high-sample rate.
  • Individual volume set option for each ear.
  • Four-hearing algorithms.
  • The app lags frequently.
  • Too many ads contain.
  • Sound delay.
  • Crash in some devices.

9. Microphone – Hearing Aid

The “Microphone” is an advanced hearing aid app. The app can be used as a speaker & microphone. With this app, you can accomplish different activities such as you can use it as an external mic, and you can also use it as a hearing aid.

9 Microphone

To get a fine tune sound, the app is equipped with an equalizer option. This allows you to amplify the sound when you are using the app for hearing aid purposes.

  • It can be used as a hearing aid and speaker.
  • The equalizer option improves the quality of sound.
  • Amplifies the surround sound.
  • Louder echo.
  • Sound delay. 
Here is a quick overview of some best hearing aid app for android.

Final Thought

Not all of us have the same hearing ability. Some of us are suffering from hearing problems, and using the hearing aid app is one of the effective solutions in some cases. If you are searching for the best hearing aid app for android, then the above article is especially for you. In this article, I have included the best and effective hearing aid app you are looking for.

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