Best iPhone App Hide Text Messages and Protect Your Privacy 2021

Privacy is one of the biggest problems facing the world of technology. Even though there are more and more functions to protect your iPhone from the hands of unscrupulous and gossipers, they always find a way to avoid them. For either case, you must download these best iPhone app hide text messages.

With them, you will be able to ensure that nobody interferes in your affairs and reads your messages without your consent. Each app shows you a different and original way to hide your messages. Try them all to enjoy their different features and possibilities, thus protecting your information.

Best iPhone App Hide Text Messages Reviews 2020

We have shared the best app to hide text messages on iPhone so explore the apps from below:


1. CoverMe Private Text & Call

CoverMe app hides texts, calls, photos, and videos with encrypted passwords. You can use the burning phone number to hide the user’s identity. You can also get phone numbers from different countries like the USA, UK, Netherlands, and more.

1 CoverMe Private Text & Call 4+

Its shaking feature allows you to hide text messages instantly. In the vault section, you can hide media files with a strong and encrypted password. Its security level is very strong. You can set the text auto-deletion time on-road and after 5 minutes.

You can use fingerprints to unlock the vault and other functions. When a message arrives, it automatically disappears and hides in the app. The secret iphone app to hide text messages makes secure your secret files, private messages, phone calls, and more with encrypted protection.

CoverMe Private Features:

  • You can hide text messages, calls, media files with encrypted password protection.
  • It allows you to hide phone numbers and show a fake number to hide the caller’s real id.
  • You can hide all automatically by shaking your hand once that saves time and ensures instant security.
  • In the private vault, you can hide photos, videos, documents, and any files.
  • It supports fingerprint lock, so the security becomes stronger that is impossible to break.

CoverMe is a secret text hide app that provides burning numbers and a vault to hide media files.

2. Private Message Box

Private Message Box is an app responsible for storing your SMS and call records as soon as you receive them to hide them behind a safe. Its advanced features make it impossible for anyone to read it unless you give them a password.

2 Private Message Box 17+You have to register your number and choose the contacts you want to keep hidden. It stands out among applications for hiding messages because it will allow you to change the icon of message notifications to distracting.

You can also add a custom sound so that you can detect if it is a private message. It will quickly be possible to make a backup copy or add call blocking if you need it. Always stay protected with your privacy from spies.

Private Message Features:

  • It allows users to add contacts and automatically hides incoming and outgoing messages.
  • To access the hidden SMS, you must enter the PIN or password.
  • It has lots of useful and attractive emojis and emoticons for free to use.
  • You can share images, locations, and more with other users who have installed the app.
  • Its strong privacy protection safeguards all data from burglars.

Private Message Box is the safe and protected text message hide app with the file-sharing option.

3. App Locker for Messages App – Set Passcode or Touch ID

App Locker for Messages App is similar to hide my text messages app iphone that allows you to hide text messages using the passcode and touch id to stay more secure from burglars. You can hide call records, photos, videos, and other files using the app.

3 App Locker for Messages App - Set Passcode or Touch ID

It hides text messages quickly when it arrives so that nobody can read this without your permission. Anyone can easily use the app to hide their secret texts because its UI is friendly and works faster than other security apps.

You can customize the apps to lock manually. With it, you can get a completely private mailbox for text and multimedia messages, since it stores all those that arrive or enter your slide. It automatically hides them from the original messaging app.

App Locker for Messages Features:

  • It’s clean and easy to use interface ensures password protection to text messages, apps, and more.
  • You can hide media files, photos, videos, and documents with encrypted passwords.
  • It automatically hides a new message from the original message app and stores it in this app.
  • You can use touch id, fingerprint, and password to unlock the app.
  • It is fun to use and lightweight, so anyone can easily handle it.

App Locker for Messages App definitely hides the texts, calls, files, and more that you can use today.

4. Message Lock – Hide Messages

Message Lock app allows you to hide and backup text messages, conversations, and chat with fingerprint and encrypted password lock. Also, you can lock photos, videos, voice texts, and more with the app. You will never lose any messages and media files on the app for its secured backup system.

4 Message Lock - Hide Messages

You can customize the security option and choose whatever you want to hide. It allows you to sync data with the cloud so it can automatically save in the cloud storage. So, there is no risk of data missing or deleted, and if deleted, you can recover it from the cloud.

Its interface is very simple, so that anyone can set up the app on their iPhone. When you decide to uninstall the app, it automatically restores all data on their previous location in the messaging, gallery, and file manager app.

Message Lock Features:

  • You can hide text messages, voice messages, and media files with strong and encrypted passcode and Touch Id.
  • It can be synchronized with a cloud storage system to make an auto backup of all data.
  • You can archive the full conversations and hide them in the app.
  • Its interface is very simple, and anyone can install it with a passcode and fingerprint lock.
  • It has no ads, so you will not feel disturbance while using the app.

Message Lock app is the secured text, chat, and media files keeper with strong protection.

5. Signal – Private Messenger

With the Signal: Private Messenger app, you can share photos, videos, music, and any multimedia files you want with complete privacy. It has a friendly user interface and contains a high-security system to hide text messages, calls, media files, and more.

5 Signal - Private Messenger

You can create your own groups to make conversation in with all friends and families with strong privacy. It allows you to insert a phone number, add the contacts, and then start talking or chatting. By using the app, you can communicate instantly with others for free.

Other servers never get access to your conversations and never store any of your data, be it photos, videos, and other files. These features make it different from other applications that offer the same functionalities.

Signal Features:

  • It is an instant messaging app that ensures privacy for texts, calls, media, and more.
  • In a slow internet connection, it works smoothly and has no ads and tracking issues.
  • You can share photos, videos, voice messages, and more in a group with privacy.
  • Its interface is user friendly so that anyone can use it on the iPhone.
  • It has no advertisements, tracking, and kidding issues so that you can use it freely.

The signal is the safe and secure messaging apps to keep all chats, conversations, and files with strong security.

Here is a quick overview of some best iPhone apps to hide text messages.

Final Thought

If we want to keep the messages that arrive on our iPhone hidden, try these 5 best iPhone app hide text messages. They also protect the call logs, photos, videos, locations, apps, and more with an encrypted password and Touch ID. You can make a backup of all data by synchronizing with the cloud storage.

Some apps can hide the caller identification and show a burning number on the phone screen so nobody can detect the person. Also, they are completely ad-free so that you can secure your text messages and other files hassle-free.

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