Top 10 Best Makeup Apps for iPhone to Beautify Your Face in 2021

To draw the other attention is a common tendency of human beings. We all want to get priority from others, which is why we love to present ourselves most desirably. Every day we take a lot of pictures of ourselves to share on social media, but we don’t get the right confidence to share those pictures with others.

The idea of makeup apps generated can help you edit your look and give you the right confidence to present yourself in front of others. There are a lot of makeup apps available in the apps store, but if you want to get the best makeup apps for iPhone, then read this article and use any of the following apps.

10 Best Makeup Apps For iPhone Reviews 2020

If you are searching for the best makeup apps for iPhone then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, I am going to list the top-featured makeup apps for your iPhone.


1. Selfie Editor: Beauty Makeup

There is an adage that when you look good, you will feel good. The “Selfie Editor: Beauty Makeup” is one of the best makeup editing apps for iPhone that will help you take beautiful selfies.

1 Selfie Editor

With this fantastic app, you can edit your portrait in the most effective & efficient way. You can brighten your tired eyes, control your skin tone, eliminate blemishes, and smooth the wrinkles & slim your-face with some touches.

The app helps you smooth & rejuvenate your skin texture and eliminate the blemishes & pimple from your picture. You can brighten the dark circles under your eyes & lift your face using the face-makeup editor tools.

Selfie Editor Features:

  • Whatever your real skin tone is, you can always make it glowing and radiant.
  • You can remove all kinds of spots from your skin, such as pimple & blemishes.
  • It helps you to make your eyes bigger & brighter, resize your face, and a lot of awesome filters.

2. InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera!

The “InstaBeauty-Makeup Camera” is one of the best apps for makeup photography iPhone. It is the perfect makeup editing tool for those who frequently share pictures on social media.

2 InstaBeauty - Makeup Camera

The app comes with more than fifty makeup styles & hundred filters. More than 300 million users use this app globally because of its amazing selfie & grid filters, quick snap, stylish college,  special videos, and a lot more things.

InstaBeauty Features:

  • beauty college. (More than 200+ elegantly college design)
  • beauty makeup. (Makes your face charming & gorgeous)
  • quick snap. (Fastest snap)
  • beauty camera. (Allow you to take beautiful selfies)
  • beauty video. (Make beautiful videos for social media)

3. Photo Wonder

The great “Photo Wonder” app is one of the best free makeup apps for iPhone. With this app, you can show your beauty whenever you want. It won the best app award in the app store, and more than 100 million users are currently using this app in over 200+ countries.

3 Photo Wonder

By using its real-time filter camera, you can instantly take artistic photos. If you think you need further edit before publishing your pictures on social media, you can use its edit option. Its easy editing features offer you a variety of options, such as cropping, rotating, toning, adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.

With the beautification option, you can remove acne, whitening skin, polishing, and enlarge your eyes. The app is also equipped with stylish frames & collages to decorate your picture in a gorgeous way.

Photo Wonder Features:

  • The app provides you a filter camera with which you can take artistic photos instantly.
  • Its high-quality editing options allow you to edit whatever you want; however, you like.
  • You can whiten your skin, remove the acne, slim and enlarge your eyes, and polish your skin with the beautification of this app.

4. YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam

If you search for the best makeup & selfie camera app, then “YouCam Makeup” is the right choice. It is the world’s no.1 AR makeup camera. With this app, you will always get an instant beauty filter &  makeup tutorial.

4 YouCam Makeup

Its advanced retouch tool helps you to make your skin smoother instantly. It gives your face a fine-tune, reshape your lips and nose, enlarge your eyes, whiten your teeth, & much more.

YouCam Makeup Features:

  • The app is specialized for real-time virtual makeover.
  • Its face retouch & selfie editor option allows you to enjoy lots of specialized options, such as contour, face shaper, foundation & blush, Blemish remove, etc.
  • The app allows you to change your hairstyle and color.

5. Facetune

Everyone wants to edit their photo with perfection, and most of us hire professional photographers and graphics designers for this. Still, from now, you can edit your photos like a professional with the “Facetune” app.

5 Facetune

With this fantastic app, you can enjoy artistic effects on your selfies & portrait. The app reconstructs your smile, makes your smile widen, and teeth brightening. It beautifies your skin, makes your skin smooth & rejuvenate.

The app allows you to remove stray hair and color your hair. It also helps you to restructure your facial condition. With its vivid makeup option, you can make up your eyes, lips, etc.

Facetune Features:

  • Smile effects.
  • Customize your skin.
  • Penetrate your eyes and custom your hair.
  • Reshape your facial structure.
  • Advanced makeup tools.

6. Perfect365

The “Perfect365” is built with the latest intelligence technology to give a real output of your visual thinking. More than 1.5 billion people are currently using this app because of its high features and functions.

6 Perfect365

The apps include more than twenty makeup & beauty tools that help you to customize your style and give a look that you’re thinking. Just a single tap, you can use more than 200 pre-set styles.

Its pro-color palette allows you to custom unlimited colors to get your unique design and makeup. With this app, you’ll always get the perfect makeup because of its cutting-edge face-detection.

Perfect365 Features:

  • The app provides you more than twenty+ makeup & beauty tools.
  • You can use more than 200+ preset styles to give your pictures a custom look.
  • With this app, you will always get the perfect makeup because of its cutting-edge face-detection.

7. Hairstyle Makeover

The “Hairstyle Makeover” is one of the most popular & user-friendly apps in the apps store to customize your hair. You’ll get many hairstyles in this app; you just have to select one that matches your look.

7 Hairstyle Makeover

The best part of this app is, it uses real hairstyles and allows you to edit them like a professional. The app comes with hundreds of high-quality hairstyles, Beards, & mustaches that are edited by highly expert and professional.

The styles are categorized into different segments, such as male, female, long, medium, short, etc. The app allows you to adjust the placement, rotate, and resize them to use any style perfectly. Its advanced editing option allows you to edit your hairstyle with more perfection.

Hairstyle Makeover Features:

  • Male & female hairstyles.
  • Styles are sorted by long, medium, short, etc.
  • They have advanced editing tools for custom hairstyles and looks.

8. Visage: Airbrush Photo & Face

Suppose you are fighting with your pimples & wrinkles and feeling demotivated to share your picture in social media because of that. Then “Visage” is an excellent solution for you.

8 Visage

It is a proficient beauty-laboratory app to beautify your photos. Its magic tools and artificial intelligence remove all the pimples & wrinkles from your face. With this app, you can outline your eyes & whiten your teeth in just seconds.

You don’t have to do anything manually; all the functions it does automatically. The app automatically retouches your face, completes your skin makeup, eye makeup, whiten your teeth, removes the red-eye, and gives you an artistic effect.

Visage Features: 

  • Automatic face-retouch option.
  • Skin makeup.
  • Eye makeup, red-eye removal, teeth whitening, etc.

9. FaceApp – AI Face Editor

Sometimes we want to get a picture like a magazine cover photo, but we need a professional hand and perfect edit for this. The good news is from now; you can do it with a fantastic app named “Faceapp.” The app uses advanced Artificial intelligence to edit your pictures.

9 FaceApp - AI Face Editor

With its advanced portrait-editing technology, you can swap your gender and transform your ages and many more things. The app helps you improve your hairstyle & color, change your beard & mustaches, add a smile, change the background, and many more things.

FaceApp Features: 

  • By using its artificial intelligence, you can swap your gender & transform your ages.
  • You can change your hairstyle, color, beard, mustaches, add a smile, and a lot more things.
  • Use different filters and tattoos.

Final Thought

While searching for the best makeup apps for iPhone, you’ll find a long list of apps, but not all those apps are good for editing your photos. That is the reason I have researched it and find the above-listed apps as superior to other apps available in the apps store.

So if you read the above article, you already know what the features and benefits you are going to enjoy with these apps are, and after using these apps, you will understand why I have listed them as best!

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