Top 10 Best Music Making Apps for Android Free Device in 2021

You will find zero people who don’t love music. Some people are so obsessed with music that they love making music by using an app. This content is consisting of some apps that will help people to make music with the apps. The best music making apps for android free will give you this opportunity.

The music-making app is like any other android apps. You can install it and then make the adjustment for music-making. You can choose the genre from the library and make your music by your choice. Let’s see what apps are here and what extra benefits you will get for using these music-making apps.

10 Best Music Making Apps For Android Free Reviews 2020

This section will show you some free music apps with the latest key features. You will understand what these apps can do. So, let’s start exploring the best music making apps for android free with their features.


1. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

To bring out the inner artist in you, this Groovepad is the best free music making apps for android. You can make the library on your own choice. The library of the apps includes hip-hop, Dubstep, Drum, and many more genres. Pick your own choice and make an excellent soundtrack.

1 Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker

Also, make a perfect sound by using live troops for first-trap music. This app has some amazing effects on FX, such as filter, reverb, delay, etc. If you make music and play at a party using this app, this will give your party life.

Why you use this app?

  • This app has live loops for creating perfect music with a fast-rate.
  • This app has a synchronized library where you will find all types of music genres.
  • This app has some FX effects that will allow you to make such amazing songs and put life to any party.

2. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is one of the great music tools that give you a real-time feeling for music-making. This app has a song sequencer system along with parametric EQ. This app has a synchronized file storage system to store all the files. And those files are user-accessible.

2 Caustic 3

With this app, you can run all uncompressed WAV files. This app organized the help section with lots of tutorials. If you are stuck in any area, you can watch those videos. The caustic 3 app has the demo version and it automatically saved the music.

Why you use this app?

  • This app has user-accessible storage to supply its WAV files. It also supports the uncompressed WAV files.
  • This app discloses the parametric EQ with a limiter and has the song sequences.
  • The help center is full of tutorials and videos so that you will not face any problem.

3. Music Maker Jam

To increase your music skills creatively, the Music maker jam is one of the best options you can choose. The 8-channel mixer gives you the opportunity to track the record. You can use real-time effects like a stutter or delay to arrange the song. This song changing can be tempo or harmonics.

3 Music Maker JAM - Song & Beatmaker app

By applying to autotune into the music, you can rap or mix the tracks to your voice. You can share the tracks directly on social media through this app. Those who are beatmakers or DJs can use this great music app easily. This app is for all music lovers, either they are beginners or producers.

Why you use this app?

  • This app has a great channel mixer to track your record. Also, give you the opportunity to increase your skill.
  • This app’s sharing option makes it easy to reach your tracks to the public through social apps.
  • Using reverb or delay affects, you can simply change your music into tempo or harmonies and be creative.

4. Triller: Social Video Platform

One of the greatest entertaining platforms is Triller. Those who want to create or make music can use this platform. By using this music maker app, you can express your creativity on this platform. This app changes the life of Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, and many more people.

4 Triller

At first, they try with this app and then reveal themselves in public. You can simply edit the video and share it with the public easily. It has a unique editing system with 100 filters. The video can be edited through text, drawings, or with the emojis. The social platform to share your music or video is also easy.

Why you use this app?

  • This app provides easy video editing services to edit the video with filters.
  • With a unique algorithm, this app provides an auto-editing service with a professional look.
  • It has the library to access tracks that are trending in the top position.

5. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

If you want to get a studio vibe while recording or making music, then the Walk Band app is the best option you can get. This is one kind of virtual toolkit that you will get all the musical instruments to feel here. Such as piano, guitar solo, Drum pad, etc.

5 Walk Band

You can easily make mild track recording, voice track recording, and editing with this app. Also, for mp3 conversation and piano mode editing, this app is the best one. You can use the cloud device to upload and share your music. This is one of the best free apps for making music for android.

Why you use this app?

  • This app supports USB peripheral keyboard and Drum pad and machine while making your music.
  • You can share all the music on the cloud by using this app.
  • In the Walk band app, you will find the multitrack mixer with quality sound to make music.

6. FL Studio Mobile

While choosing the music app to make your music by using drums, kits, and other visual effects, you can go for FL Studio Mobile. This app enhances the chance to get a mixer of the effects. With this app, you can make single and multi-track music.

6 FL Studio Mobile

It also offers an intuitive screen to adjust with all the screens and resolutions. To increase your performance, this app has virtual piano and Drum pads. You can adjust the volume and choose any effects while making or recording your music.

The FL Studio app supports WAV, MP3, or FLAC media to save your song. You can share your projects with android, iOS, or windows apps without any barrier.

Why you use this app?

  • Without purchasing any content, you can load your personal content by using this app.
  • This app gives you all-instrumental modules access to use while recording music.
  • You will get high quality beats with synthesizers by using lots of effects that enhance your mixer capabilities.

7. Nanoloop

To get a smooth and wide range sequencer for music, the Nano loop is the best option that you can get. This app is simple to use, and you will get a suitable melody on the app. The app offers eight-channels, and every channel has different patterns with the sampler. This app gives you facilities to load your sample or music from SD-card.

8 SPC - Music Drum Pad Demo

The app has a song editor and loop option with polyphonic FM. You can easily get this app on the iOS version and share the projects in Dropbox and Soundcloud. The interface of the Nanoloop is easy. If you press the icon, it will reveal the details info of the icon.

Why you use this app?

  • This app has a store of synth, sequencer, and the sampler. Without an internet connection, you can simply run this app.
  • The app interface is very simple that you can just press the icon for a long time, and it will reveal the rest of the info.
  • You can share your music or sample to Dropbox or Soundcloud or save the music for later.

8. SPC – Music Drum Pad Demo

SPC app gives you the chance to make a mix of electronic music. This is one of the best android apps that you can use on your phone or tablet for sampling or sequence music. You can use a multi touchpad that is enabled on the main screen.

8 SPC - Music Drum Pad Demo

You can upload or manipulate your music by using any of the mixers from this app. You can perform your grooves by using a flexible sequencer. Using the keyboard and sound library from this app, you can scribble the music or have the melodic composition.

This app has an edition option for sound, and you can record your performance in a synchronized way. The multi-touch control with a special rack makes this app attractive. Also, this app has a sharing capability of files with no ad.

Why you use this app?

  • With this app, you can make electronic music with multi-touch sequences. You can work on any screen with this app.
  • You can record into WAV format, and loops can belong up to 8 bars with 96KHz.
  • Editing sound with multiple effects. It has Soundcloud sharing capabilities with the file-sharing system.

9. SunVox

One of the powerful apps with multi-tools to make music is the SunVox app. This app has a fast module synthesizer that has a pattern tracker. The module interface is highly optimized and supports WAV export. The app has MIDI import/export with USB support.

9 SunVox

It has alternative features with random note selection. Also, probable effects with values of controllers. You will get a free library to choose effects to make your track awesome. By touching the source, you can change the destination easily.

Why you use this app?

  • The app has a multitracker system with USB mode MIDI In & out. Also, have WAV support from this app.
  • The microtonal sequencer activated on this app provides a powerful music track.
  • This app has a module interface and random values to control the controllers.

10. Soundtrap – Make Music Online

To make the music in a super-fast way, this Soundtrap is one of the best apps on the play store. You can just connect the musical instrument or attach the mic to get this upper easy music method. This app gives you the option to make, edit, collaborate, or record the music from your device.

10 Soundtrap Studio

You can make high-quality music with professional loops and record vocals or the guitar tune through this app. You can save the recordings on the cloud from this app. You can invite your friends to collaborate with music through the app. You can distribute the music to iTunes, Spotify, or the Deezer.

Why you use this app?

  • This app is the best one to record, edit, or collaborate with friends to make music.
  • You can use acoustic guitar, electric, and bass to make great music with professional loops.
  • You can save your music track on the cloud and share it on any social media very easily.

Final Thought

These music apps help a lot to increase your creativity level on the music side. By installing any of these apps, you can easily make your music. The best music making apps for android free will give you such a nice experience. Normally people search on the music app to get a synchronized library with lots of filters. Also, some mixers may add the spicy on the music.

You can pick up any of the music maker apps from this article and apply them to make your music. Almost all the apps have auto-recording and shareable options. So that you can make the music public very easily. As a beginner, if you want maximum convenience on the app, try to pick up any of the apps you feel comfortable using.

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