Best Piano Apps for Android You Need to Download Right Now 2021

Music is the heart’s medicine, and the piano is the heart of musical instruments from the old age till now. To pass your leisure time and entertain yourself if you search for the best piano apps for android, then read the following article with full attention.

Here in this article, I will list the best piano app for your android device so that you can amuse yourself with the perfect piano app and learn the piano effectively while entertaining yourself.

10 Best Piano Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Finding the best one from the thousands of apps is not the easiest job; you have to spend a huge amount of time getting the best piano apps for android. To save your time and provide you the best app instantly, I have included the top 10 apps below in this section.


1. Perfect Piano

If you are a music lover, then the “Perfect Piano” is a fantastic app for learning the piano and amuse yourself at the same time. The developer of the app makes it a brilliant piano simulator for android devices. Its built-in piano-timbre gives you a feel of the original piano.

1 Perfect Piano

Its intelligent keyboard is equipped with an 88-piano keyboard. You can play it as a single-row & double-row both modes. The app supports a multi touch screen and keyboard adjustment. Allow you to record your playings and share it with others.

With this app, you can master thousands of classical & popular music. You can join with other piano players around the globe & play the piano with its multiplayer option. You can also control the app with an external USB MIDI-keyboard.

  • The app is equipped with an intelligent keyboard.
  • It supports a multitouch screen.
  • Play the piano with multiple players around the world.
  • It supports USB MIDI-keyboard.
  • It sometimes gets frozen and responds very late.
  • Plugin sound error.

2.Real Piano – Play And Learn

Playing the piano is an art, and to play this instrument rhythmically, you need to learn it. Now, if you are looking for the best piano learning apps for android, then the “Real Piano” is one of the best solutions. The app will help you with learning chords & music-notes.

2 Real Piano

With this app, you can increase your musical abilities. The app allows you to record the music while you’re playing it, and you can also custom it with plus & minus keys. It comes with 88-keys. The audio quality is a studio type. Its multi-touch option supports all the android devices.

  • The app is designed with 88-keys.
  • Multitouch option.
  • Users can adjust the piano size.
  • Studio quality sound.
  • Record music and share it with friends and family.
  • Contain ads.
  • Sounds delayed.

3. Magic Piano by Smule

If you are searching for a piano app with that, you can play the original tune of your favorite songs; then you can go for the “Magic Piano by Smule.” The app is superbly outstanding, and every day it is enriched with 1000 + latest songs.

3 Magic Piano by Smule

With its rhythm and tempo control, you can recreate any music. Even the app allows you to create your unique music by using its composer. The app lets you enjoy your favorite music at your own pace and provide you an outstanding sound every time. You can share your performance in a smule globe, and you can also watch other people’s performances.

  • Added 1000+ new songs every day.
  • The difficulty level can be adjusted.
  • You can control the rhythm & tempo.
  • Record your custom music and share it with others. 
  • Apps get crashes with some devices.
  • Problems with the multi-touch option. 

4. My Piano

If you search for the best android music apps for piano students, then “My Piano” is one of the best choices. It is a virtual piano that comes with 12-instruments & six sound effects. The greatest part of this app is it provides the user studio-quality sound output.

4 My Piano

While playing any music, you can record it and share it with your friends and family members. Its multiple touch option allows you to use many fingers at the same time. It also supports the MIDI keyboard and a lot more options.

  • A dedicated piano keyboard with 12+ instruments.
  • Six individual sounds effects.
  • Record your performance.
  • Multi-touch option.
  • Studio-quality sound.  
  • Hards to play for the basic level user.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t respond in real-time. 

5. Piano – Play & Learn Free songs.

If you want to learn the piano while entertaining yourself, you can go to the “Piano” app. With this app, you can cover unlimited songs, including your favorite one. The app is continuously updated in its library every day with lots of new songs.

5 Piano - Play & Learn Free songs.

The sweetest part of this app is, it delivers the original piano sound, and every day more than 1000+ new songs are added in its library. When you get flexible with the easy mode, you can change the level to difficulty. You can also enjoy this app with a background instrument or vocal.

  • Real-piano sound.
  • Includes new songs every day.
  • The difficulty of the level is adjustable.
  • Improve your piano learning skill.
  • Shows too many ads.
  • Get frozen sometimes. 

6. Free Piano – Learn to play Piano

The “Free Piano” is one of the best free music gaming apps for kids and adults. The game is enriched with 80+  songs that you can easily learn and surprise your friends and family with your new skill. For your convenience, the free piano app lights up the very next key that you need to play next.

6 Free Piano - Learn to play Piano

It is specially designed for kiThisf this piano app’s sound is outstanding, and its multi-touch option allows you to press many keys at a time. The adult’s people can also enjoy this app because you can always travel on that train that is still on the station, so it is never too late.

  • Basic level piano app for all types of people.
  • Lights up the key that you need to play next.
  • Multi-touch option.
  • Kids-friendly app.
  • Produce Screeching noise.
  • Very slow.

7. Pianist HD: Piano+

The “Pianist HD” is a super flexible piano app that allows you to play the piano the way you want; you can play it at your own pace without making any changes in the configuration. You are not bound to follow all the instructions like all other piano apps; this piano ensures your flexibility and allows you to play the piano the way you can entertain yourself.

7 Piano +

The app is enriched with 128 musical MIDI-instruments & more than 12 studio-quality sounds for the keyboard. It also includes more than 50,000 songs in its library so that you can always make your favorite song cover.

The app is designed with 88-keys on its keyboard. You’re always allowed to adjust the height & width of the keyboard. It supports a multi-touch screen so that you can play multiple keys whenever you want.

  • The app is equipped with an 88-key for the keyboard.
  • Force touch.
  • You can reset the height & width of the keyboard.
  • It can be played single, double both row mode.
  • The apps support multi-touch screen commands.
  • Less-response from customer support.
  • Software bugs with some devices.

8. Piano Free – Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

The “Piano Free” app is developed by Gismart that can be used as an electric keyboard simulator for virtual musical instruments. With this app, you can learn the chords and music notes completely free.

8 Piano Free - Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

The app is featured with 88-key for the piano keyboard. The app also included nine different piano-keyboards & musical instruments. The library of the app is enriched with a huge number of popular & classic piano songs.

While playing any music, you can record it and share it with your dearest one. The magic tiles of this app improve your timing & tempo with its random white & black key.

  • The app is designed with 88-key for the keyboard.
  • 9 different piano keyboards & other musical instruments.
  • A long list of popular & classic piano songs.
  • Advanced recording feature for piano.
  • Contain ads.
  • Force to buy the premium versions. 

9. Learn to Play Piano Songs with Online Pianist

If you are searching for an app to learn piano from the basic level, then the “Online Pianist” is the best of the best choice. With this Online Pianist app, you can learn your favorite song’s piano cover. The app allows its user to learn the complete song, not the short version or highlighted part.

9 OnlinePianist

You can change the level of difficulty the way you like because the app is equipped with a beginner & pro-level learning process. You can adjust the chords, tempo, & single/double-handed playing. You can store your favorite songs on this app and can access it with different devices.

  • It is one of the best piano learning apps.
  • You can learn at your own speed.
  • The metronome-tempo, chords, etc. can be adjusted.
  • You can choose the difficulty of lessons as you like in between pro & beginner.
  • No option for adding virtual piano with it.
  • Updated features are only for the premium version. 

10. Piano Melody Free

If you are looking for a piano app to cover your favorite song by playing-back with the melody, then the “Piano Melody Free” is the appropriate choice. It has 1000+ songs from classical to popular.

10 Piano Melody Free

The app is highly customizable because of its multi-touch, highlighting, note levels, glissando, etc. features. You can also resize the piano on any device. With this app, you can focus on the specific part of the song by its playback option.

The sound of this app is fabulous and always provides you with a very authentic quality sound. You can slow and speed up any song for your convenience. When you play by ear, you can increase your ability to become a better musician.

  • Users can configure the piano the way they want.
  • The size of the key can be set as per user convenience.
  • Specifically, focus on any specific part of the song.
  • Improve your music sense with its play by ear features.
  • A perfect app for all ages.
  • Fewer songs in the app library.
  • Contain too many ads.


People searching for the best apps for learning piano android also frequently look for the following questions. Read the below section carefully to get an answer to your queries.

Can I learn the piano on mobile?

Yes, you can. If you have a smartphone, you can download a piano app from the apps store and learn how to play the piano.

How can I learn piano on Android?

The process is very simple & easy. You just need to download a piano app from the play store and follow the app instruction to learn piano on your android device.


If you consider all the available musical instruments, then the piano’s position would be in the top list in all music lovers’ hearts from the old age. If you search for the best piano apps for android, then the above article is absolutely for you.

In this article, I have listed the top ten piano apps for your android phone. Select any of them and install on your device and start learning the piano and amuse yourself with the piano’s rhythm.

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