Top 10 Best Vault Apps For Android Reviews In 2021

Today, smartphones save our entire personal life in the form of photos, videos, files, conversations, etc. Therefore, when a friend, your partner, your child or anyone else picks up your mobile and starts using it, you will surely get nervous because you have things that you don’t want to share with everyone.

Hence the need to create a private and secure space on your mobile that only you can access. Here, we have presented the 10 best vault apps for android that allows you to store and hide files with high security. Let’s dive into it.

Are vault Apps Safe?

Most of the vault apps are 100% safe and secured. They keep your documents, photos, videos and more things protected so nobody can access your phone gallery and file manager. They encrypted protection of the vault apps ensure an extra layer of protection so that you can stay safe.

10 Best Vault Apps For Android Reviews 2020

If you’re concerned about extra protection in the case of theft, we have recommended below 10 best vault apps for android that will ensure extra security.


1. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos

Gallery Vault allows you to hide photos and videos as usual, also supports other types of files. You can hide files on your phone, use the secret browser and it support gif format images. Also, it has fake passwords and intruders login alerts.

1 Gallery Vault

It has encrypted pin and password protection that provide extra layer protection for your photos and files. You can directly view and play photos and videos from the vault app.

If you have forgotten password, it allows you to recover easily by following some steps. Also, it supports fingerprint, pattern lock, dark mode and shake to close the app that makes its use more convenient.

Gallery Vault Features

  1. You can hide photos, videos, secret files and more with an encrypted password lock.
  2. It has no storage limit, so you can store unlimited files as you want.
  3. By shaking the phone, it closed and alerted you when someone tries to break the password.
  • Encrypted password protection
  • Support fingerprint and pattern unlock
  • Shake to close the app
  • Unlimited storage
  • Play file directly from the vault
  • Annoying ads

2. Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Vault app allows you to hide pictures, videos, lock apps and more with high-security protection. It has a call reminder option that helps to search a number when you have an incoming call. The private browser ensures safe surfing on the internet without leaving any traces.

2 Vault - Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

You can recover the password of the vault app easily if you have forgotten. Its fake vault keeps safe your files and documents from thieves. When someone tries to enter your phone gallery, it sends you alerts with a captured photo of the burglar.

The stealth mode disappears vault, so no one finds it. You can back up all app data, which is free for a lifetime. To prevent privacy leak, install the app and stay secured all time.

Vault Features

  1. Protect your photos, videos, call logs, private bookmarks and more in an encrypted password-protected place.
  2. You can lock any apps and browse anonymously over the internet without leaving any footprints.
  3. It alerts you with a photo of the stealers and disappears he vault using the stealth mode.
  • Stealth modes disappear vault
  • Instant alert with stealers photo
  • Cloud backup
  • Lock any apps
  • Quick password recovery
  • Cannot sync cloud backup all time

3. Calculator Vault : App Hider – Hide Apps

Calculator Vault allows you to hide apps without rooting your phone. You can use the calculator as your vault app icon. It protects your photos, videos and important files private.

3 Calculator Vault

It has dual app support so that you can use two accounts on your phone. You can hide different files in both accounts at the same time. Also, you can hide apps and games so that nobody can see them.

The built-in hidden camera takes a photo of the person who touches your phone. You can hide the notification and customize it in 3 modes. Anyone can use the app because of its easy and user-friendly interface.

Calculator Vault Features

  1. Hide photos, apps, videos, files, notifications and more without rooting your phone.
  2. It has a hidden camera that allows you to capture photos of the stranger.
  3. Its dual app and calculator cover design provide more security for your data.
  • Dual app support
  • Hide all, photos and more without rooting
  • Hidden camera to take photo secretly
  • Calculator design vault icon
  • Encrypted password protection
  • Constant ads

4. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Keepsafe Photo Vault app allows you to safely hide your photos, videos and apps with password and fingerprint lock. The built-in camera allows you to capture photos directly from within the application.

4 Keepsafe Photo Vault

By creating custom albums, you can manage and access your media more conveniently. You can share photos safely and the send photos will disappear after 20 seconds. It can be synced with the cloud-based storage system.

It provides alert when someone tries to unlock your phone illegal ways. Also, it snaps the intruder’s photo and sends it to you to detect the thief. You can personalize the app and add a custom cover on the album.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Features

  1. The app lock phone gallery, apps, photo albums and more with encrypted password, fingerprint and pattern lock.
  2. You can recover deleted photos and save space in the private cloud up to ten thousand items.
  3. It has a safe photo and album sharing option that automatically delete the history after 20 seconds.
  • Sync with private cloud to backup files
  • Safe photo sharing
  • Send alert when someone attempts to theft files
  • Fake pin code to create a decoy
  • No ads and recover trash files
  • Unstable cloud backup system

5. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

LOCKit app allows you to block access to different applications and files on your phone with individualized patterns and passwords. You can establish different security measures to restrict access to online services or folders on your device.

5 LOCKit

It hides and encrypts your photos always to keep private. Also, it takes a photo if anyone mis-enter to unlock pattern or password. You can secure the system setting and block others from receiving incoming calls.

The app’s UI is very simple has free themes for designing the app according to your taste. You can easily clean and lock notification from your phone quickly. Also, you can hide the pattern path so nobody sees your pattern code.

LOCKit Features

  1. It safeguards your photos, videos, apps, call and text logs with encrypted passwords.
  2. The fake cover and safe vault prevent intruders from accessing your phone.
  3. You can enjoy a clean interface and colorful design with free themes.
  • Lock app, folder, notifications and incoming call receiving
  • Clean interface and free themes
  • Take a selfie of the intruder
  • Support pin, password and fingerprint unlock
  • Hide pattern path and password numbers
  • No audio files support in the vault

6. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty app protects phone galleries, file managers, and other apps with a highly secured password. You can share photos, videos, and files with others and the app automatically removes the history after receiving.

6 Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty

It supports pin and password protection. The online backup helps to find files if the phone is lost or damaged. You can create several vaults to see different people with different items.

If you enter a wrong pin or password, it will take a photo and save it for your inspection. You can see the media file inside the vault with all features.

Hide Pictures Features

  1. It allows you to protect all media files, apps and see them safely inside the vault.
  2. You can make different vaults to keep different types of files and documents.
  3. It snaps a picture when someone put the wrong pattern or password.
  • Multiple vaults for different tasks
  • Online auto backup to avoid data loss
  • Mugshot for wrong input
  • Open media files in the vault
  • All types of media files support
  • Poor quality cloud backup

7. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

Clock – The Vault is a secure and powerful photo, video and apps locker. Your all personal data will be safe in a secured space. Also, you can browse the internet anonymously so that nobody tracks your location.

7 Clock - The Vault

The app lock ensures strong privacy, so every time you have to unlock protected apps with a password. You can unlock using pattern, pin and fingerprint method. It allows you to hide the app icon from the home menu.

It offers several free themes that help to beautify the app interface. You can edit, rename and move apps, albums and folders with its handy file management system.

Clock Features

  1. It hides photos, videos, apps and more with a strong and highly protected password lock.
  2. The decoy locker system ensures extra layer security and you can browse the internet in incognito mode.
  3. The protected apps will be disappeared from the home menu.
  • Disappear protected apps, folder and albums
  • Backup data and lock details
  • Navigate screen easily
  • Decoy locker and incognito browser
  • Alert on uneven access
  • Show lags in heavy usage

8. App Vault

App Vault provides trending stories, card info and handy shortcuts that are collected from the web. You can lock apps, gallery, clean app history and more using the advanced security tools.

8 App Vault

It presents the popular videos and songs with favorite features. You can hide social media apps, utility apps and browsers in a place. Also, it neutralizes viruses from your phone.

You can download trending and latest apps from its recommendation. It allows you to create calendar events so you will not miss any events. Also, enjoy new and views from all around the world.

App Vault Features

  1. The security tools protect apps, gallery and other files with highly secured and advanced lock systems.
  2. It shows the trending apps, latest news and media files so you can enjoy a lot.
  3. Clean trash files and eliminate viruses from your phone with a single tap.
  • Popular and favorite songs, apps and features
  • Clean trash files and viruses
  • App shortcuts for quick access
  • Open notes with the card
  • Remember event with a calendar
  • Navigation disabled

9. Compass Gallery Vault – Hide Photos & Videos

Compass Gallery Vault protects your photos, videos and secret documents behind a compass. It has a password and fingerprint lock system support with encryption. The discrete icon ensures an extra security layer to protect the vault.

9 Compass Gallery Vault - Hide Photos & Videos

You can open photos and play videos in the compass vault. It helps you to protect social apps, games and other documents. Also, you can hide personal messages, call logs in the private vault with high privacy.

It allows you to create multiple vaults and you can disappear the app icon from your phone’s home screen. You can use the internet with the incognito browser without leaving any footsteps on the web.

Compass Gallery Vault Features

  1. It is an all-in-one privacy application, which allows you to hide almost anything.
  2. You can protect your secret photos, videos and other files so that nobody can see them.
  3. All files are protected under a compass icon app with encrypted password protection.
  • Compass icon to protect the vault
  • Password and fingerprint unlock
  • Hide all types of files
  • Enjoy media file in the vault
  • No cloud backup

10. App Lock – Photos, Video, File & App Vault

App Lock allows you to lock photos, videos, contact logs and more with strong privacy. You can quickly lock apps using pin, passcode, pattern and fingerprints. It helps to check privacy status so you can become alert in real-time.

10 App Lock - Photos, Video, File & App Vault

The intruder selfie prevents others from stealing data from your phone. Its GUI makes its use easier and uses less memory from RAM. The safe video vault keeps your secret videos protected.

It hides the lock screen, so nobody cannot see your password. Your friends cannot see the hidden files and notifications while playing games or using an open app on your phone.

App Lock Features

  1. You can lock photos, videos, apps and other files in the secret vault app.
  2. It takes a picture of the intruder who wants to get access to your phone illegally.
  3. You can block incoming calls, notifications, google play store and new apps for more security.
  • Hide photos, videos and apps with high privacy
  • Block new apps, notifications and calls
  • Snap photo of intruders
  • Easy to use UI
  • Check privacy status
  • Ask for the password again after opening the vault


These best vault apps for android has a wide variety of features and functions to hide photos and videos. The folder locker apps for android come with break-in alerts that will take photos of the intruder and record the time so you can find the intruder. They offer a cloud and drive backup to keep all files secured and avoid lost issues.

Try a vault-app from our above-presented list and secure your personal files using a PIN, a pattern, a password, or a fingerprint. The user-friendly interface of these apps allows you to see all your hidden files at any time.

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