10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android Without Watermark In 2021

If you like to record your own videos with your mobile phone, you have surely considered editing them to give them a magic touch, which makes them a more professional recording. Android still has good video editing apps that are much more than helpful and that allows you to create and retouch videos directly from the mobile but they included watermark on the free version. So, we will present the 10 best video editor apps for android without watermark so you can make your video more exciting and beautiful.

Does Android Have A Video Editor App Without Watermark?

You can edit videos in your Android smartphone without watermark through apps that are available and free in google play store. Google photos, FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Rush, Quik etc. provide watermark free video editing experience with professional tools. You can edit videos according to your requirements with the apps.

10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android Without Watermark Reviews 2020

Nowadays, video editing is very easy and does not require video editing knowledge. You can edit and create unique videos without watermarks. Below we compile a list of the 10 best video editor apps for android without watermark. Let’s have a look.

Best Video Editor Apps For Android Without Watermark

1. Google Photos

Google Photos app allows you to create our own albums to create stories, animations or create a collage. You can store and backup your videos and photos in the app with unlimited space.


The search bar is the perfect tool to find a certain one among the thousands you have. It is very simple to use, so when you type the word people the photographs will appear with portraits or individuals who are in them.

You can now share direct links to a photo or send it to others. Securely save your photos and videos in the app with high security.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can make and edit videos with stored photos using the app.
  2. All photos and videos can be saved and backed up in the app safely.
  3. With a single tap, you can see all your photos in a place.

Google Photos is a default app to store and edit photos and videos without a watermark.

2. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

FilmoraGo app is an amazing video editing tool with a clear and friendly interface, with which we can cut, rotate, add filters, layers, text and share it on social networks in 3 easy steps. It has a music library and allows you to take photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram.


Among its most striking features includes adding animated subtitles, which we do not find in many editors today. It also has an audio equalizer and video speed control.

You can create a video from photos and videos and these are displayed at the bottom of the window as icons. In short, it is a fairly complete application that is updated periodically.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. Its amazing themes, filters, overlays, and other elements make video incredible without watermark.
  2. With its professional tools, you can do anything with a video file as you want.
  3. You can mix photos and videos in the all in one video editor app quickly.

FilmoraGo is a simplified app that stands out for being quite easy to edit videos without watermarks.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Rush is a complete video editor for Android with a multitrack function. It allows you to use up to 4 video tracks and 3 audio tracks that you can superimpose to create much more complex videos than you could achieve with a simple standard video editor.


You can trim and resize the video, which makes it easy to create content in formats compatible with social networks such as YouTube or Instagram. Also, you can share the clip in social media without using a watermark.

It allows you to correct colors, clean the audio or use templates to achieve much faster editing. The Premiere Rush is Adobe’s official solution for editing videos on mobile and tablet devices.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It helps to edit videos with professional adobe tools that ensure pro-quality video.
  2. The built-in templates allow you to customize the color, size, font and more to make videos unique.
  3. It has a royalty-free music library so you can add your favorite songs with impressive effects.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross-device video editor that helps to edit videos like a pro.

4. Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

Timbre app allows you to cut and paste mp3 and mp4 files to convert them to different formats. It leaves no watermarks and also allows you to change the speed of sound or image. Also, its TTS engine allows you to convert text to speech.


The application supports a variety of video formats such as MP4, MKV, FLV, WEBM and others. Regarding audio, it can work with MP3, WAV, FLAC and many more files. As the icing on the cake allows you to convert videos to GIF format easily, which is not bad.

It keeps the quality of the videos intact and the modified videos are well compressed. Depending on the size of the video and the chosen format, the processing may take more or less, but it is quite fast.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It allows you to edit, cut, join and convert audios and videos quickly without losing quality.
  2. You can convert video to GIF animation easily and it does not leave watermarks on videos.
  3. It allows you to make slow-mo videos with adjusting audio functions.

Timbre app allows you to edit audio, video and converts text to speech on a platform.

5. Quik – Free Video Editor For Photos, Clips, Music

Quik is the fastest app to edit amazing videos in a simple way. You can add a few photos, videos, transitions, effects and adjust everything to the rhythm of the music. Its friendly user interface makes video editing easier.


From the setting menu, you can remove the watermark. The music in the templates has higher quality than what we can obtain. Also, it allows you the montage of the rhythm of the song.

You can add text to the videos, add effects, change styles, and make it attractive. Going to a special event or place, recording video or taking photos, and then assembling everything with Quik makes the work much easier and more effective.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can edit videos by adding up to 75 photos, music, text without any watermarks.
  2. Its interface and customizable themes allow you to adjust graphics, filter and fonts according to your style.
  3. You can use favorite songs from the sound library or import from outside without any restrictions.

Quik is a complete, simple, universal and free video editing app without watermark.


VITA is professional video editing apps that can make your videos combining trendy effects. It delivers high-resolution videos after editing. The text effects of the app are awesome, so your video will be gorgeous.


It allows you to adjust the speed of playback as you want. With a few taps, you can make any videos in HD quality. It has lots of incredible filters that allow grading color in the video.

The templates allow you to edit and reform videos quickly. You can add music from its library or your phone easily and customize it according to your moods.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It can edit videos with cozy filters and effects to provide a professional look.
  2. You can make full HD videos without any watermark.
  3. The play speed, audio level and other settings can be adjusted according to your style.

VITA is an incredible pro video editor that ensures HD video without watermark.

7. ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast

With ActionDirector App, you can produce and edit videos in ultra HD 4K on your phone. It allows you to add music, text with several effects on video. Also, you can add slow-mo effects to make it more interesting.


You can adjust the playback speed to rewind the video and do more. It has a dozen transitions and animated stickers with color adjustment. The best part of the app is: You can add action movies to your videos without any restriction.

It allows you to adjust the color and brightness of the video to get a better viewing experience. You can set focus on specific shots if needed. Also, you can mix the background music with sound effects.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can edit videos with several filters, effects, music and action movie effects with 4k video quality.
  2. It allows you to control video speed with precision and highlights the action with a specific shot.
  3. You can record all editing steps and action movements for the future.

ActionDirector app is an amazing tool to edit videos in 4K quality.

8. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio allows you to create animated videos by editing multiple videos in a platform. It has a simplistic interface and shows the frames separately using the overlay mode.


You can import videos from the phone and draw over the videos to make stunning animations. Also, you can add background music, edit the track and apply sound effects.

It has lots of effects, backgrounds and aspect ratios to enhance video quality. You can use the keyboard shortcut to edit videos quickly. Also, it allows you to capture video like a pro.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can create high-quality videos using different video filters, effects and music.
  2. It can be used as a remote camera to take shots like a professional.
  3. You can save the video in 4k or 1080 pixels and share it with others.

Stop Motion Studio allows you to edit videos and save it in 4k quality with HD sound quality.

9. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

VN Video Editor allows you to edit video in full view so you will get precise editing and produce HD quality videos. Its curve shifting allows you to adjust the video playback speed. You can zoom video while editing to check the filters.


It provides an accurate keyframe rate so you can trim video from any point. Also, it previews the edited video before saving, so you can finalize the task. With the effects and transition, you can make the video more attractive.

You can add songs and apply sound effects as you want. It allows you to add subtitles and customize fonts to read easily. After all, it ensures 4k resolution videos at 60 fp/s.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It has a large material library that helps to make your videos more efficient and interesting.
  2. You can add multiple videos and music with applying effects, stickers and so on to enhance video quality.
  3. It allows you to control video speed using curve presets so you will get precise editing.

VN Video Editor app allows you to edit videos without a watermark.

10. PixArt Video: No Watermark Video Audio Edits Maker

PixArt Video app offers the option to add filters, background music, text and blur the image. It allows you to increase the video viewing speed and export video in HD quality.


You can add 2 or more video clips and adjust them as you want. It has many exclusive and incredible filters and transitions that can be applied in the video to give a new view. Also, you can add music in videos for free from the music library.

You can zoom in and out, reflections and clippings in the video. It has lots of templates and they can be customized to create a unique video with the best quality.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It has several pro tools that allow editing videos like a pro and never putting a watermark in the video.
  2. You can add multiple videos and combine them without losing quality.
  3. It allows you to customize the background, color adjustment and apply effects to the video.

PixArt Video is perfect for beginner to advanced level users.

Final Verdict

In the google play store, you will find many video editing apps, but most of them have a watermark on the free and trial version. To make videos without watermark, you need to pay for a premium version, which is not possible for everyone. So, our recommended video editing apps for android without watermark can fulfill your demands.

Although they have some similarities, they are specialized with different tools. Also, these apps are fast and advanced in video editing. So, choose the video editor app that best suits your needs.

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