10 Best Workout Timer App for iPhone and Android in 2021

A controlled and disciplined workout with a good diet is the only way to maintain great structural fitness. Ever since technology has been involved in the workout, it became way simpler than ever to recognize, track, evaluate, and develop a great physique.

Timing is crucial in a workout, and there are tons of workout apps that help people keep track of time. Among the best workout timer app for iPhone, I’ve been a fan of some for the last few years. If you’re also starting with your workout journey, these apps will definitely help you get on track and get it done.

10 Best Workout Timer App For iPhone

Using an app for tracking your time while working out can be a great addition to your workout rig. Here are 10 best workout timer app for iPhone that you can use for the best output from your workout habit:


1. Tabata Timer: Interval Timer

Using a timer app shouldn’t be too hard, especially if a beginner uses it. I used the Tabata Timer app for a long time and found it a huge advantage when concentrating on the workout rather than the timer. All it takes is a simple tap on the timer, and it’s running and keeping track of whatever workout you’re doing.

1 Interval Timer - HIIT Workouts

It allowed me to understand the usual timing for all the basic Tabata workout moods with the right interval period. You’ll get a ton of workout moods built-in for a better result in a short period. It allows the user to prepare for the workout, perform the sets, rest between the sets, and you can configure everything individually.

Tabata Timer Features:

  • The Tabata Timer comes with a complete set of workout moods, resting period, interval period, and workout moods.
  • It has an intuitive user interface, beginner-friendly, and runs in the background with music or workout single-button control.
  • You can customize the app with any color, over 40 different sounds, and any interfaces of your choice for the workout.

Why you use this app?

This timer app makes your workout process a lot easier with a ton of workout moods, sounds according to the moods, and an easy interface. If you’re a beginner to workout and need a top-notch app for your next workout, get the Tabata Timer.

2. Interval Timer – HIIT Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be overwhelming, and it’s no easy job unless you get automated help. Keeping up with time is important in this workout, and the Interval Timer app makes it a lot easier. It helps me keep track of how long I’m working out for, how long it is left, and how far I’ve come, no matter where I’m at.

2 Workout Timer - tabata hiit

Whether I’m using my iPad, iPhone, or Apple watch, it keeps me on track with low and high interval timers. If you use this app, you can use different workout sounds to keep the interval and rest time spicy and a music playlist for each set.

Interval Timer Features:

  • The Interval Timer workout app has low and high interval timing with multiple sets in the program with proper interval settings.
  • It’s compatible with Apple Health for reading and social apps to share your workout routine along with setting templates.
  • You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch to keep synchronized and keep working out with separate playlists for music and sounds.

Why you use this app?

The workout should be fun and simple, and the Interval timer app just makes it more intuitive with a bunch of features. The app is compatible with Apple Health to show the real-time heart rate and other details for a significant result.

3. Workout Timer – Tabata HIIT

Way too simple and a whole pack of features, that’s what I’d say about the Tabata HIIT Workout Timer app. It’s one of the free workout timer apps for iPhone compatible with Apple’s environment with a simple but effective interface. You can use it with a watch, pad, or phone to get your Tabata HIIT workout to a new height with an intuitive interface.

3 Best Interval Timer

It has both a stopwatch and a timer setting along with a proper resting timer to let you cool down. I found this app’s steps feature better because they carefully select Tabata Protocol and daily workout suggestions. The app runs in the background and displays the duration and rounds on time to push your fitness boundaries.

Workout Timer Features:

  • The app has multiple workout moods, including Tabata HIIT mode with workout interval settings and timer.
  • It has many illustrated workout moods with an ideal period for each to help the beginners in the line.
  • You will burn calories more effectively with the Tabata protocol in each round with stopwatch and the day’s workout.

Why you use this app?

If you need illustrated instruction for workouts, you can get this workout timer app to have an instructive direction for each workout. It will help you stay on track with the right timing option with both a stopwatch and a timer for the workout moods.

4. Best Interval Timer

Counting down the time for each workout with sets and reps can be an easy job with the Best Interval Timer app. When I first started using it, the big readable countdown timer caught my attention; I felt more focused on the workout because of it. I usually use this app while running on a treadmill or ellipticals and using the big timer with my favorite playlist.

4 Seven - 7 Minute Workout

The best part about this app is that it comes with some intuitive features like the warm-up period, rare for others. You can put it on the screen holder on the treadmill or elliptical and keep running with a big screen timer and music in the background.

Best Interval Features:

  • This app supports both high or low-intensity settings along with resting and cooling time after you complete the warm-up period.
  • There are 15 different interval switching sounds available for each type of workout and 12 different background pictures.
  • It can help you keep track of how many times you’ve practiced each routine and a reminder timer or stopwatch both in portrait or landscape mode.

Why you use this app?

If you have a big body and working out to burn it all, this app can be your companion along the way. It can help you start smooth, warm-up, get the HIIT training correctly, and remind you to rest on time without pain.

5. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Who doesn’t love a systematic, yet very simple and quick way to achieve a bigger goal? While achieving a ripped physique is mind-boggling, the Seven – 7 Minute Workout app makes that hard job a piece of cake. It helped me keep on the best routine with a 7-minutes workout if I don’t want a custom plan for my workout timing and routine. I can set my goals with the app, and it takes care of the rest by keeping on the track.

5 Interval Timer - Seconds

It keeps me on track, counts my days, and gets me to the goal with only 7 minutes of workout a day without using any equipment. Yes, that’s the best part of this app; it doesn’t need any extra equipment, and it works with nothing but bodyweight. I can open up the app, do a 7-minutes session, and the app keeps track of that and suggests to me where I am on the journey.

Seven Features:

  • This app works with a unique 7-minutes workout method intended to guide you from a novice to an athlete.
  • It’s compatible with iPhones or Apple watches and doesn’t need any special equipment to keep up with the workout.
  • There are more than 200 types of exercises to get you in shape, and you can customize it all as you want.

Why you use this app?

If you’re planning on getting in shape but have a very short time, get this app to help yourself get the job done in no time. It will instruct you for the best workout with only 7-minutes that can hit the fat under the skin and burn it all in no time.

6. Interval Timer – Seconds

The Seconds Interval Timer app comes with some impressive interval workout simulator tool to my app drawer. I have been using the app for quite a while now, and I love to use it with the Apple watch as it has the best interface. It will blow your mind with the interface it has for idle combining the clock, current workout, and the calorie-burning state.

6 HIIT & Tabata

There are different workout moods, including HIIT, Tabata, Circuit training, and, most of all, a custom training mood for the athletes. Whether you’re planning to burn calories or getting in shape, it can get you there with a customizable intensity setting. The background running option with the music controlling feature will surely impress you.

Interval Timer Features:

  • The Seconds app works in the background and gives you an excellent user interface with every exercise you need.
  • It will show you how far you’re from your fitness goal to achieve that with Tabata, 7-minutes, HIIT workout methods.
  • Using the app is easy with spoken directions, beeps, bells, custom playlists, and export and import features.

Why you use this app?

Using the Seconds interval timer app can get you the best workout with the most effective ways, including HIIT, Tabata, and 7-minutes quick method. If you want to burn calories in every aspect possible, start using it as the best interval timer app for iPhone.

7. HIIT & Tabata: Fitness App

HIIT workout is a tested method of burning calories faster and a lot quicker than other workout methods. With an app like HIIT & Tabata for your iPhone, you can boost your fitness journey with a much higher push to the horizon. This app comes with some impressive features as it doesn’t only help you work out, but also guides you on how to do it.

7 J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

I’m using it, and it shows me videos and animations of the specific workout I’m up to and tracks if I’m doing it right. You can also set the timer, or the stopwatch, and start working out until it gets you a voice instruction to stop. It also suggests how to warm up for a specific type of workout and how I end it with the right amount of calorie-burning.

HIIT & Tabata Features:

  • The HIIT & Tabata app has an interactive user interface with multiple backgrounds, impressive widgets, and the music controller.
  • It suggests how you should work out, get the most out of it, and ask you if you push it even further after you’re done.
  • You can keep track of the workout with a timer, and it will help you get more done with less but the right amount of effort.

Why you use this app?

Are you a novice to work out and need an instructive way to achieve your routine’s maximum output? Get the HIIT & Tabata app for the right instruction with both the workout methods without overdoing them or less, which is immensely important.

8. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

7 minutes of regular time is what it takes to get my fitness level to a new height according to my J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app. With over 22 workouts presets, I get a complete guideline to my fitness goal and achieve it with customizable intensity. The customizability works out mode with 72 exercise modes with over 1000 variable levels.

8 Keelo - Fitness Coach

You can get from an easy level to harder as you get more athletic using the timer variable from 7 minutes to over 32 minutes of a solid workout. To help you achieve your goals properly, it comes with over 72 HD video tutorials showing the right way of workout.

J&J Official Features:

  • The app tracks your fitness level and connects with your Apple Watch for more health tracking and social media shares if you want.
  • You can use over 72 types of exercises following 72 HD video tutorials with a variation of over 1000 levels from easy to hard.
  • There are 22 workout presets in the app with timer settings and stopwatches and an interactive UI for the Apple watch.

Why you use this app?

If you’re planning on getting in shape with fun and don’t want to stress it, get the official J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app. It can get you to your goal with daily challenges introducing new levels from warm-up to HIIT exercise.

9. Keelo – Fitness Coach

Going to a fitness coach can be both expensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re at work all day. However, maintaining good health became easier with the Keelo Fitness Coach app because of personalized coaching. Since I’ve started using the app with a custom workout plan and a big goal of getting in shape, it helped me a lot.

9 Seconds Pro - Interval Timer

The interface is totally personalized, and there are countless workout methods and instructions in it to help me out. It helps me mimic real-life workouts like deadlift, strength, and endurance workout with professional coaching. After personalizing the app, it is much easier for me to follow along and keep a timer for a full-body training any time, anywhere.

Keelo Features:

  • The Keelo app is a completely personalized app that has professional-level workout coaching just for you.
  • It works with easy-to-follow steps, including a professional recommendation for weight capacity, strength, and conditioning.
  • You can use it with your Apple Watch, keep track of your workout methods from warm-up to rip-up with deadlift to high-strength workout.

Why you use this app?

If you want to get in shape with professional coaching and don’t have time to go to a gym, this is the app for you. It will customize according to your body needs and help you achieve the goals with more strength and a more targeted workout.

10. Seconds Pro – Interval Timer

The Seconds Pro – Interval fitness training timer app is one of the most popular interval timer app iPhone free that keeps me on track. Distractions cannot beat me while I’m using the app with the clever design of this app while working out. Its bigger, attractive timer settings for different types of workout will hook you up as well as it does for me.

10 Tabata Timer

You can get in shape with both HIIT or Tabata workout methods if you use the app following your fitness goals. The large full-screen display is color-coded and will help you read it from a distance if you’re using instruments. There are multiple templates for Tabata, HIIT, even the circuit training method to coordinate you to achieve a better physique.

Seconds Pro Features:

  • The Seconds Pro app comes with an interactive UI for the timer, stopwatch, and 5 different presets for workouts.
  • You will get voice instruction for each of your exercises, and compatible with an Apple Watch for health tracking.
  • It allows you to coordinate your workout music with the Tabata or HIIT mode along with a custom playlist option.

Why you use this app?

The Seconds Pro workout interval timer app is a solid choice if you’re after a solution that can get you to the ultimate fitness goal. Its large, full-screen application timer, stopwatch for each workout will keep you focused all the way through.

Here are some top workout timer apps to give a quick check.

Final Thought

Using a fitness app helps you get in shape with proper instructions and the right way needed for your goal. It helps you exercise the right track with professional coaches and proper calculation between you and your workouts.

I hope you’re now more educated and have chosen the best workout timer app for iPhone. However, if you’re still confused about the best app overall, get the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app. It has 22 workouts presets and over 1000 variations in workouts; you can get things done following over 72 workout HD video tutorials.

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