Top 8 Business Card Scanning Apps for Android to Use in 2021

We usually use different types of business cards to share our personal, business, or service information with others. Things have changed; you don’t have to carry a physical card to remember or share your information with others.

Technology gives you an advanced way to accomplish this task. You can complete the same task with a business card scanning apps for android. In this way, you can scan a business card, store the information on your device for future use & share the information with targeted people who may need it.

8 Business Card Scanning Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Finding the Best business card scanning apps for android is a time-consuming and tough job for the beginners. In this article, I have included the 8 best business card scanning apps that you may need.


1. CamCard – Business Card Reader

CamCard is the easiest and simplest way to manage & exchange your business cards. The salesperson, entrepreneur, marketing expert & the business developer, etc. are the people who will enjoy the high benefit from this app.

1 CamCard

From the day you will use this app, you’ll never have to carry any physical business card & you’ll never lose any cards.  You can easily exchange your converted ecards with other people.

If you want, you can add reminders & notes with contact information. The app is linked with a map so you can easily navigate contacts from the map. The app is enriched with 17 different languages.

Why Do You use this app?

  • It scans your business card & relieves you from carrying a physical card.
  • No way to lose contact information once it is scanned.
  • Share the contact information with others as e-cards.
  • Add reminders & notes with contact.
  • Easily navigate the contact information through the map.
  • You can access your contact information with multiple devices.
  • You can use your convenient language from the huge 17 languages.

2. Business Card Reader – Business Card Scanner

If you’re one of them who loses or forgets to carry things like a business card with themselves, then “Business Card Reader” is the right choice for you. With this app, you can scan any business card and store it in your apps, and then you can use it whenever you want.

2 Business Card Reader - Business Card Scanner

From the day you start using this app, you don’t have to enter any contact details manually; the app will automatically do this job. Once your data has been recorded to the app’s storage, you can access any device because of its flexible sync process.

With my card group option from the app, you can comfortably manage the contact-list with different languages. Share your scanned contacts with others through email as an e-business card. The app is powered with 25 different languages.

Why Do You use this app?

  • Scan and store any card.
  • Sync your contact and access the details from any devices.
  • Manages your contacts with the smart card holding option.
  •  Add any text notes with your contacts.
  • The app is enriched with 25 different languages for user-convenience.

3. ScanBizCards Lite – Business Card & Badge Scan App

Are you scared to carry a lot of business cards? Then here is the “ScanBizCards Lite” app for you. This is a great versatile business card scanning apps for your device. With this amazing app, you can keep all of your business cards in your pocket by scanning and storing the information on your device.

3 ScanBizCards Lite - Business Card & Badge Scan App

Take a shot of any business-card with your device camera & then scan it. Once a card is successfully scanned, you can edit it if that needs any correction. It allows the user to modify their contact list with the image of the business card.

Users can easily organize their cards by adding them to custom folders. Send your business card contact information through an email. Restore and backup your file on google drive.

Why Do You use this app?

  • Include the business card images with your contact details.
  • Write a personal note with each card.
  • Organize the cards in a custom folder.
  • Scan both sides of the business card.
  • Backup & restore your file in google drive.

4. CardHQ – Business Card Reader

If you are searching for the fastest business card scanning app, then CardHQ is the appropriate one. In terms of speed, it is three-time faster than any other available business card scanning app. The app already has 2,50,000 business card details on its server, with 7000 registered users.

4 CardHQ - Business Card Reader

Scan as many cards as you want without any charge. It can detect the text of the card more accurately & errorlessly rather than other apps. You can scan multiple cards at a time. All of your documents are automatically backed up on the app store.

Why Do You use this app?

  • No limitation for scanning cards.
  • A faster business card scanning app.
  • Text detects accuracy 3 times faster than other regular apps.
  • Scan multiple-cards at a time.
  • Cards are backed up and restored automatically.

5. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

“Microsoft Office Lens”  is a very productive & highly configured app for scanning any documents and storing it on one drive. It is honored as one of the top apps in 2015 in the United States. Using this app, you can scan any text documents & convert it to PDF format.

5 Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens allows you to use the images of your gallery if you need it. It helps you to arrange all of your text-documents in a single place. You can scan any business card, notes, books, whatever you want, and store it on your device for further use.

Why Do You use this app?

  • It allows the user to scan any kind of text documents.
  • Increase your productivity by saving time.
  • Arrange all of your documents in a single place.
  • Backup and restore your documents on one drive.
  • No limitation for scanning.

6. Haystack Digital Business Card

Making a virtual business card is never easy as it is with a Haystack Digital Business Card making app. With the Haystack app, you can create your digital business card so effortlessly. You can share your business card through email.

6 Haystack Digital Business Card

The recipient doesn’t need to install this app to view or download the card on their device. With this app, you can even scan a physical business card and store and with others. The app is a complete solution for your business cards.

Anything you stored on this app can be accessed from any device via web login. You can add a side note with the contact that you have stored on your app. The most important thing is to do something for your environment by reducing paper business cards.

Why Do You use this app?

  • The Haystack app allows you to create and customize the virtual-business-card.
  • Create a virtual Haystack card for your personal & virtual use.
  • Wherever you go, the card goes with you.
  • Save the environment & save money.
  • Access your information from multiple devices.
  • Cloud backup system.
  • The app is completely free, with no limitation.

7. WorldCard Mobile Lite

A business card’s necessity is no need to explain; we all know how important this thing is. But the problem is we can’t carry all of our important cards with us, and sometimes we lose them.

7 WorldCard Mobile Lite

Well, the business card scanning apps for android brings a solution to this problem, and the “WorldCard Mobile Lite” is one of the best business card scanning apps compared to other regular apps in this category. By using this app, you can instantly capture a business card and store it on your device.

For a better user-interface, the app is equipped with multiple languages. With its super managing option, you can easily manage your contacts based on their company, position, phone, fax, etc. All of your contact information is synced with google so you can easily get access to them with any device. Share card information through email.

Why Do You use this app?

  • Capture a business card and store it.
  • 25 different languages for user convenience.
  • Sort your contact information with the company, position, mobile no. Etc.
  • Merge the recent information with the existing one.
  • Share contact details via email.

8. Droid Scan Lite

If you have a “Droid Scan Lite” app on your device, then you have a smart, portable-document-scanner on your pocket. Whatever you will scan with this app is stored on your device, so the privacy is secured.

8 Droid Scan Lite

You don’t have to pay any subscription fee to use this app, which means users can use this app for completely free. The app allows its users to scan their documents with multiple color blends, such as bleached color, Black & white, greyscale, etc.

This app’s artificial intelligence recognizes your documents’ shape and helps you share the documents by maintaining the standard formats. Store all of your documents in a cloud drive for easy sync. Share the documents with others by using your email.

Why Do You use this app?

  • The app values your privacy.
  • No subscription charge that means the app is completely free.
  • Scan your documents with multiple colors.
  • It recognizes the shape of the documents.
Here are some more tips on business card scanning apps for android.

Final Thought

If you are reading this article, you must search for the best business card scanning apps for android & the good news is, you have come to the right place.

In the above article, I have included the 8 best business card scanning apps for your satisfaction. If you read the complete article, you will know why I have added them as one of their best categories. Just install any of them from the above list and enjoy it.

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