Best Cartoon Apps for Android Turn Your Photos Into Cartoon 2021

To get the attention of our friends & family on the social media platform, we love to present ourselves in different ways. We use different types of cartoon apps for android to edit & customize our photos.

It’s a matter of fun when people give positive feedback by seeing your artistic photo, such as pop art, pencil sketch, & many more effects. With a photo editing app, you can apply different types of filters to edit & custom your picture in the most attractive way.

6 Cartoon Apps For Android Reviews 2020

If you are searching for the best cartoon apps for android, you already experienced how difficult & time-consuming this job is. To help you with this matter, I have done some research & found the below six cartoon apps as one of the best and superior ones over another.

cartoon apps for android

1. Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art

The Cartoon Photo Editor is a wonderful app to present yourself attractively. It is a free cartoon apps for android that allows you to make a cartoon picture of yourself, such as a pencil sketch, pop art, add different types of effects, etc.

1 Cartoon Photo Editor

Using this app, you can make an amazing art gallery of your-self. The cartoon camera allows you to take an instant cartoonist picture with its variety of filters. The greatest part of this app is completely free, which means you can use all of these features without any charge.

With this cartoon photo editor app, you’re able to get the attention of your family & friends. Make your picture like a pencil drawing sketch, with the comic maker turn your picture into comic art, & enjoy various effects from the filter option.

Cartoon Photo Features:

  • Make awesome cartoonist pictures & enjoy the selfie art.
  • Various filters & art effects.
  •  Give your picture an artistic look with its artistic effects, such as pencil sketch, pop-art, oil painting.
  • No subscription charge.

2. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

If you are searching for the best cartoon apps for android that can provide you cartoon effects, art filters, a different type of canvas, paint art, and sketch style, then the “Cartoon Pictures” should be the right choice for you. It is the simplest & the easiest cartoon making app.

2 Cartoon Pictures

It is designed with powerful selfie camera effects for instant edit. Convert your normal picture into an attractive cartoonist picture with its cartoon filters. With the Cartoon Pictures app, you can create beautiful sketch art & pencil sketches, oil painting, and many more effects & filters.

Cartoon Pictures Features:

  • Easy cartoon making app.
  • Instant edit with the selfie camera.
  • Variety of filters and effects.
  • Edit with different types of sketches and artwork.

3. Cartoon Photo Editor

The “Cartoon Photo Editor” is the most impressive, coolest & dedicated application for creating an artistic & cartoonist picture of yourself. You can deploy the effects on the new or existing photos. Just tap on the selected filters & effects and convert your picture into a beautiful sketch, cartoons, oil-painting, pencil drawings, etc.

3 Cart3 Cartoon Photo Editoroon Photo Editor

Using the Cartoon Photo Editor app, you can apply a variety of effects and filters and transform your ordinary picture into an attractive one. You can use real-time effects by using your camera. It perfectly supports the front & back camera both.

Cartoon Photo Features:

  • Huge filters & effects to transform your picture.
  • Instant editing option with front and back camera.
  • It supports auto-focus.
  • Image processing speed very fast; just a single tap saves photos on your device.

4. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Creating funny-cartoons & emoticons with your picture is never so easy as it is with MomentCam. You just have to select a picture & create your own unique avatar. Then choose a background of the list & edit your caricature completely.

4 MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam is one of the easiest & funniest ways to personalize your emoticons. You can perfectly make your personalized-cartoons & emoticons with this app. To personalize the background, it is linked with Mojiworld features. By sharing your creation with the MomentCam team, you can win prizes.

MomentCam Cartoons Features:

  • Get your own emoticons and cartoonist photo.
  • Personalize the background.
  • Prize-winning option by sharing your cartoon and emoticons creation.

5. Cartoon Photo Editor – Camera Art Filter

If you are looking for photo editing software enriched with the latest filters & effects to customize your photos, then the “Cartoon Photo Editor” is one of the best options. With the Cartoon Photo Editor app, you can represent yourself most attractively on social media.

5 Cartoon Photo Editor

You can proudly show your skill to others with its amazing painting effects. Make any of your pictures into a cartoon picture, give it a sketch outlook, edit your picture with colorful drawings, and do many more things with its huge filter and effects.

Cartoon Photo Features:

  • Make your cartoonist photo.
  • Customize your picture with huge effects and filters.
  • Light -photo effects.
  • Make sketches & colorful drawings.

6. Artista Photo Editor: Cartoon Face, Photo Art Cam

Editing your picture becomes so handy and easy when you do this with the “Artista Photo Editor” app. To edit your photos with beautiful art effects, color-pop-filters, pencil-sketch, and a lot more editing filters, this is one of the best choices. You can turn your normal photo into a cartoonist, give them a pencil sketch look and decorate them with various filters & effects.

6 ArtistA Photo Editor

With Artista, you can create your unique artistic photo by using the oil painting & drawing effects. You can also enjoy its powerful cartoonist effects and art filter. It uses your front camera and allows you to edit your photo instantly. The app comes with 50+ art filters & effects to help you in creating the best artwork.

Artista Photo Editor Features:

  • Create your own unique artistic photo with drawings, filters & oil-painting effects.
  • Turn your photo into a beautiful cartoon.
  • One-tap oil-painting.
  • 50+ art effects & filters.
  • Make beautiful sketches and share them on your social media.
Here is a quick overview of some best cartoon android apps.

Final Thought

Your searchizg for the best cartoon apps for android comes to a fruitful result. Above in this article, I have included the six top cartoon making apps for android devices.

To make your picture more beautiful & attractive, just select any of them. With these photo editing apps, you can custom your picture & share them with your friends & family to get their attention with various effects & filters.

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