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The Best Catch Your Spouse Cheating App You Can Trust on 2020



Using the internet has both bad and good sides. For example, if we pick up social apps, we mainly use it to communicate. But those apps also allow you to interact with an unknown person. This is where people slip their ethics and show interest to communicate with a stranger.

Talking about married people, sometimes they also find it interesting to chat with strangers on social media. This is where you need an app that allows you to catch the cheater. And for this, we decorate this content about catch your spouse cheating app. So that you will learn about the app and which one provides what features.

8 Best Catch Your Spouse Cheating App For Android Reviews 2020

Though this app searching for spouse cheating is awkward, the truth is, people, cheat on their beloved ones nowadays. And this is why this article will help you to learn more about 8 best free apps to catch your spouse cheating. You can also get catch your spouse cheating app iPhone.


1. Cheating Spouse: How To Catch A Cheater

Want to catch a cheater through an app? Then, this Cheating spouse app is the best one that you can choose. You can install the app and discover that your partner is cheating or not. This app may not give you the complete results to catch the cheater.

1 cheating spouse

But you will get lots of tips and signs to catch that your partner is cheated on you. The Cheating spouse app also gives you pros and cons. This will give you an idea to learn how you can investigate your partner by using technology.

Cheating Spouse Features:

  • On this app, you will find tips on how you can catch the cheater.
  • To find out illicit affairs, this app works as a private investigator.
  • The Cheating Spouse app makes a quiz page to find out if the person is cheating or not.

2. Extramarital Affairs

To get both knowledge and technology in one app, the Extramarital affairs app holds the top position. Visual SciTech technology updates unique technology. It will help you to diagnose the affairs of your partner.

2 Extramarital Affairs

The most effective thing about this app is evaluating your partner’s score by answering or finding some questions. It also uses a module as an indicator to find out the possible emotion.

Extramarital Affairs features:

  • This app uses an interpretation module for evaluating the score of the partner’s emotions.
  • In this app, you will find “Human Analytics” technology developed by visual SciTech to diagnose the affair.
  • It has a self-record option that is known as “victim spouse” to record the interview session.

3. Catch a Cheating Lover

As technology grows up, there is no wonder that your partner will find a way to cheat on you. It is not always possible to find out the extra-marital affairs or illicit affairs based on your guts. This is why catching a cheating lover is the app that will solve your problem.

3 Catch a Cheating Lover

This app basically gives you huge tips for catching the spouse cheater. It is a free app to catch your spouse cheating. This app has an artificial intelligence method with visuality to discover the human dimension. This app also allows you to analyze the micro expression of your partner.

Catch a Cheating Features:

  • Lots of tips about catching a cheating lover, wife, or husband by asking questions.
  • Some question patterns and quiz form in the app to catch the cheating partner by asking those questions.
  • This app also has some topics or articles like marriage or relationship counseling.

4. Chat Message Tracker – Remotely

The Chat Message basically works to track your partner’s message on the phone. Even if we are far away from the phone, it will allow you to check the message. You don’t need to open the chat application. The tracker automatically notifies you when any message comes on the partner’s mobile.

4 Chat Message Tracker

The best way to track any cheater is to check the message as people are more into the message with various social apps. This app gives you the opportunity to track any message without notifying the cheater. To catch your cheating spouse app is very effective.

This app also shows you the location point from where the message is coming. The control panel of this app gives you access to check filter messages with multiple options. You can save the message that is coming from the sources, and the navigation of this app is easy.

Chat Message Features:

  • Without opening the message box, you can read the message and know the location from where the message was sent.
  • You can get remote access, even if you don’t have the device. Also, have multiple options for filter messages.
  • The Navigation of this app is simple, and you can save the messages without any charge.

5. 55 Signs of a Cheater

When your partner is too addicted to the phone, even uses the phone in the bathroom, you need to check out the activities. When you are suspicious about your partner’s activity you can install an app to catch your spouse cheating.


This app shows you some signs that indicate your partner is cheating or not. This app shows you how you can confess your partner. Also, you will learn what symptoms your partner will show while they are in other relationships.

While asking questions by following this app, your spouse may feel awkward and start startling. This will confirm that your spouse is cheating on you. So, the apps to catch your spouse cheating free. It is an app to catch your spouse cheating.

55 Signs Features:

  • This app delivers the tips so that your spouse feels awkward and tells the truth.
  • The latest technology may give you a hint to catch or track the partner device location.
  • The app creates a form to evaluate the partner’s score through some questions.

6. Catch Cheating Wife

Though the app shows to catch your cheating wife, it can work both on the wife or husband. It may not give you a tracking location or exact message location that comes to your partner device. But you can look closely at your wife’s behavior and then determine if your partner is cheating or not.

6 Catch cheating wife

This app also shows you some faulty behavior of a cheater. You can easily catch the cheater. If you try to catch the unfaithful partner, it will be good if you go with proof. The empty-handed questions may not prove the guiltiness of your partner.

Catch Cheating Features:

  • To find out your partner guilty, this app makes a list of questions.
  • Give you lots of tips about catching your cheating partner red-handed.
  • The options and tips of the article are synchronized on this app.

7. Automatic Call Recorder

This app is one of the best ways to catch the cheater or spouse very quickly. Because if your partner is cheating on you, they will contact another person by taking calls or receiving messages.

7 Automatic Call Recorder

This automatic call recorder gives you the option to record a call without informing the users. You can easily set the caller ID and manage recording files also. The App also records the calls in a file, and you can play whenever it is necessary.

There is a confirmation dialogue box to save the recorded call. You will find the recording format in mp3, amr, or in the wav mood. You can also set the password, save all types of calls, and make a blacklist if you want to avoid any number.

Automatic Call Recorder Features:

  • The app provides a password-protected call recording system to record any incoming and outgoing calls.
  • You can easily play the recorded call in mp3 or wav mood for your convenience.
  • The recording calls provide high-quality audio, and it gives you the option to save the call automatically.

8. Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

One of the best apps to catch your spouse cheating is Life360. This offers GPS tracking on the device with a locator. This provides three types of membership for the users—gold, platinum, and silver.

8 Life360

Getting a membership in this app will give you different facilities. But overall, you will get SOS service with 24/6 7 services. Also, this app provides theft protection.

In case your device is lost or wants to catch the cheater, you can just activate this app. Without a membership, the free apps will deliver two days of the history of the location. So, you can check or catch the cheating spouse by searching for the last two days of history.

Life360 Features:

  • This app offers three types of membership to give extra facilities.
  • For free users, you will find location history for the last two days.
  • There is an emergency dispatch with theft protection in this app. Also, you will get an SOS alert service by activating this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a free app to catch a cheating spouse?

The answer to this question is yes or no. Yes, because with those free apps, you will be able to notice the symptoms, you cannot directly accuse them. Again, some apps give you free service, but you have to use high technology. This is why the answer is no.

How do you catch your cheating spouse?

By following the free app’s tips, you may be able to catch the cheater or cheating spouse. But it will be best if you spy on them or confront them face to face.

Here is an in detail guide to use cheating spouse app easily.

Bottom Line

In this modern world, technology is so much available to everyone. When people find they have a boring time, they tend to search for strangers on social media. Instead of spending time with their partners, they spend more time on social media with strangers. This is why, nowadays, divorce rates are also increasing.

In the above, we discuss the catch your spouse cheating app. Those apps may not fully help you to catch the guilty or cheater, but you will acknowledge the tips and behavior of the cheater. Also, filling up some form by participating in a quiz will give you an idea if your spouse is cheating on you or not.

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