10 Best Cheap Hotel App for iPhone and Android in 2021

Finding a cheap hotel anywhere is a terrible and challenging task. If you have an iPhone and internet connection, you can make the task easier. In our trips, prior planning is less and less important. The use of mobiles and tablets together with the possibility of using our data rates abroad with the great availability of WiFi networks.

They allow us to improvise and leave things like hotel reservations for the last minute. Here, we have discussed the 10 cheap hotel app for iPhone that works better. We have tried more hotel apps, and the 10 apps are more reliable to find a cheap hotel anywhere.

Best Cheap Hotel App For iPhone Reviews 2020

Here we have highlighted 10 of the best hotel app for iPhone to book hotels around the world. Let’s try them:


1. Hotels.com: Book Hotels & More

Hotels.com app has a great advantage over most: its loyalty program allows you to enjoy one free night for every 10 completed reservations. With the iPhone app, you can take advantage of your program on the go, and there are usually exclusive discount codes only for your app.

1 Hotels.com

It also has a search engine for nearby offers, secret prices, one-click telephone contact. Most of the features discussed so far: geolocated search, filters, history and reservation management. Its payment gateway is versatile, so you can book a hotel with pre-pay from anywhere.

After booking, you will get an effective guide to travel safely. It provides notification when the date and time are near to you. You can search for hotels by choosing a filter option as you want. Also, it shows the traveling restrictions so you can visit hassle-free.

Hotels.com Features:

  • Find nearby hotels to stay with all details and a cheap rate.
  • The local deals provide last minute bookings according to the availability.
  • It allows you to save your cheap hotels in your favorite list.
  • You can pay easily for hotels in the required location.
  • It shows the ratings, reviews of every hotel so you can choose the best one.

The hotel booking app for iphone presents nearby hotels at a cheap rate.

2. Goibibo Flight,Hotel & Travel

The Goibibo app allows you to find cheap and nearby best hotels. You will experience hassle-free hotels, trains, air tickets, and more bookings with last-minute options. The last minute hotel app for iPhone provides the best deals with huge discounts.

2 Goibibo Flight,Hotel & Travel

You can check your real-time tracking report while traveling. It shows the customer’s reviews and ratings so you can easily make a decision. With the filter option, you can search for hotels with preferences. You can use the personal and business option.

It presents complete transparency on payments and has no hidden charges. You can talk with hotel owners and previous guests of those hotels. For making the payments easier, you can save your debit and credit card with 100% safety.

Goibibo Flight Features:

  • It provides the best deals to find cheap hotels so you can save and earn a reward.
  • You can get rewards by referring friends and use them in the next booking.
  • It allows you to search hotels, tickets, and more using the filter option.
  • You can compare hotel rents and quality by reading the reviews and ratings.
  • It supports all types of payment methods and has no extra charges.

Goibibo app is an amazing app to find hotels, air, bus, and train tickets at a reasonable price.

3. Agoda – Best Travel Deals

Agoda is an app that tracks records, so every day seeks to offer its users the best accommodation options. You can sort the search results to find the lowest price. Other filters allow you to sort them according to their qualifications, amenities offered, area, etc.

3 Agoda - Best Travel Deals

It has the possibility of accumulating points to save on future purchases. For the rest, it also has a user area in which we can manage reservations, favorites, reminders, search around your area, map, history, filters, etc.

Anyone can use the app and search for a hotel at the last minute and with great advantages. It has integrated customer service from which you can make inquiries or modify your reservations. You can easily access offers that cannot be displayed on the web.

Agoda Features:

  • You will be able to find and book your hotel at low prices near your location.
  • It helps to save up to 80% with Private Offers, Last Minute Offers, and Secret Offers.
  • Its interface is very simple so that users can find accommodation anywhere easily.
  • You can search for cheap hotels using the filter option and put the preferences.
  • It supports all types of payment systems, and you can save the payment details for future use.

Agoda allows you to book a cheap hotel near you from a million accommodations.

4. Hilton Honors: Book Hotels

Hilton Honors is a unique hotel, trip, and more booking app that allows you to track and manage reservations in a place. You can choose a hotel with a room and floors that are comfortable for you. Also, you can unlock room doors using your smartphone.

4 Hilton Honors

It has check-in and check-out features that make the app easy to use. You can directly book a hotel without any third party’s help. They provide points on every stay, and you can use them as a discount. Also, you can find a resort and cottage from the app near you.

You can find the best deals on specific days and save your money. Its UI is very simple, so that anyone can book hotels with a few clicks. It also included a WiFi connection, check-out, and check-in history. Also, you can check if any hotels charge for a second guest or more.

Hilton Honors Features:

  • With the app, you can book cheap hotels, earn points to use as a discount, and chill your trip.
  • You can see the reservation and room condition on the app with details.
  • It allows you to check-in and checks out with a single click.
  • It offers elite member status so you can enjoy free offers on every visit.
  • You can open your room door remotely from the app as a key.

Hilton Honors app helps to find cheap hotels with elite membership options.

5. Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy app ensures cheap hotels near your location with a single click. You can easily access all features that are more helpful for your trip. It allows you to search hotels, view reservation status, and more from the phone.

5 Marriott Bonvoy

It has mobile key features that help unlock the room and keep a key card always with you. Besides the hotel, it shows the parking garage, lounge, pool, and more. You can chat with hotel owners and ask your questions freely.

On every booking, they reward points so you can use them on the next tour as a discount. It sends alerts for the necessary things to carry on the trip. You can easily see the hotel location on the map with real-time data.

Marriott Features:

  • You can find hotels at a cheap rate and get service at your fingertips.
  • It gives reward points so you can book a room with discounts.
  • Its mobile key allows you to quickly unlock the room from your smartphone.
  • You can chat with the hotel owner and ask your desired questions.
  • It is included with the hotel food menu so you can order without leaving the room.

Marriott Bonvoy app is a favorite hotel finder app with a catering menu.

6. MakeMyTrip – Flights, Hotels

MakeMyTrip is one of the most popular cheap hotel finder apps with a million content, discounts, and offers on various services. It offers 90% of the features discussed in the three apps above. Also, it allows you to search and book all available buses, air, and trains.

6 MakeMyTrip - Flights, Hotels

It graciously handles domestic and international flights and hotel rooms that make it one of the most feature-rich travel apps. You can cancel the booking with a full refund without any cancelation fees. Also, it brings new and attractive offers every day.

It presents the best deals with maximum savings and discounts. You will get real-time updates, hotel details, and reservation status from the app. It also shows the nearby tourist places like parks, safari, museums, and more with proper direction.

MakeMyTrip Features:

  • You can easily search and reserve a hotel at a low and discounted price.
  • It provides real-time status, and you can chat with hotel owners to discuss more deeply.
  • After the cancellation, you will get a full refund, and they will not charge extra.
  • It has hot deals, best deals, and event-related offers that save our money.
  • The MMT Black helps to earn points on every spending and use it as a discount.

MakeMyTrip app is a widely known app for booking cheap hotels, trains, bus and more near you.

7. IHG® – Hotel Booking & Rewards

IHG app provides users with the ability to find and reserve hotel rooms, check rates, view, and cancel reservations for the 9 brands of the IHG group. They show the current photos of the hotel and rooms with service details. You can call and talk with hotel owners and managers for more information.

7 IHG® - Hotel booking & rewards

It has a priority club membership that offers many facilities and bonus points. You can use your corporate identification to get corporate rates. Also, give the best deals and special offers frequently so you will get cheap hotels easily.

From the filter option, you can find hotels according to your requirements. It allows you to view the previous preferences so you do not need to reserve a hotel again as a new customer. You can get the bill through email wherever you stay.

IHG Features:

  • It provides easy access to nearby hotels with user’s requirements and a cheap rate.
  • You can see the photos of the hotel rooms and reserve anyone you like most.
  • The priority club members can use the redeem code to get discounts.
  • They provide the best deals and special offers almost every day.
  • You can save the previous booking and pre-book again if needed.

IHG app provides cheap hotels with their renowned brands all around the world.

8. Trivago: Compare Hotel Prices

Trivago app allows users to search for hotel rooms in different reservation services. It initially asks to confirm that the chosen location and language are correct to present the nearby hotels at a cheap rate. Hotels can be seen on the map by clicking the icon next to the search one.

8 trivago

Once the button is touched to start searching, the app shows the different options in the chosen destination and selectors for arrival and departure dates and room types. When you start typing for a hotel, the app suggests the destinations that match with the input.

It allows selecting filters such as Popularity, Score, Price, star ratings, maximum price, minimum price, hotel services, room equipment, type of accommodation, most searched services, address, or hotel area.

trivago Features:

  • It provides amazing deals to find a good hotel at a low price with discount offers.
  • They show the user’s review and ratings to compare the quality and service of the hotels.
  • You can search the hotel by typing the name or location or setting the filter option preferences.
  • They accept all types of payment gateways, and you can pre-book or pay later for hotels.
  • You will get the travel guides, nearby tourist attractions, and more on the app.

Trivago app is extremely easy to use and simple in design, yet professional.

9. HotelTonight – Hotel Deals

If you are looking for a hotel booking app for iPhone that allows you to get an emergency room or just find the best offer in the place where you are, the HotelTonight app could be your ideal option. You can familiarize yourself with the platform since it is user-friendly and easy to use.

9 HotelTonight - Hotel Deals

You can choose different categories, some more luxurious and others inexpensive that will help you spend the night comfortably without paying more or any problem occurs. It allows you to choose which city you will go to, what day, and other best options.

Its best part is “secret offers of the day” that ensure luxurious hotels at a cheap rate. However, the app does not show the hotel ratings but classify the hotels according to the categories: simple, essential, comfort, charm, chic, and luxury.

HotelTonight Features:

  • It can help you find a room with all services at a cheap rate on your short and long trips.
  • You can see the hotels, resort, and more that best suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Within 10 seconds, you can reserve a hotel with safe payment gateways and a refund after canceling.
  • You can unlock several rooms from a single reservation, and chat is a group.
  • It has last minute offers, best deals, coupon codes, and more deals with the daily drop.

HotelTonight app presents amazing deals at nearby hotels at a cheap rate.

10. ixigo – Flight & Hotel Booking

The ixigo app allows you to reserve hotels at the last minute and in a geolocated way. Also, you can book the flight ticket at low prices with the best deal offers. The free flight cancellation option makes it popular, and they never asked you why you have canceled it.

10 ixigo - Flight & Hotel booking

It always shares upcoming trip offers and fare alerts to save up to 40% on each booking. The smart holiday calendar allows you to make a plan to visit on special days. You can easily track the bus, air ticket, and compare hotel tariffs to get the best one.

Within a second, you can check in the hotel using the app, so you do not need to go to the reception. You can easily manage hotels, tickets, and everything on the app. It supports the Apple wallet and other payment gateways.

ixigo Features:

  • You can save up to 40% on each hotel booking, flight ticket, and more on the app.
  • Its smart calendar and other options help to succeed in your trip plan with proper management.
  • If you cancel any booking, they provide a full refund without any charges.
  • You can pay using an apple wallet, debit, and credit card as you want.
  • With the app, you can share your check-in and check-out status in seconds.

ixigo is the cheapest hotel and flight booking app with lots of features.

Here is a quick overview in the following video to find cheap hotel apps easily.

Final Thought

If you’re planning a weekend away from home that doesn’t ruin your bill, try doing it with one of these cheap hotel apps for iPhone. You can compare hotels according to the ratings and user reviews with the lowest price. This app allows you to find exciting deals, and you do not have to waste time printing documents because the booking details are stored on the app.

To book the best and cheap hotel, you will be able to read all the reviews, positive and negative, of travelers. Besides hotel reservations, you can get flight tickets at a cheap rate. If you are leaving, whatever your destination, don’t forget to ensure your trip!

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