10 Best Distance Measurement App For Android And iPhone (Lastest Update 2021)

Our mobile is used for a huge number of functions, but sometimes the simplest ones are overlooked. One of its most useful and simple uses is to measure distances with a mobile screen. Just take the mobile, point the place to measure and the application will tell you in the centimeters, meters or another measurement unit.

To do that, you will need an app that can measure distance using phone GPS, AR and Motion sensors. Below, we have presented the best distance measurement apps for android that are useful for measuring small objects from distance with higher accuracy..

How Can I Measure Distance On My Android Phone?

By using distance measuring apps, you can easily measure the distance on your android smartphone. They work by using phone’s motion sensors, GPS and AR that help to calculate the measure of several locations jointly. They show accurate results from one place to another place. You should enable GPS while using distance measuring apps.

10 Distance Measurement Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Below, we have highlighted the best distance measurement apps for android that provide accurate distance measurements. Let’s see our best 10 picks.

Distance Measurement App For Android

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure can quickly mark distance and measure distance accurately. Its smart mode ensures accurate pin placement so you can simplify measurement. You can save the measurement records and edit them whenever you need them.


It sends location pin friends automatically through the auto-generated link. So, your friends can know your current location easily. While you are walking or driving, its GPS tracker measures the distance in real-time.

Its POI shows the stones, fences or obstacles by spotting the point so you can avoid accidents. You can change the measurement unit according to your needs.

GPS Fields Features:

  1. It provides quick distance measurement, including marking the place and points using smart marker mode.
  2. You can save all measurement data and it automatically shares your location with auto-generated links to friends.
  3. It spots the stone, grazes territories and other obstacles so that you can avoid them while walking or driving.
  • Quick and accurate distance measurement
  • Share location to friends with auto-generated links
  • Save measurements
  • Accurate pin placements with smart market mode
  • Show the wrong measurement sometimes
  • Unstable GPS

2. Measure Map Lite

Measure Map Lite app allows you to measure distances by drawing polygons over the google map locations. Its measurement is accurate and can measure small to large distance areas.


You can plunk pins on the map up to 6 locations and mark them to start measuring. It allows you to download specific locations from google maps. You can do more from the Magic menu of the app.

While you are walking or driving, it shows the precise measurement. Its magic buttons allow you to point the specific location with accuracy.

Measure Map Features:

  1. You can mark the location by drawing a polygonal sign and get the precise measurements.
  2. It allows you to plunk 6 pins easily without losing the perfect accuracy.
  3. You can download specific locations from the google map to measure easily.
  • Easily measure long distances
  • Plunk pin on several points
  • Magic button ensure professional accuracy
  • Support all map apps
  • Maximum 6 pins allowed
  • No extra maps
  • Only rectangle marking shape

3. Ruler

Ruler app provides accurate measurement of the straight line, area, distance and so on. It has a built-in unit converter so you can get results in all units. Also, its tape measure tool allows you to measure length like a scale easily.


Its inflicted strokes accurately measure the distance. It has graphs that show the result in a chart. Also, you can measure vertical and horizontal objects easily.

It has a point, line, level and plane modes so you can measure distance quickly. Also, its calibration system makes the measurement task easier.

Ruler Features:

  1. It provides accurate measurement of distance and length with simple calibration.
  2. You can convert the measurement units and set the units as you want.
  3. It works on 4 modes: level, plane, point and line.
  • Sport multiple measurement units
  • Multilingual support
  • Accurate result
  • Calibrate simply
  • modes measurement
  • Not suitable for large area
  • No guidance

4. Maps Distance Calculator

Maps Distance Calculator app provides a dual way to calculate the distance with accuracy. Its rich UI has lots of features that allow you to use the app easily. You can measure perimeter, circumference and area instantly with accurate results.


You can adjust the map according to the viewing angle. It allows you to locate different locations and measure them. You can measure the path using the pen tool. Also, its 3D maps ensure a better viewing experience.

It allows you to measure distance by placing pins on the map. You can see the map in all modes that are available in google maps.

Maps Distance Features:

  1. You can measure distance by placing pins and drawing paths using the pen tool in the 3D maps.
  2. It allows you to measure distance, perimeter and circumference with the specified location.
  3. You can get distance measurement units as meters, kilometers, miles and feet as you want.
  • Dual distance measurement method
  • 3D maps with rich UI
  • Adjust map with angle
  • Multiple measurement units
  • Save all measurements
  • Key functionality absent

5. Air-Line – Distance Measurement

The Air-Line app can measure the distance from the map by placing multiple pins. It UI is much optimized and provides crow flies viewing experience. You can set the measurement unit as meter, miles, kilometers and feet.


You can share the patch and distance measurement with others. Also, you can undo to avoid mistakes and mark as an important place with the star option.

It allows you to check the straight distance, even if it is short or long. You can save the locations and distance calculation for future use.

Air-Line Features:

  1. You can measure multiple location’s distances by placing pins on the map.
  2. It provides an accurate result and you can set the unit as you want.
  3. You can share the paths and locations with other users free.
  • Multiple location access and distance calculation
  • Support all measurement units
  • Share paths with others
  • Search on the map
  • Optimized for accurate GPS tracking
  • No adjustable elements

6. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

AR Ruler App works on the easiest way to measure distance using phone cameras by fixing the point. It can measure area and perimeter accurately. Also, it allows you to measure angles on 3D plane corners.


You can measure the path length and volume of the 3D objects. With the on-screen ruler, you can measure small objects on the phone screen. You can save the drawn projects as pdf and share it with others.

It allows you to measure the height and circle of any objects correctly. You can contact the support if you face any problem through the app.

AR Ruler App Features:

  1. It has an on-screen ruler that allows you to measure small things on the mobile screen.
  2. You can measure volume, path, height, area and perimeter with planning and accuracy.
  3. It uses the phone camera to measure so you can try all types of objects.
  • Use the device camera to measure things
  • Height, volume and circle measurement
  • On-screen ruler for small objects
  • Measure corners and angles
  • Plan and save results
  • Video error sometimes
  • Surface and plane detection problem

7. CamToPlan – Ar Measurement / Tape Measure

CamToPlan provides accurate and faster distance measurement than laser meter. It measures distance using the phone camera and ARcore, so you see lines in 3D form and save it to share with others.


It records videos in real-time and scans the place to measure. You can measure angle, circle, height and more, including 3D objects. It shows the result in metric and imperial units.

You can measure distances vertically and horizontally. Its VR allows you to measure walls, windows, doors, and surface tile within a few seconds. Also, you can measure without using a ruler.

CamToPlan Provides Features:

  1. It has a VR option that helps to measure floor, tiles, windows, doors and whole-house within a short time.
  2. You can save all real-time distance data records and share them with others.
  3. It relies on the phone’s camera and goggles ARCore, which provides accurate real-time data.
  • Works on the phone’s camera
  • Measure distance vertically and horizontally
  • High accuracy measurement with VR method
  • Virtual ruler and tape
  • Draw lines in 3D form

  • Inaccurate measurement at low light

8. Smart Measure

Smart Measure app allows you to measure distance by pressing a single tap. You can capture the location to share with others. Its material design and simple UI makes its use easier.


You can zoom the camera to measure distance accurately. Also, you can use camera portrait mode and it shows correct measurement. It calculates the width and area of any distance.

It has a built-in smart ruler, measure and distance tools that help to measure up to 1 km. You can adjust the sound effect as you want.

Smart Measure Features:

  1. It measures distance area using the phone camera and provides results with higher accuracy.
  2. You can calibrate the app from the main menu easily.
  3. It has a ruler, distance and measure tool to measure up to 1 km distance accurately.
  • 3 different tools to measure the distance
  • Meter to feet conversion
  • Capture screen while using the app
  • Adjust sound effect
  • Works on camera with autofocus
  • Incredible design and UI
  • Calibration
  • Need to hold for a long time to measure the height
  • Pop up ads blocks the calibration

9. Measure

Measure app can measure the distance from the phone as tape and provide an accurate result. You can switch units as imperial and metric units. It allows you to copy the measured data on the clipboard to save and share it with others.


You correctly measure floors, size of rectangle objects, width, area, etc. Also, you can capture a photo measure surface. It can be adjusted according to the object and point to start the task.

It can measure the height from the surface area with higher accuracy. For quick measurement, it is a perfect app for distance measuring.

Measure Features:

  1. It provides quick measurements of all surfaces and shaped objects with high accuracy.
  2. You can switch the units as you want and copy the data to save for future inspection.
  3. It allows you to take a photo of the measured place and correctly measure angles.
  • Measure like a tape measure tool
  • All shaped objects measurement
  • Convert units
  • Allows to take a picture of the place
  • Copy measured data
  • Point and tap start
  • No undo and redo option

10. Moasure – The Smart Tape Measure

Moasure app allows you to measure 300 meters or 1000 ft distance with accuracy. It has built-in tape, protractor and angle measurer that can measure all objects. Also, it can accurately measure the height of an object from the floor or surface.


Its multi-step measurement mode can measure objects from any angle and position. You can measure round objects and spaces with different modes. Also, you can measure between two points.

It provides maximum accurate results because it uses the phone’s motion sensors. Within 2 or 3 seconds, it shows the result of the selected place. You can save the measurement data for future reference.

Moasure Features:

  1. It can measure short to long distances quickly and easily using a phone camera.
  2. Its multiple measurement modes allow you to measure all types of objects.
  3. You will get accurate results because it uses a patented technology of motion.
  • Accurate measurement to all objects
  • Save all measurement data
  • Measure round, angle and uneven objects
  • No need internet or Wi-Fi connection
  • Cannot measure irregularly shaped objects

Final Thought

With these best distance measurement apps for android, you can make length measurements, point-to-point distances for references, height measurements and many other functions. They are handy and will bail you out when you need them. Also, these apps are very useful for many activities, including agricultural services, expertise, purchase and sale of land, or just a hobby. Apart from measuring surfaces, you can measure distances traveled, references, save the data and share them.

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