10 Awesome and Useful Best Drum App For Android and iPhone 2021

Android app developers have certainly made useful tools for musicians, and some applications fantastic for the drummers. So if you are a drummer regardless of your level, here are 10 best drum app for android that you must download now. These applications are entertaining, easy to use, and can help you execute ideas when you are away from your drum or if you don’t have one yet. Many of these applications can also help beginners to read music.

10 Drum App For Android Reviews 2020

You will find thousands of Drum simulating apps for smartphones. Here, we have presented 10 best drum apps for android that allows you to play drums with your favorite songs. Let’s see them.

Drum App For Android

1. REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set

REAL DRUM has different types of drums, cymbals and a total of 13 components that allows you to play the vast majority of the songs. It has the possibility of playing many drums and cymbals at the same time.


You can customize the bespoke kit according to your needs. Every week, it provides new drum kits that never make us bored. With your fingertips, you can play all drums that produce various types of sounds.

Its 60 video tutorial helps to master drum playing. You can use the 33 loops to play drums at a different speed. Also, it allows you to record your practice so you can check your improvement.

REAL DRUM Features:

  1. It has toms and snares that allows you to play and learn drums with 60 rhythm samples.
  2. You can record the playing drum, save it in mp3 format and enjoy the studio-quality sound.
  3. The kit design can be customized according to your desired image and sounds.

The drum app for android allows you to play the drum with several kits and video tutorials.

2. Drums: Real Drum Set Music Games To Play And Learn

Drums app provides different types of music styles with HD quality sound. With a single tap on the phone screen, you can play drums like a pro with a realistic feel. It allows you to learn several songs with improving drumming skills.


It has notes and rhythm that helps to reach high and low tones. With lots of music genres, you can master the playing drum quickly. It has different drums like Djembe, Electro, etc. so you can choose the best one according to your need.

By practicing the lessons daily, you will be a real drummer. Its freestyle session perfectly guides me to play the drum with perfection.

Drums Features:

  1. It has a songbook that contains awesome songs with freestyle sessions to master and play drums quickly.
  2. The different drum kits and music styles provide practical skills, so you become a real drummer.
  3. It has included games and lessons to learn drums with the songs.

Drums app provides different drum kits, music games, freestyle sessions to play like a real drummer.

3. Drum kit (Drums) Free

Drum kit offers the minimum response of play drums so you can get a realistic drumming experience as a pro. Its several drum kits allow you to play drums with different sounds and modes.


You can add your favorite songs and play drums easily. It allows you to save and loop the song’s playback to play later. Also, you can customize the drum skins according to the phone’s screen size. The hidden menu provides an optimized drumming performance with a full-screen view.

Its user interface is designed with attractive collections that make it convenient for you. You can adjust the volume level of all drums and get HD quality sound.

Drum kit Features:

  1. Its high-quality sound and minimum response day provide real drumming experience.
  2. You can add songs and play drums to the notes and rhythms by adjusting your preferences.
  3. Its drum skins can be customized according to phone screen size and user’s needs.

Drum kit app is the app to play the drum with favorite songs and a minimum delayed response.

4. Modern A Drum Kit

Modern A Drum Kit app has 16-bit drums that provide uncompressed samples with a better experience. You can play drums with random music and get high-speed touch responses to drumming smoothly.


With the multi-band mixer, you can adjust volume and pan on every panel. You can play different types of music with the set of presents that allows you to play the drum kit as a professional drummer.

You can record the drum notes, rhythm and set the sound with a high level of realism. With the finger, you can fill the moments and adjust drum skins according to your needs.

Modern A Drum Features:

  1. It has a multi-band mixer that allows you to control the volume level and set the pan on each panel.
  2. The presets allow you to play a drum kit with a different music style.
  3. You can play and control everything with the right and left hand.

The app provides studio-based sound with a modern drum kit and 16-bit drum samples.

5. Drum Studio

Drum Studio provides fantastic animation with multi-touch support to play drums freely. You can simulate by hitting the drum and it provides a high-quality studio-based sound.


The sample mode allows you to trail a drum play and analyze it for the next improvement. Its 3 drums percussion allow you to play drums in rock, hip-hop and pop modes. You can configure the drum setting according to the type of music.

It allows you to personalize the position of the drums based on notes and rhythm. It has a right-handed hi-hat that makes it convenient. You can add colorful and beautiful backgrounds.

Drum Studio Features:

  1. Its Sample Mode allows you to play the song at 240 bpm that provides a clear sound.
  2. The 3 instruments setting allows you to play the drum at three different sound effects.
  3. You can adjust the position of the drums based on music type.

The app allows you to play music with 3 instrumental setting modes.

6. Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator

WeDrum app brings different types of drum games, aimed at genres such as Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronics, among others. Their own metronome helps you get there on time.


Its songbook has all the latest songs and it updates every week so you can practice drums with your favorite songs. It allows you to play the drum with experts in a group to get a better experience.

It is immensely customizable, can be adjusted to suit any tempo and beat time. It improves the drum hit timings with notes and rhythms. You will get a better sound from each drum.

Drum Set Music Features:

  1. The app has several drum stick animation that makes it convenient to all levels of drummers.
  2. Its solo mode provides HD sound and realistic graphics with the drum kit simulator.
  3. You can play drums with an expert drummer in a group to learn fast.

The app allows you to learn drums in a group with lots of advanced features.

7. CLASSIC DRUM: Electronic drum set

CLASSIC DRUM app has 60 drum simulating lessons that help to learn drums easily. Its 33 loops allow you to jam drum kits with different styles. It has a large number of toms and snares to play drums in classic style.


It offers 13 drum pads that make different types of studio-quality sound. You can record the sounds and export the recordings. Every week, it will be updated with the new drum kits.

You can customize the drum pad, backgrounds, adjust settings and more according to your needs. Also, it allows you to add sounds or music to practice with favorite songs so you will master the drum notes and rhythms quickly.


  1. Its customizable 13 drum pads allow you to play drums with 60 rhythm tutorials.
  2. You can customize the drum kits and setting to play drums in an optimal mode.
  3. It allows you to export the recordings in studio quality MP3 format.

Classic Drum is a perfect drum app for beginners, amateurs and professional drummers.

8. Easy Real Drums-Real Rock and jazz Drum music game

Easy Drum app offers lots of information about playing drums with classified courses. It provides knowledge about the bass drum, hi-hat, floor tom, cymbal, tom and snare with an informative introduction.


You can add or select music to play drums with real experience. The drum games improve your drumming skills and set perfect positioning. It allows you to save the recordings and share it to others.

With its rhythm game, you can improve the sense of timing. The dual drum modes allow you to choose the genre from the drum book. It has customizable drum kits that allow you to experience drumming with custom mode.

Easy Real Drums Features:

  1. It offers drum kit and pad mode that allows you to set the drum and play with favorite songs.
  2. You can improve your drum skills with rhythm games that enhance the sense of timing.
  3. Its drum kits and interface ensure a real drum playing experience anywhere.

The app offers drum playing modes with real drum experience.

9. Simple Drums Basic – Virtual Drum Set

Simple Drums Basic has 6 drum kits that provide high-quality studio-based sound. You can add your songs to practice drums without feeling bored. The 32 loops allow you to add texture and rhythm in the music.


It allows you to save the recordings at MP3 format HD sound quality. The reverb effects can be done by volume mixer tool. With the hi-hat position, you can switch it left to right.

Its realistic background and animated effect provide and real drumming environment. The multi-touch feature of the app helps to play drum pads at a time.

Simple Drums Basic Features:

  1. It has fantastic animations and drum tools that allow you to play and learn drums easily.
  2. The multiple loops allow you to add music and sound along with the drum.
  3. Its volume mixer allows you to adjust sounds and reverb effects with recording.

The drum app for android offers animated drum kits and tools to play drums with favorite songs.

10. X Drum – 3D & AR

X Drum has a 3D drum kit that allows you to play drums with the 3D sound that is mostly seen in the auditorium. Its double keyboard provides stage performance feelings. You will get 100+ loops with several genres to add favorite sounds.


Its AR drum kit provides real drummer experience with AR technology. With the beat pad and battery mode, you can use the drums according to your needs. It allows you to use the pad and keyboard on the screen.

The drum kit notes and rhythms make learning the drum easier. You can download sound banks to improve practice in leisure time. It supports MIDI USB so you can add music accessories.

X Drum Features:

  1. It has 8 drum sets and beat sounds that provide a superb drum playing experience.
  2. The MIDI recording features allow to save the recordings with HD sound quality.
  3. You can use the piano and drum pad on the screen altogether.

The app offers a 3D drum kit with AR technology that allows you to play as a real drummer.

Final Verdict

The greatest difficulty in playing drums is that it takes up a lot of space and would also require a fully dedicated room. So, the smartphone is truly the anonymous hero when it comes to learning to play drums for beginners to experts. These best drum machine apps for android included the features that all musicians need and most of them are free. If you installed one of them on your phone, you will improve your drum skills, learn new songs and keep time for the rest of your band.

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