Top 7 Best Face Recognition App For Android And iOs Of 2021

New technologies and the use of biometric data come together to identify people. The identification of users by facial recognition is based on the analysis of the facial features of the person. It is done using computerized tools that process a large number of algorithms, to the point that they are capable of recognizing a person’s face even when wearing glasses or having their hair cut. We tell you the best face recognition apps for android and discover the most outstanding programs to identify users by analyzing faces.

How Does Face Recognition App Work?

Facial recognition app uses a method of personal biometric identification, such as iris or fingerprint recognition, that analyzes the characteristics of the face and locates its features. Also, it measures both the size of its components and the distances between them (the width of the nose, the size of the forehead or the distance between the eyes, for example). In this way, it determines geometric shapes that it compares with the information it has in its database.

7 Face Recognition Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Here, we will present 7 best face recognition apps for android to unlock or lock the other apps using your face to prevent others from using them and waste time behind passwords. Let’s discover facial recognition apps.

Face Recognition App For Android

1. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition app’s facial recognition can have many different purposes. It allows you mobile phone users to block access to applications, email accounts or social networks. Also, it uses the user’s face, but applications can also be locked and unlocked by using other biometric data.


It has two levels of security: voice or face, or voice and face. The first is optional, and the user can choose whether to unlock their mobile with a phrase or just by showing their face.

The second level of security is the most advanced and combines both elements to ensure that only the user can access it. It is easy to use thanks to its intuitive and didactic interface. Also, it includes the possibility of establishing voice recognition.

AppLock Face Features:

  1. It has facial and vocal authentication technology that makes it powerful to lock apps.
  2. You can lock all apps and set passwords wearing glass and caps without any problems.
  3. The face and voice recognition lock samples are saved in the Enrollment library.

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is an advanced face recognition apps with voice recognition.

2. Luxand Face Recognition

Luxand Face Recognition app can memorize any face that has been recorded in the app. It allows you to detect faces instantly so you can recognize faces easily. Also, it can recognize several faces at a time.


To save face, save it by a specific name. When you place the face in front of the camera, it will automatically show the name with a face. It can detect your face from any angle, so it ensures an accurate result.

You can import an existing photo and save it for further recognition. It offers the transformation of faces into 3D avatars and future predictions of how adult children or elderly adults will look.

Luxand Face Recognition Features:

  1. It allows you to save and detect several faces with a smart facial recognition method.
  2. With a single tap, you can set a name to save face to memorize in the future.
  3. It detects any face easily even if you move the head from a different angle.

Luxand app is a smart face detection app that can memorize multiple faces.

3. Am I pretty? Facial Beauty Analysis

Am I pretty app analyzes facial beauty using facial recognition that uses the anonymous question to make photos pretty, beautiful, hot, ugly and so on. It takes four photos and selects a photo according to your mood.


It allows you to change profile pictures with facial recognition. You can change your face style by asking anonymous questions. In the response to the polls section, you can see the different skin and mood of your face.

It’s facebot detailed your selected photo with estimated age and beautiful level. After selection, you can save it for future facial detection.

Am I pretty Features:

  1. You can beautify your face by asking the anonymous questions and save the best one for facial recognition.
  2. It needs 4 photos and you choose the better one that goes percent with the style and mood.
  3. From the poll section, you can get the perfect facial expression.

Am I pretty app analyze the face beauty using facial recognition method.

4. AffdexMe

AffdexMe app uses real-time facial recognition using a phone camera and secures your device and app strongly. With a single tap, the app started working and measured the expression to match face detection.


It allows you to use several emotions, switch cameras and take a photo or screenshot. In photo roll, you will see all photos and use the preferences to use it. It points out the face and tracks every point perfectly.

You can use multiple faces randomly in the free version. It allows you to process the frame rate of all avatars. You can use up to 6 metrics of emotions and expressions from the app.

AffdexMe  Features:

  1. You can use the front and rear cameras to take photos and use the metrics as you want.
  2. It allows you to take a screenshot and process the photo framing rate with facial points.
  3. Its random multiple face detection is very fast and useful for everyone who wants to secure their phone.

AffdexMe has all facial features that allow you to use multiple face detection.

5. FaceLock

FaceLock app allows you to lock and unlock the device based on the user’s facial recognition. It provides a good level of security like a pin or password lock. You can lock apps and other secret files with your face.


It can work with both cameras to take advantage of 3D vision and allows you the protection mechanism with AI deep learning. If you have forgotten a password, you can easily try the manual password option.

The fake lock allows you to protect your device and data from hackers. You can train your face to unlock and lock the phone easily.

FaceLock Features:

  1. Its AI and facial recognition ensure high-security protection of your device and apps.
  2. You can set a manual password and train your face to control the app.
  3. It allows you to recover forgotten passwords using a manual password system.

FaceLock app provides fast and quick unlock with facial recognition.

6. BioID Facial Recognition

BioID Facial Recognition app allows you to lock your device with facial recognition and live detection. Its strong multi factor authentication allows you to take a selfie and save face data for unlocking the phone easily.


It has biometric authentication that ensures more security. The liveness detection prevents photo and video attacks, so you will stay secured. It analyzes the movement of the user to verify completely.

It recognizes the eye for visible faces and unlocks devices. Also, it takes photos in 4 different directions with lighting. After a successful verification, you can use your android phone.

BioID Facial Features:

  1. It takes photos from different angles and has liveness detection to prevent spam attacks.
  2. You can use a biometric fingerprint to lock the app that is secured with that password lock.
  3. It has multi factor authentication that ensures higher protection.

BioID Facial Recognition allows you facial and biometric recognition with high security.

7. IObit Applock Lite:Protect Privacy with Face Lock

IObit Applock Lite app allows you to lock your device with facial recognition. It ensures safeguard and security by verifying faces instantly. You can hide the notification and private data using the app lock.


It captures snooper’s photo and sends you via email that ensures higher security. The app lock feature allows you to protect the selected app with a password. Also, you can lock all systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contacts and much more.

You can unlock apps and files using fingerprint lock beside face unlock. The fake lock ensures extra security by scaring voice authentication. It allows you to change app icons to pretend to others.

IObit Applock Features:

  1. It has a face and app lock that provides high security and hides all personal data in a place.
  2. You can hide notifications and customize the lock option to protect your device efficiently.
  3. The intruder selfie features alert you by sending emails with photos so you can detect snoopers.

IObit Applock Lite offers high security with face and app lock.

Final Thought

As you can see, face recognition apps for android can be used with many different functions. Nobody can steal your personal data because it is totally next to impossible to unlock your phone without your face. Also, our phones are locked with biometric fingerprints with the face lock features.

So, you should install the best face recognition apps for android to keep your phone secured. Some apps take an intruder’s photo and send it to us through email or SMS when they try to do illegal tasks.

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