The 8 Best Free Digital Weight Scale App for Android (Update 2021)

To measure something in an emergency, it is difficult to find something useful that will help you. That is why you can choose a free digital weight scale app for android. This app can provide you hassle-free and accurate measures of the objects. A digital scale gives you a sensor screen and a clear display on the device.

When you put any objects on the device, you can easily get the objects’ exact measurements. Most of the weight scale machines have LCDs, and you can easily connect with your android device. You can just download the app and connect with your device to manage or measure the objects.

Can I use my Android phone as a scale?

An android device is now like a magic lamp. You just need to touch the play store and download apps to get anything. This google play store is the storage of apps, from where you can download any app.


This content will talk about the best digital scale app for android phones. By installing a digital scale app for android phone, you can easily measure any objects and get results on your phone. If you adjust some settings now, this is possible to use your android phones on a scale to measure items.

8 Free Digital Weight Scale App For Android Review 2020

To know how digital weight scales work on your android device, keep reading. This content also includes the pros and cons of the free weight scale app. So that you can learn which one is the best free digital weight scale app for android.

1. Weight Scale Simulator Prank

The weight scale stimulator offers the facilities to get an approximate result on the measurement of any objects. You can measure the objects and get results on your screen by using this app. The built-in pressure sensor helps to reveal the result on your android.

1 Weight Scale Simulator Prank

This scale works as a stimulator when you use the app on your device. You can enter any weight with grams and test your digital scales. The design of this app is realistic, and you can easily use it from your device.

What do we like?
  • Pressure sensor to be equipped with your device.
  • The app has a realistic design on the app.
  • Comparable technology to measure weight.
What we don't like:
  • They are showing random numbers instead of units.
  • Inaccurate results.

2. Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

With this app, you will be able to measure up to 999 grams of objects easily. This app is convenient, and it is one of the portable scales for android. To increase your respect among your friends, you can show them this app works.

2 Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

Before weighing an object, it will be better if you use any napkin or sheet on your screen. This is one of the best scale stimulators for the android app. For scale stimulators, you can go for the video instruction. In this app, you can also find fake scales that almost work real.

What do we like?
  • Convenient app with portability.
  • Measure weight up to 999 grams.
  • A good way to cheer up friends.
What we don't like?
  • Incorrect weight
  • Limitation of scale calibration.

3. Digital Bluetooth Scale S5000 Connection Test App

This digital Bluetooth scale updates the version and attaches a fast Bluetooth connection that has dual communication through Bluetooth. This app automatically connects with the machine and takes a maximum load up to 5000g.

3 Digital bluetooth Scale S5000 connection test app

The source code download will allow you to create an application with a wireless scale and Bluetooth options. You can run this app on every device, including Android, iOS, windows, etc.

What do we like?
  • Fast Bluetooth interface with auto connection
  • Stainless steel platform with gauge sensor.
  • Double-sided communication for Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with all devices.
What we don't like?
  • Incorrect results.
  • Full of ads.

4. Weight Scale Estimator

If you are looking for an app that offers multiple tools for checking weight, then the weight scale estimator is the one you can use. This app sets the scale to measure on the screen so that there will be no scratch.

4 Weight Scale Estimator

The weight scale screen is electronic, so you will get an accurate result when you measure any objects. The app added some instruction videos for beginners, so people can easily work by using guidelines.

What do we like?
  • Set the measure limit to avoid scratch.
  • The weight scale is Electronic.
  • Provide triple tool
What we don't like?
  • Sometimes vibration stops working.
  • Freeze the device screen.

5. Kitchen Scale

It will be an immense pleasure for people to use this app for those who work in the kitchen. This app gives you an opportunity to measure kitchen items based on mass or volume. This one is also known as the digital gram scale app for android.

5 Kitchen Scale

When you open the app on your device, a selected area will be shown on your screen. You can put the items in that place to get the result. The circle will be bigger or shorter according to the weight you put on the screen.

What do we like?
  • You can easily measure your kitchen items.
  • Selected area for measurement.
  • Ads free app.
  • Convenient to use this app.
What we don't like?
  • Selected items can be measured.

6. Kitchen Scale in grams joke

In this app, you can simply measure the small materials like onions, meat, or other things. Just put your objects on the screen and watch the screen to get a result. The graphics design of the app is attractive.

6 Kitchen Scale in grams joke

Sometimes you may not get the accurate result, then you put the object twice to get the result. You can use this app for fun, and you can show the attitude in front of your friends just for fun.

What do we like?
  • Accurate results of the measurement.
  • Instruction of how to use it.
  • Graphics design is lucrative.
What we don't like?
  • Only measure the small objects.

7. Super Scales Free Digital Scales

If you choose the Super scale-free digital scales app, then try using the pro version. With the free or lite version, you will not get the accurate result. But, with the pro version, the result will be accurate.

7 Super Scales Free Real Digital Scales

It may not work with all the devices, but you can measure the objects with four different units. You can set the weight, and it has no ads while you are using it on your phone. There are lots of tutorials that will show you how to use it with videos.

What do we like?
  • Pro version offers accurate result
  • No ads
  • Four different units for weight
  • Customizable and has video instruction with tutorials.
What we don't like?
  • An incorrect result from the lite or free version.
  • Sometimes sensors stop working.

8. Digital Scale Simulator

If you want to use the app that works well on android, then choose Digital scale stimulator. One of the best digital gram scale app for your android. This app gives you an approximate result when you put the objects.

8 Digital Scale Simulator

One of the great estimator apps that offer free service to weight small things is the digital scale. You will get the result on grams. The outlook of this app is attractive that people download it to use on their device.

What do we like?
  • Well works on android
  • No Ads
  • Approximated results on the screen
What we don't like?
  • Only measure small objects.

How To Use Digital Scale Apps For Android?

To use digital scale apps on your android device, first, you have to install the app from the google play store. Follow the guidelines to get info about how you can use the digital scale apps for android.

  • At first, press the play store icon and open it from your android device.
  • Now, on the play store, write the app name on the search bar and press enter.
  • The following app that you want to download will be shown on your screen.
  • Select the app, and press the install button to install on your android device.
  • After some time, the digital scale app will be installed and ready to service your device.

When the app is installed, then you just open the app from your android device. Put the object on top of your device. Make sure you keep the sticky sides of the objects outside. Then put the objects on a polybag and look at your screen. The app will show you the weight of the object on your screen.

Checkout the following video to learn more about best scale apps for android.

Final Verdict

In this article, you may get information about some apps with pros and cons. But the truth is you are far away from getting the accurate result of the objects. As it is a little impossible to measure the objects through an app. You may get the idea but not the perfect result or accuracy about your object.

In this article, you will find a free digital weight scale app for android. You will get guidelines about how you can measure little objects through this app. But those apps do not fulfill your desire to get accurate results. Instead of depending on the apps, it will be better to choose the actual weight machine for measuring objects.

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