9 Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Android And iPhone To Try

You know nothing can replace handwriting, no matter how digitalized the era becomes. Either you take notes from the class or office or your teacher or boss gives you a handwritten note, handwriting is a common practice everywhere. However, sometimes, you need to convert those writings into digital form.

For that, nothing can be better than handwriting to text apps for android. These apps help you digitalize handwriting by converting your handwriting into text. However, you have to choose the right apps to get all the features and benefits from it.

How Do You Change Handwriting To Text On Android?

Converting the handwriting to text is easier now ever. All you have to do is to download an app that converts handwriting to text. You will find some amazing apps on the play store that do that task. You can capture the handwriting and the app will do everything for you. If you can choose the right app, it will do the task precisely.

9 Handwriting To Text App For Android Reviews 2020

With the increasing demand for these writings to texts app, the play store is now flooded with so many apps. Finding the best handwriting to text app android becomes tougher. So here is the list of top handwriting apps for you.

Handwriting To Text Apps For Android

1. Pen To Print – Scan Handwriting To Text

Pen to Print is one of the first handwriting to text apps for android. You can make almost anything digital with this app. Actually, it extracts the text from the handwritten documents and thus makes it digital.


Even you can scan any notes, receipts, groceries, and others. This OCR is specially designed to extract text from the writings, unlike much other handwriting to text apps. Besides, if you are not happy with the scanned copy, you can do further modification as well.

Also, you have the save option, storage option, and search option so that you can easily save it and find it in the future. Even you can share files with others as well. So all in all, this app can be very handy to convert your handwriting. Download the app and give a try.

Pen to Print Features:

  • It comes with a unique OCR scanner that allows users to scan any handwritten documents and convert that into digital form.
  • It allows you to edit the extracted text that makes the text perfect for your future use.
  • The app lets you save and store text so that you can use it and share it with others.

2. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input is another excellent app that you can use to convert your writings into text. It lets make your handwriting digital with this app. Even if you have bad handwriting like me, you can test that as well.


Along with text, you express your thoughts with this app as well. There are some languages that are difficult to type. You can even write those languages and convert them into digital form too.

This one is supported in any latest android version. Even it supports cursing and printing writing as well no matter it is with style or not. So all in all, this is a quality and useful app from the giant Google. So without any further delay, have a try and you may love it.

Google Handwriting Features:

  • The app converts handwriting regardless of the bad quality that makes it easier to use.
  • You can simply draw any emojis to express your emotion and thoughts for even fun use.
  • It supports many languages that makes it easier to use and convert those tough to write language into text.

3. Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

If you are looking for a simple app to convert your handwriting into text, then the Text Fairy app can be a good option. It allows you to convert almost anything from analog to digital.


Along with the handwriting, it allows you to scan any images to extract the text. Besides, if you are not happy with the quality, you can modify it to get the best quality and exact file you are looking for. It is completely free and comes with no ads.

It lets you convert the scanned file into the PDF so that you can use it in the future and send it with ease. You can use this app to convert more than 50 languages. So have a try today. It has an easy to use interface that is easy to use.

Text Fairy Features:

  • The app scans any handwritten documents or notes or even any images so that you can have a good digital text.
  • You can adjust the correct viewpoint for the image and then edit the text to bring perfection to it.
  • The app lets you copy the text and convert it into the PDF for future use or sharing.

4. Text Scanner [OCR]

When your concern is to get a fast handwriting scanner, then you can consider the Text Scanner app. It lets you convert the text into digital form with ease so that you can use the digitalized text in the future.


Along with the handwriting, you can easily extract text from any images by scanning the image with good precision. It recognizes the text fast and makes it digitalized as well. No matter which language you have, chances are high that you can use this app for that language as well.

The scanned copy can be backed up so that you never lose anything at all. Besides, it comes with an easy to use interface that makes it easier for anyone to use the app without any prior experience. So overall, this can be a good option.

Text Scanner Features:

  • It comes with a fast OCR for extracting writings from notes or receipts to ensure easy digitalizing.
  • You can convert more than 50 languages in the world that you find difficult to write.
  • The app saves the content in Google Drive on behalf of you and lets you share it the social media.

5. Handwriting Notepad

If you are looking for simple yet useful handwriting to text app, then the Handwriting notepad should be considered for sure. It lets you easily write anything on the screen and make the writing digitalized with ease.


When writing, you can write in different styles and make it more attractive. Even you can choose the colors for the writings to make it even more classic. You can show others or use the digitalized files for future use as well.

Besides, it offers you the storage, though it is very low. You can easily use this app and extract the text without any prior experience because of its easy to use interface. So what should you do? Well, you need to download this app and give a try.

Handwriting notepad Features:

  • The app will convert your writing on the screen into digital text so that you can use it.
  • You have different types of pens with different colors that make the color more appealing.
  • It makes the text sharing easier and you can do it right after the scanning for faster sharing.

6. Squid – Take Notes & Markup PDFs

Squid is also great writing to text app in the market. It comes with a lot of features and benefits that you may love. This app can convert any writings into a digital one that makes the writing usable for office.


You can move, resize, or undo/redo the file. Moreover, it allows you to change the weight and color of the file. You can do further modification as well to make it perfect. It features two fingers scroll and zoom option more functionality.

Even if you have so many scanned copies, you can find it easily. To make the note more attractive, it allows you to import, resize, or crop images as well. You can even add background to the notes to make it more amazing. So overall, this one can be a good option that is worthy of a try.

Squid Features:

  • You can use your finger and write your notes with customization to make it more colorful and appealing.
  • It lets you crop, cut, copy, or paste the note from the writing so that you can use it in the future.
  • You can easily organize the notes and add images so that it becomes more useful to use.

7. Nebo – Take Better Notes

Nebo is another excellent app for writing to text. It allows you to write anything on the note pad and edit at any time to make it perfect. You can simply write anything to make it digitalized with this app.


Along with writings, you can make the further modifications to make the file more useful and good looking. You have plenty of options to draw and make new things. Even it lets you take pictures with the camera and then annotate it for better visualization.

You can easily copy any text you have written and pasted it anywhere to make the file more resourceful. Managing your created notes is easy here since it lets you organize and move the notes. You can search the text to find it anytime you want. So overall, it is surely worthy of trying.

Nebo Features:

  • There are pens to write so that you can write anything anywhere without any hassle.
  • You can add diagrams, shapes, or drawing to the notes and organize so that you can find it anytime you need it.
  • It comes with an easy to use interface that makes it easier to use for anyone.

8. INKredible – Handwriting Note

INKredible is another powerful app for converting the writings into the text. It comes with an easy to use interface that makes the writing easier and simpler than ever without any distraction. You can write anything anytime with this app.

INKredible - Handwriting Note

Are you disturbed by your bad handwriting like me? Well, then you should try this one. It will help you write better than previously. Trust me, if that happens, you will love it for sure.

After writing, you can easily check it and make it more beautiful. Its best part is that it is completely free. So all in all, this makes the writing simple. If you are looking for a simple writing app, then this is the one worthy of consideration.

INKredible Features:

  • A blank paper is there to write anything you want so that you do not forget anything.
  • The app comes with a vector-graphics inking technology that makes your writing far better than ever.
  • A zoom feature improves the resolution so that you can check your writing with better quality.

9. Write

Up next is the Write app. It comes into the market to provide a real paper pen feeling in your mobile phone. You will literally have an open place to play with the pen. Write anything you want, anytime you want.


Besides, it offers you the freedom you need. As a result, you can explore your hidden talents as well. Unlike many other apps, this one offers you unlimited writing. You can scroll for a long time and write as you want.

If you are not interested to write anything, this app can help you do that with copy-pasting. Even you can make the note more attractive as well. Its pens are customizable too. So overall, this app can be the one you are looking for. Download it now.

Write Features:

  • You can have a large space to write, draw, and create anything you want for great writing.
  • It offers to redo or undo so that you can improve your confidence when writing anything.
  • You can copy-paste text, add images, and do other functionalities for better isolation.

Final Verdict

Finding the right handwriting to text apps for android is really important. When you have the right one, you can easily scan any handwritten texts or you can write on the screen with your hand and then convert it into digital form.

Without a good one, you cannot do it with precision. That is why we have come up with some amazing apps with their features and benefits so that you can select the right one. So without any further due, download all these apps and try to find out the perfect one for you.

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