10 Best Learning Spanish Apps for Android Like a Boss 2021

Imagine you are in a meeting, and you are dealing with people that only know the Spanish language. You don’t have any narrator, and you must need to close the deal. To deal with this kind of matter tries Spanish apps for your android phone.

In the google store, you will find so many learning Spanish apps for android. Those apps will help you to learn basic words to deal with people. Also, those apps have so many features with pros and cons. This will help you increase your knowledge about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and phrases of the Spanish word.

How Can I Learn Spanish Fluently For Free?

If anyone tells you that you can learn the Spanish language with just 30 days of training, then let me tell you one thing very clear. Because of their accent and so many words are available. Again, to learn Spanish properly, it is not possible to go to Spain or another country.


But you can learn Spanish through an app. The app store provides the best Spanish learning apps for android. You just need to install the app on your android device. By using the learn Spanish android app free, you may learn or talk Spanish fluently.

10 Learning Spanish Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Here we assemble some learning Spanish apps for android. By overviewing those apps, you will learn about the apps that give you basic training in Spanish. Also, some of the apps create a chance to learn the accent through audio. So, let’s start the journey with us to learn Spanish android app free.

1. Busuu: Language Learning – Spanish & French

To talk like a boss with the Spanish language, the Busuu app is the best. By choosing this app besides Spanish, you will get Japanese, French, English, and many more languages. Almost 12 languages are added to this app. By pressing the conversation button, you can talk with a native speaker and simply learn their way of talking.

1 Busuu

You can make a community and create a session period to practice with them. You will also get the chance to meet with native people for learning the native language and capturing their accent. This app also gives the opportunity to learn vocabulary from a trainer. So, you see, you can learn from a trainer or an expert. This is the best thing because you will learn quickly and perfectly. You can also get basic grammar language and get lots of facilities by using this app.

  • Huge vocabulary and grammar collection.
  • Easy to find guidelines for beginners.
  • Offline mood facilities to learn Spanish
  • Native speaker and trainer for learning Spanish.
  • Create a community for practice sessions.
  • The translation is not accurate sometimes.
  • Notification problem.

2. Learn Spanish Free For Beginners

Learning the Spanish language through an app is such an exciting thing you can try. It will give you pleasure to learn and exciting to explore a new world through an app. For free knowledge, learn Spanish android app is the best. You can get lots of trainers or experts to gather knowledge.

2 Learn Spanish free for beginners

Also, for easy communication and to interact with some native speakers that are good in Spanish, this app is perfect. Also, for native pronunciation and beginners, this app is the best one. Also, this app offers to learn Spanish through the game.

Those who are beginners can easily learn Spanish from this app. Because this app adds images along with the audio to teach Spanish. This method is very effective as the colorful image creates a great impact on our memory.

  • Interesting image and audio for vocab learning.
  • Exam test for every topic.
  • The full lesson is categorized into three-level.
  • Added dictionary to translate Spanish to English.
  • Simple interface
  • Limit Instruction for word games.
  • Sometimes audio doesn’t work.

3. Learn Languages for Free with Memrise

Learning English is easy, but you must start finding the training center when it comes to learning other languages. But, in this modern world, life becomes easier with the app store. You will find numerous apps for every single thing.

3 Learn Languages with Memrise

For learning Spanish before, we use to search for the training center or a native speaker. But for now, by using an android app, you can simply download the app Memrise and learn Spanish easily.

This app helps you to remember the word and speed up the spirit to learn Spanish. While talking with the locals, this app will be a great help. The way this app helps memorizing, you can at least memorize the phrases.

  • Native speakers to teach fun and conversational phrases.
  • Teaching vocabulary and grammar through the game.
  • Develop pronunciation skills.
  • The teaching method is good.
  • Tech multiple languages.
  • Synchronize problems with image and audio.
  • Subscription problem.
  • Not applicable for auto-renewal.

4. Duolingo: Learn English Free

From this app, you can improve your reading and writing skill in the Spanish language. To set goals, this app is useful. For your achievement, you will get some cool badges and rewards. With this app, learners will be engaged with an interest in learning Spanish.

4 Duolingo

This app does a wonderful job to teach the beginner. To increase fluency in this language, Duolingo is the best app one can choose. This app is applicable to iPhone. For a simple interface with fun content, this app is popular.

  • This app is fun and effective for learning Spanish
  • Science-based teaching method
  • Keep tracking on Progress
  • Provide badges on the success
  • Cheerful and lighthearted app to learn Spanish.
  • Execution plan not always work
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Log in problem sometimes.

5. Learn languages Free – Mondly

To motivate people with the award, this app is the best one. By using this app, you can learn Spanish like a classroom. You can easily memorize the core words and learn lots of vocabulary from this app.

5 Learn 33 Languages Free

The audio is perfectly ok to hear the exact pronunciation, and you will have the native speaker for teaching. You can also learn Spanish from the conversation. This app sets a leaderboard. It’s like a mini-competition among the users. By seeing this leadership board, users will get inspiration from learning more Spanish effectively.

  • Motivate people through awards
  • Leadership board
  • Audio is clear
  • Pronunciation is good
  • Notification Problem
  • Lots of Ads

6. Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

In this app, you will find the design that attracted most of the people. Also, after lots of research, the builder made this app so that people find it easy to learn. By using the search button, you can simply find the word you want to learn.

6 Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

This app is full of basic vocabulary, and there is so many grammars added part by part. For the new learner, there is a section so that they can learn basic Spanish. By using this app, you can easily gain the confidence to learn the Spanish language.

  • Design of the course is lucrative
  • Basic vocabulary is clear
  • You can convert with the trainer directly
  • Fun and interactive lessons
  • Sometimes difficult to find the exact word
  • Notification Problem

7. Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

If you are looking for a Spanish learning app that offers an efficient way to teach, then the MosaLingua is the one. The teaching method of this app is good. This will encourage your learning spirit and give you lots of vocabulary to learn.

7 Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

This app adds some teaching lessons, and you will find automatic updates. The app decorates the app in a fun way that it is addictive to use. Besides learning, this app also added jokes and funny items so that people are not bored during the lesson.,

  • Highly efficient, and the method is awesome.
  • Always update the version to add new words.
  • Categorize the most useful word on the app.
  • Dialogue session to enhance the speaking
  • Server problem that hides the content
  • Fail to log in immediately.

8. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

It is proved that people capture fun images most than the paragraph. When you learn the baby’s new topics, they will remember the images more than anything. This Spanish learning is just like that. You can easily capture or memorize the images more than words. This app Rosetta Stone follows the same methods.

8 Rosetta Stone

They use colorful images with words to easily learn or memorize the vocabulary of Spanish words. Also, this app has a scheduling system so that you can keep track of learning Spanish. By using this app, you will get confidence in talking Spanish confidently.

  • Use a dynamic method of memorizing the word
  • The translation method is good.
  • Added practice session with schedule
  • Clear audio to train your ear.
  • Difficult to get access.
  • Login problem.

9. Spanish Conversation

Want to reach your vocabulary and fluently learn Spanish? Try the Spanish conversation app from your smartphone. This app uses high-quality audio. Also, set mindset design so that you can use this app even you are on a drive. The sound is so soothing, and the instructor is good.

9 Spanish Conversation

You just need an android phone and then download it. After that, you can use this app anytime. Even you are offline; it doesn’t matter. The whole apps are designed to get script both in English and Spanish languages.

  • Offline services are good.
  • The script in both Spanish and English Language
  • Design with a mindset so that you can learn anywhere.
  • High-quality audio
  • They are sometimes stuck on the screen.
  • Bugs Problem

10. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

To learn many languages besides Spanish, this app is very effective. By using this app, you will get unlimited translation options. More than 160 languages are updated here. You just need to choose the languages and start taking lessons.

10 Tandem Language Exchange

This app contains no ads. Also, you will get a badge for good marks after a session. It helps to communicate with other people. You will get a native speaker for every language. Also, get a good instructor through this app.

  • Increase Vocabulary
  • Learn multiple languages besides Spanish
  • Correct the pronunciation.
  • It helps to ease the difficult part of the sentence.
  • Sometimes audio tuned off.
  • After a trial period, you have to pay
Here is a quick overview of some best learning spanish apps for android.

Bottom Line

When people think of talking Spanish, they are afraid of learning Spanish. Because the resource is not available and the training center for this language learning is not everywhere. The app store offers learning Spanish apps for android.

With the help of those apps, you can learn English and increase the vocabulary of the Spanish word. Those apps also provide exact pronunciation with crystal clear audio. Some of the apps make learning such a creative and fun way. By attaching images, they encourage users to learn Spanish more effectively.

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