Top 7 Best Marine Navigation Apps For Android In 2021

The entry of new technologies has developed the way of life in many aspects. The maps and navigation applications on our mobile device have become perfect essential multifunctional devices. Among other things, they are able to locate us anywhere in the world and guide us to our destination. Here, we have presented the 7 marine navigation apps for android that provide charts and proper guides to navigate a location accurately. Let’s try the best free marine navigation app for android.

7 Best Marine Navigation Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have presented 7 best marine navigation apps for android that provide very effective and real-time navigation from anywhere. Their user interface is very simple, so anyone can easily use these apps.

marine navigation apps for android

1.  i-Boating:Marine Navigation Maps & Nautical Charts

i-Boating app has accelerated GPU that provides accurate navigation with offline vector chat. You can check the tide, currents and marine AIS on this app easily. Its seamless chat provides harbor and coastal details.

1 Marine Navigation Maps & Nautical Charts

Fishers can use the app to contour 1ft/3ft depth of a location. It presents the route in GPX or KML for the river route. You can keep all records and track all data in real-time.

You will get the maps of all countries as like google maps. Its nautical distance and ETA is very effective for ship captain. You can share the tracks and waypoints with the satellite imagery option.

i-Boating:Marine Features:

  1. It provides clear and satellite imagery maps with proper navigation and alert.
  2. The route management system allows you to create, edit and reverse all routes.
  3. It has voice prompts and a real-time track for marine navigation.
  • Vector maps with accurate navigation
  • Auto follow mode
  • Customize route
  • Real-time AIS tracking
  • Active tide and current location
  • Bad support and helpline

2. C-Map – Marine Charts. Gps Navigation For Boating

C-MAP app provides reliable navigation using the phone’s GPS. It shows the traffic, weather and water trip information according to your plan. The offline charts can be downloaded and used while surfing on a boat or fishing.

2 Marine Charts. GPS navigation for Boating

It provides the best route with an auto-routing option. You can navigate the offline marine charts and track places quickly. It has night, day and bright modes for better understanding.

You can personalize the maps and create a personal route with proper measurements. It allows you to share your visited place, created routes and tracks to help others.

C-MAP Features:

  1. You can create marine charts and routes using the auto-routing feature.
  2. It provides weather conditions, traffic and offline maps to navigate anywhere.
  3. Share saved, tracked and create routes with others to help and enjoy.
  • Track places with auto-routing
  • Weather and traffic condition
  • Offline maps and charts
  • Customize maps
  • Share created places, tracks and routes
  • It freezes phone

3. Boating HD Marine & Lakes

Boating HD Marine & Lakes app provides a detailed chart of your selected location. It’s SonarChart and Shading ensure HD contours with overlaying chart. You will get an automatic router when you start the app. The AIS provides accurate navigation and helps to make a decision.

3 Boating HD Marine & Lakes

It provides satellite images from third-party apps. Its auto-routing mode suggests the starting and ending point of a place or creating and personalizing according to your needs. Make route planning based on ETA, fuel consumption, navigation aids and waypoint.

You can find weather and tides conditions and directions to stay safe. It allows you to handle the saved route, forecast and more with sharing options.

Boating HD Features:

  1. You can quickly navigate weather, currents and tide condition with importing and exporting GPX.
  2. The chart shows the details in a place so you can find everything easily and personalize it.
  3. With the auto-routing mode, you will get route planning, ETA and more.
  • D2D auto-routing
  • Tides and Weather updates
  • SonarChart shading
  • AIS alarm and GPX import/export
  • Daily chart updates
  • Need to register an account

4. iNavX – Sailing & Boating Navigation, NOAA Charts

iNavX Sailing & Boating Navigation app integrates the AIS Live function and via NMEA interface makes your device a repeater of the on-board instruments. The Advanced Chart Plotter allows you to plot your location and pan, zoom and rotate charts quickly.

4 iNavX

It ensures advanced navigation and waypoints with tracking logs with importing and exporting in GPX or KML format. You will find all instruments in One View mode. It allows you to create and manage waypoints from your phone.

You can make a plan and navigate routes as you want. Its instrumental display helps to understand the navigation details easily. Overall, it is a perfect app for anglers, sailors and boaters.

iNavX Features:

  1. It has advanced navigation and chart plotter to spot your places and get all details.
  2. The app provides data in an instrumental display so you can understand data easily.
  3. You can customize created plots with real-time GPS tracking.
  • Advanced chart plotter
  • Personalize waypoints
  • Tracking logs
  • Enhanced and detailed display
  • Next level marine navigation
  • Overlap charts

5. Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Offroad

Polaris GPS Navigation app offers one of the most dynamic ways to work with GPS on your mobile phone. The user can use the app in different sports, such as hiking, trails, cycling, mountaineering, etc.

5 Polaris GPS Navigation

In offline mode, you will have a digital compass to help you in more rugged areas that do not have an internet signal. Its interface is very interesting and continues reporting points such as the altitude, latitude, longitude and speed you use on the road.

It has a compass that presents accurate direction with distance and time. Also, it alerts with the Drift or Drag anchor alarm when something wrong will happen. The NOAA marine charts help to improve navigation compatibility.

Polaris GPS Features:

  1. It provides latitude, longitude, magnetic heading, true heading, altitude, speed, distance, time and navigation compass.
  2. The Polaris picker helps to find trails, location and more with accurate distance measurements.
  3. The nautical charts and reports provide marine navigation with drift or drag alarm.
  • Coordinate measurements
  • Accurate waypoint navigation system
  • Share locations, maps and routes
  • Unlimited maps download
  • Polaris picker and magnetic compass
  • Waypoints error sometimes

6. Marine Navigator Lite

Marine Navigator Lite provides real-time navigation on the map. The raster navigational charts allow you to point your desired location in real-time. It presents the navigation data such as speed and course over ground.

6 Marine Navigator Lite

It can calculate distance and bear with higher accuracy. You can search for locations by word and plot the place to get proper direction. It’s NOAA US help to manage coastal and marine data.

It’s LINZ NZ provide non-residential land information with maps and charts. It can locate vessel points instantly on the course chart so you will get accurate navigation all time.

Marine Navigator Features:

  1. It ensures real positioning with instant vessel tracking on the charts.
  2. You can calculate the distance between locations and measure bearing.
  3. The raster navigational chart allows you to see navigational data.
  • Real-time navigation positioning
  • Distance and bearing measurement
  • RNC charts to plot position
  • Built-in nautical information
  • Up-to-date GUI
  • Depth counted in meters only

7. Marine Navigation: Cruise Finder & Ship Tracker

Marine navigation app provides real-time tracking of a cruise, ship or other objects with high accuracy. The vessel finder and map view help to track position and navigate with Live Marine Traffic Radar.

7 Marine navigation

It has cruise radar that maps and gather info about the cruise line, ship deck and more. In tracking history, you will see all of the previous data and share it with others if needed.

The cino meter measures angles of slope, indicate tilt, level and gauge for better understanding. Its 3 types of compass ensure a versatile performance and quick navigation anytime, anywhere.

Marine Navigation Features:

  1. It has a simple, AR and military compass that allows you to navigate any location accurately.
  2. The meters help to measure tilt, gauge, pressure, level, angles of slope and more.
  3. You can track live location using the cruise radar and vessel finder on the map view.
  • Pressure, level and Cino meter
  • Vessel finder and maps
  • Tracking log
  • Cruise ports and radar
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Too much pop-up ads

Final Thought

We have seen how useful are the marine navigation apps for android for that works as a marine navigation tool. There are no limits to the activities you can do using such apps. They have great appeal in its map ratio and offer interactive maps all over the world.

Simply choose what best suits your routine and enjoy the benefits. They provide accurate and real-time location tracking and navigation. You can easily find a cruise, ship and other objects from anywhere, anytime.

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