10 Best Password Keeper Apps For Android In 2021

Passwords are the identification method that we use in the vast majority of services that we use every day on the Internet. Every time, there are more sites that require us to be registered, so many users choose to always put the same password.

In this way, avoid remembering each and every one of the passwords used or having to keep them written down. In this article, we will present the best password manager apps for android to keep your passwords safe and not have to memorize again and again.

What is a password keeper?

Specifically, a password keeper is a program that is responsible for storing the user names and passwords of our accounts. This data is saved in an encrypted database using a unique key so that nobody can access them and so that users only have to remember that master key that gives them access to the others.

10 Best Password Keeper Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Here, we have discussed the 10 best password keeper apps for android that will keep your data and credentials with high-security AES encryption and auto-generated strong password. Let’s try them:


1. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is very effective software and although its orientation is mainly business, anyone can use this complete password manager. It is safe and reliable because our data is always kept fully encrypted (AES-256) so that nobody else but us can access them through the master password.

1 Password Manager - Keeper

It offers two-factor authentication and has cross-platform with most popular browsers support. You can erase data in an emergency using the self-destruct option of the app.

Its zero-knowledge security system keeps passwords and files in a vault so nobody cannot see them. You can auto-generate passwords to get strong security.

  • Provide a secure vault for family password management
  • Ensure encrypted password to protect files, data, passwords and other documents.
  • Easy to organize through sub-folders
  • 2FA and dark web monitoring with alerts
  • Clunky user interface

2. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager App provides auto-generated strong passwords, two-step authentication or auto-complete in the forms where we need to put our password. You can store all passwords in a secure place with strong security.

2 LastPass Password Manager

When you log in to the saved websites, games and apps, it automatically fills those credentials for quick login. It provides free synchronization with any devices. You can access the Lastpass vault using the fingerprint lock.

Its multi-factor authentication ensures vault and account protection. You can use unlimited sites, apps and other platforms on the app and stay safe online.

  • Easy to setup password with the auto password generator
  • Security challenge presents the password strength
  • Autofill credential on web forms
  • Unlimited entries support
  • Difficult to import database

3. Password Safe – Secure Password Manager

Password Safe app allows you to encrypt the password to be applied to all the stored information. You can secure the password, pins, accounts, etc. storage on the app vault. Also, you can categorize the entries according to your needs.

3 Password Safe - Secure Password Manager

Its interface and design are compact, so everyone uses the password safe app. You can apply a fingerprint to control the app’s login with credentials. Your data will be secured with a guaranteed 256-bit encrypted password.

You can customize the app insights and check the statistics to observe the condition of insights. It ensures data sovereignty and protects from hackers with data backup and restore.

  • Strong and secured password with accessible inputs
  • Customize interface based on your needs
  • Guaranteed security to saved data
  • Export to pdf to share others if needed
  • Archive data to avoid the loss
  • Unable to restore passwords

4. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is a secure password creation and storage management app that alerts you if a website you visit is frequently violated. It creates a master password and each time you visit a new site.

4 Dashlane Password Manager

You can generate a random eight-character password for each site, apps and more. It provides data import processes in CSV formats and credential notes. The auto-login and auto-fill at sites that have two and three verification steps.

You can manually uncheck a credential in the Security panel. Also, you can disable confirmation before logging out. With your receipt or tracking invoice, you can easily track all your expenses from one place.

  • Auto-generated strong password ensure high security
  • Anonymous browsing with VPN
  • Quick access with auto-fill credentials
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • 2FA authentication with dual-layer protection
  • Lags auto-fill option

5. BlackBerry Password Keeper

BlackBerry Password Keeper app allows you to keep essential passwords, pins and security credentials on your smartphone. Also, you can save email accounts, bank details, apps details with a highly secured password.

5 BlackBerry Password Keeper

The blackberry keyboard helps to type password swiftly so nobody cannot see or guess it. It has an autofill username and password feature for saved sites, apps and others. Its AES-256 encryption ensures personal data protection with strong security.

It allows you to import and export password files in the encrypted format to other devices or cloud storage. You can save notes, edit existing items and mark favorite items with quick access.

  • Protect your save info with AES-256 encryption
  • Random password generator ensures strong credentials
  • Auto-login into sites, apps, games and others
  • Fast keyboard for quick typing password
  • Check the strength of the generated password
  • Cannot control backup and saved data storage

6. 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet

1Password app has a very simple interface that allows you to store all the passwords that we use every day. Every time the app sees a new login, it will ask us if we want to store the username and password.

6 1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet

You can change the user from one to another easily when you don’t remember what the name was. It is unlocked with a master password or fingerprint if your device has it.

The passwords we keep are encrypted, so we should not be afraid that someone can access them. You can sync the security wallet with your phone easily. Also, you can sync the app with iCloud and Drive storage.

  • Ensure strong security with the auto password generator
  • Auto-fill option provides easy and quick access
  • Search data and information with filters
  • Save data and share with others if needed
  • Failed to sync with the device a few times

7. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager App can store login credentials, bank accounts, emails and other attachments in the secured vault. The data are secured with AES-256 bit encryption and SqlCipher engine so nobody can access your saved data on the app.

7 Enpass Password Manager

It allows you to sync with the phone, iCloud, drive and OneDrive instantly. The multiple vaults help to arrange data with separate categories. Also, it autofill login credentials when you open saved sites or apps.

You can make a secure password using its auto-generated password. It has zero-knowledge security architecture, military-grade encryption and Keylife second factor that provides strong security.

  • Sync with device, cloud and drive storage instantly
  • 3 Layer high-security protection
  • Biometric authentication and auto password generator
  • Strong security through open-source SQLCIPHER Engine
  • Lags auto-fill and synchronization

8. Password Manager: Generator & Secure Safe Vault

The password manager app ensures a secure platform for storing passwords, pins, emails, bank cards, addresses, note and other essential documents. The vault is encrypted with a password so that nobody can access it without your permission.

8 Password Manager

All devices, bowsers, etc. can be synchronized with the app. You can use a fingerprint lock to unlock the app quickly if your phone has it. Also, it will save you valuable time by auto-filling data.

The password generator provides a strong password that will improve security. You can mark as favorite and categorized documents for quick access.

  • Provide complete zero-knowledge security
  • Mark favorite items with a single press
  • Auto password generator improve security
  • Auto-fill data for quick access
  • Cannot erase cache

9. One Key – Offline Password Manager

One Key is an offline password keeper that provides a master password to access encrypted files. You can create categories and fields according to your need. In this app, you can easily keep your pins, passwords, documents and important files.

9 One Key - Offline Password Manager

It has AES-256 bit encrypted passwords that ensure high security. Its auto-fill data will save you time and keep safe you from vulnerable attacks. Its UI is very simple and has a dark theme that makes it more interesting.

You can block screenshot and sort data using the app. Also, you can auto-lock the device and turn off the screen with customization. It allows you to backup and restores all data in a safe vault.

  • Put entries according to categories and fields
  • Unlock apps with fingerprint lock
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Export and import CSV format files
  • Dark theme to make the design better
  • Fields aren’t editable

10.  My Passwords – Password Manager

My Passwords app has an encrypted database that can store your passwords, bank cards, pins and other documents secured. It provides backup and restores the credentials for safety. Its user interface is compact and supports multi-windows.

10 My Passwords

You can put unlimited data and credentials without any problems. It’s auto password generator ensure a strong password that nobody can guess. You can unlock the app through the device fingerprint sensor.

Without an internet connection, you can use the app to find out the saved entries. Your entries are protected with AES-256 bit encryption so hackers cannot access the app.

  • Organized all data secured with AES-256 bit encryption
  • Autofill login credentials to save time
  • Provide an auto-generated strong password
  • Automatically exit while the screen turns off
  • Don’t accept customized password

Bottom Line

The password keeper apps for android can assess the level of password security and offer combinations that make it difficult for potential invaders to enter and store the details of your online purchases. They provide auto-generated strong password and AES-256 bit encryption, so your all entries and credentials will be 100 percent safe.

Also, you can save unlimited passwords, pins and essential documents on these apps. When you are browsing a website or open games or apps, they auto-fill the credentials that will save you time. So, download and install the best password manager apps for android and stay safe.

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