5 Best Walking Distance App For Android And iPhone 2021

Walking is usually a gateway to other aerobic activities such as jogging, swimming, or cycling. This is because the activity requires the least effort to start and can be interspersed with races. For those who don’t have time to start a gym, taking a walk to a park or beach are ideal activities to get your body moving.

To help measure your effort and activity gains, we have presented 5 walking distance apps for android. Check them out below and pick the android app to track distance walked.

How Does Android Measure Distance Walked?

Most of the android phones have GPS and sensors that allow you to track walking steps, distance, calories burned and more activities. Some phones have no sensors, but you can use an app to track distance walked and provide the most accurate result.

5 Walking Distance App For Android Reviews 2020

We want to diet, lose weight, eat healthier, ultimately have a healthy life. And for this, technology can help us much, so today, we are going to see the 5 walking distance apps for android and set healthy goals.


1. Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

Walking & Running Pedometer app tracks real-time steps and keeps you active all-time. You can see the recording of activities with maps to check your performance. It presents challenges so that you can explore exercise plans.

1 Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

It ensures highly accurate step counting with proper tracking. You can adjust the step counter to improve the walking track if needed. Without any wristband, it can calculate distance and steps.

All types of maps are supported by the app. It tracks your activity through GPS on your smartphone. The health guidelines and audiobooks motivate you to stay healthy.

Walking & Running Features:

  • It calculates steps and walking distance in real-time without the help of a wristband.
  • You can easily track your fitness level by checking the calorie reports.
  • The guides and audiobooks allow you to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Walking & Running Pedometer app ensures accurate step counting with a health tracker.

2. Step Tracker – Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

Step Tracker is a simple and accurate walking distance measuring app that shows burned calories, steps, duration, the pace of walking and health data. All data are shown on a graph so you can easily understand your health condition.

2 Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

It works on the phone’s sensor and uses less battery percentage all day long. The GPS mode of the app ensures real-time tracking data of your activities. You can see your previous records on the app to check progress.

It allows you to set customized targets and challenges to complete with regular exercise. The fitness reports will motivate you to stay fit doing daily practices.

Step Tracker Features:

  • Its interface is very simple and has colorful themes to observe graph charts clearly.
  • The health tracking shows overall health data with walking steps, distance, duration etc. in real-time.
  • It uses the phone’s sensor to track activities and set a target to complete daily challenges.

Step Tracker app is a perfect calorie, steps, distance, and health tracker.

3. Walking for Weight Loss

The Walking App is specially designed for those people who want to lose weight with proper tracking health. It presents a pro-level workout plan based on 3 months of training with several exercises on fixed days.

3 Walking App - Walking for Weight Loss

It has health guides and audiobooks that help you to work out correctly. Its GPS shows the walking route and charts represent the trend of weight. Also, it can track burned calories, working time, distance covered and speed of walking, etc.

You can listen to music when practicing exercise. It allows you to complete challenges and share achievements with friends through social media. Now, choose the beginner, intermediate and advanced training session according to your needs.

Walking for Weight Features:

  • It calculates burned calories, exercising period and more so that you can lose weight quickly.
  • You can see the records and get support from the workout guides and training plans.
  • It provides different workout plans for indoor and outdoor to improve fitness.

The Walking App tracks health data and guides to lose weight effectively within a short time.

4. Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Step Counter app has a GPS tracking option that measures steps and walking distance correctly. It works on the pedometer sensor of the device and presents the burned calories, walking time and more in a graph to understand clearly.

4 Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

It consumes less battery power, so you can use it all day long. Without registration and payment, you can enjoy all features and all your data will be secured. Its use is very simple so you can start, pause and reset with a single click.

You can backup recorded data and save in drive or cloud storage. The colorful themes make its interface creative and you will feel like a real tracking device.

Step Counter Features:

  • Its operation is very simple with 3 steps: Start, Pause and Reset.
  • You can see the walking steps, burned calories, duration, etc. accurately.
  • The graph shows the overall status and you can save the records in drive or cloud storage.

Step Counter provides several advanced features to track health and workout data with high accuracy.

5. Walking app – Walking workouts to lose weight

Walking for weight loss app motivates you to walk and burn calories with useful tips and guidelines. It presents workout plans to work and you can personalize the plan as you need.

5 Walking for weight loss app

It has a BMI calculator that shows you the proper result according to height and weight. You can take challenges and achieve your health goals and sleep better at night. Its regular exercise schedule helps you to plan to keep your body fit.

You can track walking distance, route, steps and duration to check progress. All records are saved in the history section and you can save it to drive to share with others if needed.

Walking app Features:

  • It allows you to complete challenges and goals by exercising regularly.
  • The tracker presents step count, distance traveled, burned calories and more.
  • The workout plans and health guides help to keep balanced health.

Walking for weight loss app provides effective workouts and guides to lose weight and say fit all time.

Final Verdict

Exercising is healthy and essential and that is why we will encourage you to go out for a walk with these walking distance apps for android that will help you as a fitness tracker. You just need to take your smartphone, track your daily exercise, and come with goals, routines, and progress reports. You will see the step counts, walking distance, burned calories and more so that you will stay fit.

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