7 Best Whiteboard Apps For Android & iPhone of 2021

Whiteboard appeared on the list of essential online collaboration tools several years ago. Initially, only drawing professionals used them, but little by little, simpler versions have emerged for those who just want to replace what we did on a typical green board. Now, you can use our android smartphone as a digital whiteboard through the interactive whiteboard app for android.

You can promote teamwork and improve the organization of work in a classroom. In this article, we will present 7 best whiteboard apps for android that will make your phone a digital whiteboard. Let’s see below:

How Do I Use A Whiteboard App?

Whiteboard app allows me to share content that our students need to develop subsequent activities and know that they always count on my remote assistance. They are simple to use to explain the development of exercise to our students. I undo and redo drawing and text unlimited times with the whiteboard apps.

7 Best Whiteboard Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have analyzed and selected the whiteboard apps for android that allows you to take classes, write, draw and more with students. Let’s see them.


1. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App has multi-board support that allows you to engage students with PDF files on the whiteboard app. You can control all lessons from your smartphone.

1 LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App

You can connect with students from anywhere, anytime, with the internet. It provides real-time talking experience and messaging with students. Also, you can send voice clips and make an audio chat to understand a lesson clearly.

It allows you to invite guests by sending a guest link so that an extra teacher can collaborate with you. You can write, draw and control groups with the participants.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can create group and share lessons from anywhere with students on the digital whiteboard.
  • It allows you to control writings, drawings and chatting with visual teaching.
  • It makes the lessons to video presentations so students can understand lessons clearly.

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard app provides interactive features that ensure take classes and engage students as a real classroom.

2. Whiteboard

Whiteboard app allows you to draw, write anything as a whiteboard slate on your smartphone. You can create a group and everyone can write alphabets, numbers, play and erase. All writings and drawing are saved in phone gallery so you can share with others.

2 Whiteboard

It has an intuitive interface and teaches and learn lessons easily. Also, it allows you to add a signature by auto-generating. With a single tap, you can clean the board and open games to play on the board.

You can add color in the drawings to beautify the creation. It has undo and redo option for writing and drawing. Also, you can sketch on the whiteboard as a pro.

Why do you use this app?

  • It allows you to teach and learn educational things with proper practice.
  • You can use the app offline and play games such as Tic Tac Toe.
  • Its interface is very simple and you can write, sketch and draw with colorful shades.

The Whiteboard app provides all magic slate features to ensure classroom feeling on the whiteboard.

3. Myviewboard – Your Digital Whiteboard In The Cloud

myViewBoard app ensures a secured whiteboarding solution with interactive screens on your smartphone. It has pens, paint tools and several files to create engaging content. The panel of the app provides ViewSonic experience with virtual and physical space.

3 myViewBoard

You can write and draw with colorful tools and adjust them as you need. You change font style, size and edit on the whiteboard. By creating an account, you can enjoy all features of the app.

The cast out features allow you to make screencast and store in your device. You can share the creation of social media with friends.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides annotating pens, painting tools and other whiteboard tools to create content.
  • You can cast a screen with the interactive board and share it with friends on social networks.
  • It requires registration and ensures secure creation and whiteboarding.

myViewBoard app provides several tools to work as a digital whiteboard on your phone.

4. Whiteboard

The Whiteboard app allows you to draw creative arts and write text to save and share with social media networks. It has built-in pen, brush, eraser and paint tools to make drawing more attractive. You can create an amazing portrait on the app.

4 Whiteboard

With a single click, you can erase the full whiteboard. It supports vertical and horizontal orientation so you can use a phone and tablet. Also, you can add color and style to the whiteboard creation.

When you open the app, it screens the unsaved images on the start. You can adjust the background color and toggle the eraser in the drawing mode. The whiteboard helps you o make pure drawing and sketching quickly.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has a clean interface and elegant design with a pen, brush, eraser and other whiteboard editing tools.
  • You can stylize and color the drawings and clean the board screen with a single click.
  • It allows you to change the background color, undo and redo to avoid mistakes.

Whiteboard provides several features to create an amazing and beautiful portrait on the whiteboard.

5. Ziteboard | Online Whiteboard

Ziteboard app provides distance education and private teaching in the traditional whiteboard. It can be used to take mathematics, science, etc. classes privately with students. You can write, draw, explain, wireframe with visual collaboration.

5 Ziteboard

You can drop photos on the canvas and edit in real-time. Also, you can annotate blueprints, designs and frames on any device with the app. It provides a clean interface to promote meetings, shows presentations, takes training, etc. free.

It has a better communication panel that makes your meeting effective. You can use the app smoothly in a low internet connection. It allows you to share documents and files from your phone with others in the group.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has an advanced communication panel that ensures distance education with easy to use interface.
  • You can teach different subjects to students with visual collaboration.
  • In low internet connection, it works fine and allows writing, drawing and more.

Ziteboard app ensures a classical interface to provide distance and private teaching to the students.

6. Miro: Online Collaborative Whiteboard Platform

Miro app is a collaborative platform for drawing on whiteboards in real-time and with video conferencing. It offers multiple ready-made templates, diagrams, mind maps, and workflows designed for strategy and planning.6 Miro

You can use Miro for free with no limits on team members, although you will only have three editable dashboards, predesigned templates, necessary integrations, and anonymous dashboard viewing.

Miro also integrates with multiple third-party tools such as Dropbox, Google Suite, GitHub, etc. Everything on the board is editable by the team members and the changes are seen in real-time.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can search, organize, edit and capture new boards on the app.
  • It supports photos, docs, mockups and educational things with sticky notes.
  • It allows you to share the created board with others and invite members to customize it.

Miro has amazing features that make it the best online collaborative whiteboard platform.

7. Clapp – Interactive Whiteboard for Teachers

Clapp app is an online virtual classroom and learning management system designed for both teachers and students. It enhances your learning or teaching experience by communicating with teachers.

7 Clapp - Interactive Whiteboard for Teachers

You can strengthen knowledge with self-made videos and enhance productivity with virtual classroom tools, etc. It has a cloud-based educational option full of useful features, such as recording audio and video to create lessons, using teaching diagrams, pictures, shapes and fonts, and saving drafts.

It allows you to manage whiteboard tasks, share your work wherever you want and work in study groups and much more.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can create subject wise lessons with audio and video recording in the whiteboard.
  • It allows you to manage assignments, discussions and grades with classroom tools.
  • You can convert the lessons in MP4 format and share it with others on social media.

Clapp app provides interactive tools that help to enjoy real whiteboard feel like a classroom.

Bottom Line

The Whiteboard apps for android provides freehand drawing, straight lines, the ability to embed photos and add text, and even a playback function. You can take classes with students and create a group to share essential files.

They allow you to create any number of sections on the board. Anyone can use whiteboard apps without previous knowledge and they work online and offline. You can share and synchronize cloud files on whiteboard apps with phones.

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